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Aqua lube reviews

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13 reviews

Pjur Aqua is a solid lube offering many of the features you'd want from a water-based lubricant: it lasts, doesn't have a taste, doesn't have an odor, and its lubrication properties are similar to natural body fluids. For me, it isn't worth the premium price (though I think Pjur's Silicone lubes are worth it), but I do think people who are trying to find their perfect lube should give this one a try.

This is an excellent water-based lube. Let me convince you not to let the price put you off! Pjur Aqua has become my go-to lube and occupies pride of place on my bedside table.

Pjur is known for their high quality lubes. Unfortunately for me, I had a bad reaction to this lube, but you may not have the same thing happen to you.

This item is truly priceless and should receive an award for just how great it is! It is made in Germany, and the German quality and design of this product really make it an outstanding lubricant. If you're one that is tired of messy thick and thin lubricants that irritate and burn, then try Eros Aqua and you'll never go back to those other lubricants again. You will enjoy play time with your partner or self, as you will no longer have to worry about dealing with a sticky lubricant situation.

Best lube we've found for us---tasteless, light and silky smooth. Cleans up easily, won't stain, and is safe for use on silicone toys.

Pjur Aqua has become one of our favorite water-based lubes. Though it doesn't have any uniquely special features to offer, what it does offer it does very well.

Eros Aqua isn't the cheapest water-based lube out there, but it is our favorite lube. We find that its slipperiness means that we use less lube than other brands, increasing the value, and it closely mimics our natural lubrication so we don't feel like we're all greased up or sticky after sex!

When I first saw the price tag on this, it gave me pause. I've never purchased a lubricant that was this costly, but it was well worth it and has quickly become my favorite lube I've ever tried. If I have the chance, I will always purchase this one. I do wish it wasn't so descriptive on the bottle and a flip top cap would be incredibly nice for those one-handed moments, but I can go without those if I can continue having the same experiences with it!

I honestly would not recommend this lube to any of my friends. I have four different brands of water based lubes in my toy box that outperform this lube, and most of them cost ten to fifteen dollars. I just don't think this lube is worth trying. It drys up quickly, you have to reapply constantly, and other than that, I found this lube to be just average. Just average is not acceptable for this price. I love other Pjur lubes, but Pjur Aqua was disappointing.

It's not the worst out there. In terms of latex condom safe, extra slippery, oil-free, fat-free, fragrance free, stain-free, tasteless and requiring no after-use cleanup it does the job. In terms of long term use, not so much. For the price there are better lubes out there- although Pjur Aqua may be worth a try.

This was so disappointing! I wanted to love it, I tried to love it, but it just has too many strikes against it. It's super sticky once it dries or is wiped away, and it just tastes awful. Although the bottle is easy to use, there are other lubricants that taste better and have no problems leaving you like the top of an IHOP table.

Pjur Aqua is a good lube if you need a water-based lube to use with silicone toys or silicone barrier methods of birth control. It doesn't get sticky like other water-based lubes but it does dry up frequently. You could probably get something similar for less expensive.

Aqua is one lube I recommend skipping. I really cannot think of a situation where another lube would not perform better, and at a less-expensive price!

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