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Probe silky light Probe silky light

Lubricant by Davryan Laboratories

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Probe silky light reviews

20 reviews
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Average review rating
20 reviews

I would consider this a bargain lube and not worth the money. Given the experience I have had with this lube I would not buy it again.

Probe Silky Light is a decent lubricant, though I found it to be too slippery for my tastes, which I didn't enjoy. Like the Thick and Rich, it has a realistic quality, but I found it to be too thin to feel like "the real thing". If you thought Thick and Rich was too sticky and viscous for your tastes, this is probably a good choice. If you're new to Probe products, however, I really recommend the Thick and Rich over this lube.

This lube is a good choice to keep things running smoothly, if you don't like the feel of thick lubes, if you want something that's natural, and if you're trying to economize. The only problem is that it tends to end up where you don't want it, so be prepared for some clean up.

This lube is great for every one. I would strongly recommend you try this lube out for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

Probe Silky Light only lives up to its claims of feeling natural if you add water to it. Without adding water, it was unusable for us. I never knew a lubricant could be so sticky or dry so fast. In my opinion, if you want an organic lubricant, skip Probe and buy Sliquid instead.

I was hoping to like this lube, but it sucked! It took me at least 7 minutes to completely wash this lube off of me! The lube stuck everywhere. And I mean everywhere- the sheets, my shirt. It left a spider-like web from my toy chest to my bed. Too bad I bought a 17 fl.oz pump of this stuff because I will not be using this again! I would give this 0 stars if I could, for even the price does not constitute for such low quality.

I hate this lube. It's disappointing since it is from the Probe line. I dislike everything about it, especially the yucky sticky film it leaves on my skin.

Probe silky light is a fantastic lube for sex and toys. It is water based, PH Neutral, stringy, slick, absorbs into your skin, and is easy to clean. I am surprised this one isn't more popular on EF. It's like a well kept secret. If you are looking for something that works and isn't going to mess up your privates, look no further than Probe silky light. I really can't complain about this stuff. As a bonus, it is odorless and tasteless.

This lube is great for people who want to enhance the natural wetness of their bodies during sex or masturbation.

This is the best lube I've used so far and considering how relatively safe the ingredients are this is your best bet.

Probe silky light is worth the money and will keep you silky the entire time. No staining, smells or need to add more.

Probe Silky Light is definitely worth the money and has to be one of the best lubricants on the market. It will create a lot of excitement in between the sheets. This is my favorite lubricant and I'm sure you will enjoy it as well. It is very smooth, it's not sticky, and it washes off very easily with warm water. The only thing I don't like is when I pump it out of the bottle it reminds me of snot. That's why I only like to use it on my vagina and not as any type of massage enhancer.

Probe Silky Light is a great lube if you want it for vaginal sex only. It is no good for anal or oral, and because of this, it is hard to use up such a large bottle. I was much more satisfied with the Sliquid line of products because of their versatility.

I love it! Its smooth, simple, liquid pleasure. No foul taste, no foul odor, just a great product that you can use by yourself or with a partner. It can be runny, and it strings, but those are the only things that may concern people. It doesn't dry out quickly, it doesn't get sticky. This is a wonderful product.

Thick, stringy and a little bit sloppy, this was a fun lube. Perhaps the "Thick and Rich" version will last a bit longer and keep from being messy.

This water-based lube does its work nicely and can be used anywhere by anyone. Be sure not to let it dry so you don't get the sticky sensation. It is worth its price.

This is an average water based lube that surprisingly didn't cause any reaction from my body. Usually I have problems with any product that contains glycerine being used on my vagina, with Probe Silky Light I had no problems. It lasts a reasonably long time and despite being stringy and a bit slimy it does the job for anal sex, PIV sex, toy usage and hand jobs. For the price the 2.5 oz bottle has lasted through many uses and I expect that we'll be purchasing it again when it runs out.

Affordable, and natural- it's no more imperfect than your own natural lubricants, and it replicates those absolutely perfectly. Get a smaller bottle for solo use, but the pump bottle for messy, slick partner fun.

Probe Silky Light is too slick for enjoyable intercourse, in my opinion, and not quite hefty and thick enough to stand up to toy play. Not a bad lube overall, but there are definitely better out there.

It didn't take much to fully wet my cock and just applying it sent a quiver of pleasure from my scalp to the soles of my feet. Stroking with Probe was very much like one of Baby's BJs. I've been using that "warming liquid" they hype on TV, but after one session I knew I would never go back

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