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Flavored gel lubricant reviews

25 reviews
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25 reviews

This is a great product that is clear, non staining, and is easy to open. It tastes great while being sugar free and does not make your stomach upset like others can. This lubricant is also water-based and safe for any part of the body.

If you enjoy flavored lubricants for the flavoring, then this one is a sure winner. It does taste very good, but it gets very sticky while being used. I suppose it really just depends on what a person likes or not.

Wet sugar free lubricant is a great option for someone to use if they have sugar sensitivities or are trying to avoid consuming sugar. Not only does it taste great and lasts a long time, but it never gets sticky. This water-based lubricant won't stain and is easy to take with you on the go. As long as you can overlook the slight chemical taste to this lube, it's sure to be a hit!

The Wet Sugar Free flavored gel lubricant in Kiwi Strawberry is officially my new favorite candy! I just wish it came in sucker form as well. From someone who has never had a problem with oral sex, this stuff makes giving head a whole lot more fun.

I got this bottle as a gift ( stocking stuffer) from my daughter. There is enough lube in here to use it a handful of times. It tucks nicely into an over night bag so you can take it on a weekend get-a-way.

This product is really worth your time! It can truly meet any of her lubrication needs. It is sugar free and easy to clean. The only reason not to buy it is if you already have some at home!

Great for anyone, works on everything and anything, is easy to clean off of everything, and doesn't stain! I recommend it for everyone!

I loved everything about this product, and so I use it faithfully. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone who uses, or wants to use, lube.

Great feel and great taste! Enough said other than a bigger bottle please! I love this great product! All my friends will be getting some for their bachlorette parties!

If you're looking for a little extra wetness to help move things along and be able to use it for a tasty oral experience this lube is a great one to keep in the drawer. It has a sweet fruity scent and tastes yummy especially when licked off body parts! It can be a little sticky but cleans off very easily, doesn't stain, and a plus is it's small enough to travel with.

I believe that aside from the cons mentioned above, this product is truly worth the buy. I say this, because it lasted throughout the time it was needed, and didn't dry up, nor did I need to apply more. Even if you don't like the taste, the lubricant can still be applied, and used for it's true purpose, a lubricant.

Overall, this is a fun product to use on yourself, with toys, and with others. It is easy to share and great to use during oral sex as well as other sexual activities. This is something that is worth getting more of.

This is a fun and tasty lube for giving head or getting eaten out because the taste is not overly artificial and the texture is fine. The price is great also but I would find another lube for actual penetration though.

Wet flavored lube is great during oral sex, it tastes wonderful, it's sugar free, and it dosen't take that much to use. The only down side about this lube is we couldn't use it internally.

Wet sugar free is a tasty water-based lubricant that works well with all toys and makes oral sex quite delicious! Although this lubricant is very thin, a little goes a long way when it comes to oral sex. Those using this for sex might be a little disappointed, but as a toy lubricant and for oral sex play, this one gets the job done!

Overall, this lubricant was not for me. Some people have obviously liked the taste, and if you wish to try it, I would recommend getting the small 1.5 oz. bottle. That way you can see if you like it or not. I would personally prefer the regular Wet lubricant with sugar. It tastes much better to me.

Finally a flavored lube that doesn't make me sick to my stomach. The bottle is the perfect size for travel as well. Best feature: It keeps my boyfriend busy down there longer than without it. Yes!!!

The kiwi-strawberry tastes good (like candy); however, the lube does not last long enough and does not cause enough smooth/slippery sensation.

This is a wonderful flavored lube for those with diabetes, but it's just too sweet for my taste. Wonderful smell; I just wish it tasted the way it smells.

This flavoured, sugar-free, water-based lube tastes great and is travel-friendly. The consistency is not too thick and it is a great addition to oral sex. It does, however, have to be reapplied somewhat frequently and the packaging makes the purpose of this lube very obvious.

All in all I love this lubricant. The taste is delicious, the smell is exuberant, the lubricant is water based, and the bottle is very attractive. This is a great oral stimulant, and it'll make you want to suck cock or have your cock sucked even longer! This stuff is exciting, and worth the price. It's really a great product.

The product is effective considering the price. I'd suggest it to someone who is buying their first lube. It really helps in discovering what you like and dislike about flavored lubes, making the next purchase better informed. Nothing special that blew my mind. An average lube in most regards.

Great tasting, long lasting, light and slick, Wet Sugar Free Flavors makes oral sex comfortable and fun with no aftertaste, little stickiness and no staining worries.

This lube has a pleasant smell, texture, and taste. Being water-based, it is compatible with latex condoms and most materials, plus clean up is a breeze.

I think that this product is worth it because it is health friendly, sex friendly, and wallet friendly. If you are new to lubes or just looking for something else i would recommend any of the Wet lubes.

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