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JO H2O anal lubricant JO H2O anal lubricant

Lubricant by System JO

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JO H2O anal lubricant reviews

34 reviews
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34 reviews

If you're looking for a thicker lube, don't hesitate to give this one a shot just because the bottle says it's for butts. It's not as silky or long-lasting as JO's silicone lubricants, but the ease of cleanup more than makes up for it.

It's a versatile, clean-feeling lube that stays comfortable all day. Perfect for toys, self play, or plugs, especially long-term wear, and an amazing value for the low price. Definitely recommend.

In the end, I love this lube. It is great for just about any use, although I prefer to use it with silicone toys like butt plugs. It lasts a long time and won't become sticky after an hour. It is thick enough to handle, but isn't sticky to the touch. If you want a great water-based anal lube, this is the answer.

A disappointing product that is not worth the money you pay for it. There are better lubes out there, and ones that serve to give you a far more pleasant experience.

We were very disappointed with this lube. We bought it before knowing about glycerin and parabens, and threw it out after doing some research. I understand that it was marketed at an anal lube, so my opinion about it's vaginal performance may not interest you. We did use it anally though. It got sticky too quickly and wasn't as thick as we like for anal sex. Spend a little more money and buy a great safe lube like Sliquid Sassy Booty.

The JO H2O Anal Lubricant claims to be your new best friend. It’s supposed to have a “silky smooth ‘silicone feel’ while being water-based. It claims to be long lasting and never sticky or tacky. Does it meet these lofty standards? Let’s find out.

This water based anal lube was a good idea at first. Once used, my ideas had changed. Looking at the ingredients afterwards they are not the best ones. Starting off of Glycerin and Parabens. This is not my favorite lube for my anal adventures.

This really comes down to ingredients vs. preferences. Glycerine is something I am not a fan of, but paraben is even higher on "nope" list for me. If ingredients don't matter to you, the lubricant performs well.

This product worked great for me and my partner for anal. It doesn't need to be reapplied often and stays slick. The price of this lube is great and lasts a long time. I would recommend everyone that does anal to buy this lube!

This lube may work for some people, and may be good with toys, but it just didn't work for me. It wasn't as slick as I needed it to be, and it needed constant reapplication.

System JO lubes are just the right consistency and texture for all your sexual endeavors. Perfect for a night of anal play or just a "romp in the hay." It is 100% latex-free and safe for use with all silicone toys.

This water-based lube is wildly slick, slippery, and silky. If you're ok with parabens and glycerin, be prepared for a wild ride!

This is a great lubricant for anal or vaginal use. It lasts for a long time and is very easy to clean off.

It's not the holy grail of lubes and I'm yet to find the perfect one, but it's a top runner. Not to mention the at $10 the 2.5oz will not break the bank and is enough to let you really take a go at it. Give it a test drive, lube up your favorite toy or person and go to town.

System JO H2O Anal Personal Lubricant does not dry quickly. Its consistency is perfect for any sex play time. It also makes any anal and vaginal entry smoother. You only need a small amount which will go a long way. And it has the smooth and silky slippery feel of silicone. I like that the most out of all the lube's qualities.

System JO H2O Anal Lubricant is a light, slippery, water based anal lubricant which retains its viscosity and is ideal for those of us who are into long term anal plug wear.

Long lasting, not sticky, smooth lubricant. Who would turn this down? I wouldn't. I'm glad I tried it, because I really love this product. Not only for anal, it's great for both females and males. A great product overall. There are different kinds: Warming, Cooling, Edible, Water Based, and Silicone Based.

This is an excellent lube that wavers in between H20 based and silicone based. It clings to your skin and doesn't drip. As for the feel, it's just like a water that's thick enough to stay on your body. It's good for any part on your body, whether it be sex, masturbation, or toy play.

Over all my girlfriend and I found this lube to be better than any other we have used, and we will definitely use this product in the future.

A great lube for first timers and pros alike. A smooth texture and versatility makes it a top choice in the anal lube category. Don't be deterred from its simple packaging. It is very luxurious on the skin. It is definitely messy, so use it wisely and for every lube, check the ingredients to see if you may have an allergy before using. And make sure to store it upright. It may have just been my bottle, but it did leak all over my toys. Thank goodness it is toy safe and water-based!

Very slick lube that works great for all kinds of sex and play but could be easier to get out of the bottle.

I used this amazing lube for my first anal play. Although I probably used too much my first time it worked extremely well. There was no tension or drag at all! Nothing, so slipping the beads in was extremely easy. It stays thick and doesn't absorb into the skin fast. It also doesn't get gummy, I loved that. Overall an amazing basic anal lube for anyone who's thinking about experimenting with their backdoor.

This does exactly what it was made for - makes anal play enjoyable. It does not cost a lot, lasts a long time, extremely slippery. It is a winner.

Definitely feels great and works great at its job, despite relative thinness, works great for both anal and genital stimulation. Very comfortable on the skin.

This is a surprising little lube for me. The initial disappointment in regards to the consistency were quickly replaced by the pleasant surprise of the slickness and lasting power.

System JO H2O is one of the best water-based anal lubes on the market. With its smooth feel, it makes for easy application and a little goes a long long way.

For a super silky smooth ride System Jo measures up beautifully. Non-irritating, non staining, and thick enough to last for quite some time when playing anally this lube is a good contender for #1 in the toy box!

This is one of the best water-based lubes I have used. It can be used for anything, with anything. You can't ask for much more then that. Add in the long lasting and lack of stickiness, and you have a clear winner.

This lubricant is water based and designed for anal sex but feels a lot like silicone. It is long lasting and makes anal sex or play easier and discomfort free. It does have a taste and contains parabens, but did not irritate my partner or I in any way.

This product is absolutely worth the money! It surpassed our past experiences with water based lubricants. The lubricant made performance easy to maintain and made toys easy to insert.

System JO H20 Anal lubricant is a silky smooth water based lubricant that feels like a silicone based lube. This lube is easy to use and is long lasting. I find that it stays put and never gets sticky or gummy. This is a great anal lube especially for those who prefer a lube that is not gel based.

Buy this. In fact, don't hesitate to buy the larger bottle. Unless you intend to eat this lubricant (which would be a problem) there will be no regrets involved in your purchase. It does everything it promises, makes no mess, and it even avoids using animal products.

System Jo H2O Anal Lube is a definite contender for lube of the millennia. It is great for both anal and vaginal use and lasts "you long time". You won't be disappointed with this lube especially for the price. So float that boat.

Adds up to a great orgasmic finish!! Makes your sexual experience something you will never forget! The best I've ever tested!

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