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Good clean love personal lubricant reviews

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16 reviews

I was really hopefully that I had found an all natural lube that would be on par with the Sliquid Sassy natural lube, that is my current favorite, in stores; however, this lube costs twice as much, doesn't stay slick half as long, and it's consistency is not very pleasant when it's drier. If you don't mind waiting on shipping there are better water based organic/natural options out there, but overall this lube works just doesn't work as long as I'd like.

I’m so glad I found Good Clean Love’s Almost Naked Lubricant. Unlike other lubes, it doesn’t cause me any pain, dry up quickly, get tacky, or leave a nasty film that you need to clean up after. My only complaint is the strong sweet scent and taste, which I would have preferred to be more neutral. It is also a bit expensive for a tiny bottle ($10 for 1.5 oz) but, a little does go a long way with this lube. Good Clean Love is definitely my go-to lube, and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

As the boy used to be vegan, and friends and sweeties of mine similarly prefer vegan, latex-safe, silicone-safe, glycerin-free stuff, I find myself looking for new lubes that fit the bill. Sometimes I prefer a more liquid one, sometimes I want something a bit thicker, particularly for anal play. This one became one of my favourites to have around!

All in all, I LOVE the Almost Naked Good Clean Love for it's almost-all-natural, 95% organic ingredients and thick consistency. As long as you don't mind a few preservatives, which are commonly used in the food we eat every day, I think you'll like this lubricant. It's my reigning favorite of the four organic/natural lubricants I've tried so far. We keep it as a staple on our bedside table.

If your number one concern is the safety of what you put in your body, then this product will not disappoint. If you want an alternative to all of the usual suspects when it comes to lube, then Good Clean Love will be your new best friend. It takes a little understanding and maybe a bit of patience to appreciate all that this product has to offer besides slipper sex.

We've become pretty impressed with Good Clean Love's products. We've used several including the oil sets. I have to add how these products make wonderful gifts. It's obvious that a lot of care and thought goes into the products and ingredients. I'm very pleased with the lube even though I'm not much of a lube user. We've never been disappointed with any Good Clean Love products.

This is an excellent product if you're concerned with possible irritations. However, if you need a thicker lube and aren't so concerned with using natural ingredients you may be better served by another product.

Overall, this is a great lube that matches the consistency of vaginal secretions. It does not have a strong taste, making it great for oral sex. It is a good lube to use if you tend to be sensitive to various chemicals (parabens, etc.)

So...good lube? Sure. It doesn't taste like shit, and for that reason I will probably use it for the occasional hand job. Great lube? Not really. I like that it isn't messy or runny, but it just dries out too quickly and isn't as thick as I like for anal. I do love that it has natural and organic ingredients, I just wish it lasted a bit longer and was a bit thicker. If you're looking for a good, body safe lube and aren't overly concerned with thickness, this may be right up your alley.

I would be willing to give Good Clean Love another try mainly because of the ingredients, but I would choose another flavor. I'd be interested to see if the formula changes have increased the duration of slipperiness.

Top notch for an all natural product! No need to worry about harsh chemicals here, and portions of the sales go to charitable organizations. Wonderful sensual sexy scents make this a great lube!

This is a good product for both its quality and its principles. Making sex a worry-free and guilt-free experience is all part of the experience, and that's what gets me so excited about this lube. I don't think I'll buy another lube again for a long, long time.

This lube is perfect for people who need the piece of mind that the ingredients are actually all natural, and that you are not putting harmful chemicals on yourself. It is the only lube I have found that fits this description. If this is not your main concern, you might want to avoid it.

This lubricant does not stay wet; it dries up pretty quickly and gets very tacky. Adding water helps a little but not much. Has the consistency of aloe gel. Not very good for a lubricant.

So basically, if you don't smell it or taste it, and if you can manage to get it out of the bottle, it's not bad stuff. You may even get a laugh out of watching your partner struggle with the cap.

…, the bottle claims that by purchasing this lube, it supports peace initiatives around the world. It’s great to know you can have great sex and save the world at once!

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