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Slippery kitty! Slippery kitty!

Lubricant by TickleKitty

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Slippery kitty! reviews

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17 reviews

It's just not worth it. It's sticky, which is kind of the opposite of "slippery". At the very least, it's not on the same page. It's hard to wash off, especially from your hair. It doesn't work for long, it might be good for a quickie, except for the part where you're sticky afterward. It does have a slight unpleasant smell, which is another mark against using it for a quickie.

While this lubricant doesn't last very long - it is worth it to buy! It is an incredibly natural feeling water-based lube that will make masturbation, fingering, or intercourse worth it! I totally recommend this to anyone looking for a good water-based lube!

This item was not worth it to me, but might be to you. As I mentioned, my issues were all about my body not being compatible with the ingredients. If you are okay with them then this may be the lube of your dreams. It lasts fairly long and the stickiness did go away after a while.

With so many flaws to choose from, Slippery Kitty was an upset. I've had plenty of lubricants that simply didn't impress me, but Slippery Kitty actually done worse than disappoint. It left me with a sticky cooter, a clogged razor and an awful residue. The only good thing I can say about Slippery Kitty is that the slime creates enough of a slick surface for a ten minute session and it washes off super well.

For someone that had never used any type of lubricant before, Slippery Kitty was a great place to start. It was inexpensive and maybe small in size compared to some other water based lubes that I looked at, but it got the job done. I have been using it for several days with no problems, and I am enjoying every minute of it.

I would buy this product again. I bought it because it is water based so it is compatible with any toy. The bottle could be bigger though to make it last longer. It can be messy but most lubes can be so that's normal. It is very sticky which can be annoying at times. But, I do think it is worth the money.

Slippery Kitty! is the only water based lubes that has been able to stand up to my dry body. Even though I don't really like water based lubes that much, this is the one that I am in love with.

It has a cute name, not a strong smell, does not get sticky, and is long lasting. It will also leave your skin feeling soft.

In the world of water based lubes, Slippery Kitty is near the top. It is affordable, effective, and versatile. Being safe for use with condoms and toys, Slippery Kitty is a welcome addition in my bedroom.

Overall Slippery Kitty is a decent lube to get. It is L-Arganine free and has no scent or taste to it. It is best used for solo use, as I found that skin to skin contact caused the lube to be sticky and unpleasant, ruining the mood. It is just your average lube in my opinion, and for that it gets 3 stars.

Slippery Kitty! lube is a decent choice for a water-based lubricant. It has a very light scent and feel. It does dry out fairly quickly but it doesn't get sticky or tacky. This lube is best suited for slick vaginal play.

This item is worth it because you can lube up almost anything with it. No weird smells, no sticky residues.

Worth trying if your looking for a new brand of lubricant. Slippery Kitty makes everything super slippery, and the lube lasts! You'll never have to stop in the middle of your fun to "re-lube". I've also used it as an anal lube and I am very happy with the results.

The name alone will sway you to try this one. It is long lasting and a great water-based lube that can be used on just about anything. It is FDA approved and all natural. There are no profound odors, but the taste is a little bad. This is an ideal lube to use on all your sex toys. I am disappointed in the size of 2.0 fl oz for $9, but still am satisfied with the product.

Slippery Kitty lives up to it's reviews beautifully. It has a pleasant consistency, is water based, smells fresh and clean, is reasonably priced and makes play time so much more enjoyable.

A simple water-based lubricant that keeps everything nice and slippery for maximum fun! Cute packaging but a quality product inside with no extra additives that don't need to be there.

I've always been one to appreciate clever advertising, and this lubricant certainly has one of the catchiest marketing ploys I've ever encountered. Slippery Kitty! is a water-based lube that boasts it will be “safe on condoms, slippery on skin, and sexy on you.” I admit being drawn to it initially based solely on the cleverness of its name, but I was happy to learn that the actual product was just as brilliant. This little bottle can amuse in more ways than one!

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