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ID juicy lubricant reviews

26 reviews
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Average review rating
26 reviews

I really liked this lube; it tasted nice and lasted a long time. I highly recommend trying any of the flavors ID offers; I know I plan on trying more.

As a flavor enhancer this lube is tops. I really like the light flavor and the lack of a bitter aftertaste. It enhances a blow job very well but I have concerns about the glycerin and parabens in the ingredients. As a piece in your toy box it's not terrible but I am not sure about using this as an everyday type lube.

If you're looking for something a little sweet and fun to add to your lovemaking, grab a bottle of ID Juicy Lube. With 10 flavors, there's bound to be one you and your partner can agree on. This is a premium lube that provides fantastic coverage, a sweet taste, and long lasting lubrication any time you need it.

This is good if you don't want something more expensive, or if you can make it work for you. For me, however, it was a dud.

This lube is awesome, hubby and I had some fun with it. At first we made a huge mess, but once we figured out how much to use it was well worth it. This should be fun for anyone that wants to try it or for people that have tried it to reuse it.

Venture into the world of flavored lubes with ID Juicy Lubricant. Include some delicious flavor in your exciting oral sex love making. Add to your's and your partner's pleasure. Slide your tongue all over your partner's body while tantilizing your taste buds. Enjoy the many ways you can use the flavored lube. By the way, I did find the Lemon flavor to increase in taste strength based on what was last in my mouth.

The product is sticky, thin, lacks taste and doesn't have many uses. If you plan on using this as an oral sex product, or an anal sex product, or don't have a lot of time to stand in the shower scrubbing it off, I would recommend a different product.

In terms of lubricating, I could have done just as well with saliva, but the flavors are so interesting it's hard to turn down in a pinch.

All in all, the Cherry ID Juicy Lube was a big miss. Although I liked the viscosity, it lacked in its flavor and made me sick to my stomach. If you're looking for a flavored lube for oral, I would try a different brand. Getting this dud makes me hesitant to try new flavors, although the flavor may make the difference in whether this lube wins or not.

If you're looking to add something special into your oral sex, this is the lube for you. There is a plethora of flavors to choose from, which is sure to satisfy most people's sweet tooth.

Juicy Lube is a great tasting and long lasting lube that can be taken anywhere. It is water-based so that you don't need to worry and can use it on many sexual adventures.

Not a bad product, but very sticky and required clean up right away afterwards. The taste and smell were pleasant and fun, but I'll pass on this product in the future.

As much fun and with as much different flavors as ID Juicy Lube has, just make sure that you know your body before you try it out. It's bad for those with allergies, but the flavors are wonderful and bright.

With a wide selection of flavors and a uniquely effective bottle design, ID Juicy Lube adds tasty slipperiness to all kinds of sensual and sexual play. Juicy Lube is water-based, making it compatible with all toy materials and latex. This non-staining gel formula is pretty thick and lasts a while, so you can focus on having fun without worrying about reapplications.

ID Juicy Lube in Lemon Drop is a fun way to add a little flavor to your oral play but is slick enough to be used as lube for sex. The bottle has a nice pump top that makes use very easy and comes in bright fun colors.

Sounded good at the time- but after reading the ingredients I was put off. Are fruity tasting genitals worth ingesting toxic chemicals? Or having yeast infections? In my opinion, no. Another thing I will add to the trash bin. Thought I'd give you a heads up!

Wonderful product! If you or your girlfriend are not that into oral sex, well now you will be. This wonderful lubricant sweetens up your genitals giving you a greater desire to perform oral on each other. This slick and slippery product is also fantastic for regular sex!

I am a little disappointed that the flavors are not "knock you out" good. They are in no way bad or off-putting, but I was just expecting a little more out of ID. When I run out, I will buy more. I hope that they have some more flavors out by then. If the flavors were where I would like to see them and it acted more like a silicone lube, I would give it 5 stars.

For me, water based lubes don't do hold up to the way that I have sex. And most of the time, flavored lubes don't hold up at all when it comes to sex. But ID Juicy Lube really bucked the trend that I have experienced.

In the end, this is a wonderful product if you just want something to make head a little sweeter but not worth it if you're looking for a real lube.

ID Juicy lube is just that- a juicy lube. It stays where you put it, tastes great, cleans up quick, and lasts a while. It is worth the price! I definitely recommend it for a water based lube.

Juicy Lube is going to work the best for those who are a bit nervous about foraying into oral sex of any kind. But it doesn't stop there, it's also a water based lube that actually lasts a decent amount of time. Bad for those who are sensitive to glycerin, parabens, or aspartame.

Wonderful item to add to foreplay, oral and intercourse. There is no limit and you don't have to worry about where you put it. Won't stain bedding or leave grease marks. Taste is wonderful and prob. the best flavored lube we have ever tried!!

This product served its intended purpose and felt like it should. It made a mess along the way but that's nothing that a plastic bag or a little duct tape can't solve.

Overall this isn't a horrible product. It can be good and fun. But I would opt for another flavored lube myself.

The ID Juicy Lube is amongst the best flavored sex lubes. It tastes better than most flavored lubes, but what sets it apart is it versatility. It's not just a lube for oral sex, although its very good for that as well! The ID Juicy lube can be used for foreplay, toy play, self-pleasuring as well as fucking! It is an all around winner!

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