Toko aqua

Lubricant discontinued
by Shunga Erotic Art

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The Toko Aqua Lubricant is a great find! I love how slippery and smooth it is when applied. It'll add a lot of spice and excitement to the bedroom, always keeping things WET! I love this lubricant and used it often. It can also be used for solo play or with a partner. I would recommend it to anyone.

If you're in the market for an inexpensive long lasting lube, then you have come across the perfect lube. The Toko Aqua lubrication is a silky/smooth water based lube that is easy to apply and gets the job done. If you find yourself needing to reapply it just add some water instead of adding more lube and you're ready to go again.

This is the best lube I have tried so far and since it is water based it is very versatile. It feels very natural and it doesn't take that much to do its job. I'd like to try organic, paraben/glycerin free formulas in the future and compare my experience, but in the meantime I'd highly recommend this one.

I highly suggest staying away from this lube. It’s very watery, doesn’t last, and becomes tacky. It gets everywhere because you can't control how much lube comes out of the bottle. It's just not worth getting.

Does its job!

This lube and I were not meant to be. It's a great lube if you know what you want or if you're very good with knowing exactly how much lube you need, but it tastes awful and I can never get it to dispense less than "Woah! Too much!" It's very easy to clean off, which is good since the bottle leaks a bit!

I like this lube and think that it is superior to far more expensive ones. It is clear and I like that it does not leave spots on bedding.

I love this and the fact that I have not had to purchase a lot and it comes off clean. I would recommend it for anyone.

This is my all-time favorite lube when I'm looking for something natural. It would also be a very nice beginner's lube or for someone looking for something that is clean feeling.

A great water-based lube that will keep your toys happy, your budget happy, and of course, your bits happy. It is a win win all around.

This lubricant by Shunga Erotic Arts is a leader in new lubricants. It can be recharged with water if it gets thick from extended use. It is also thicker than most water based lubes so it is great for the shower. It works well with toys or sex and will not irritate the skin. It is reasonably priced and generous in portion.

All in all this was an excellent product and I would recommend the use of this product to any and all of my friends. The only disappointing feature is that it wears out a little too fast for my liking.

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