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13 reviews

Ideal for solo play, to use with your partner or even for him; the BSoft is a uniquely shaped clitoral vibe. Powerful and whisper quite, all of the surface area is a sheer delight. Use the tip or the side, it even sits perfect between your labia. Rechargeable, the BSoft is a dream come true.

The Bsoft is a wonderfully cute, compact, discreet toy with a lot of potential. With seven vibration patterns, it is the perfect beginners' massager. Unfortunately, it is very buzzy and loud, but with the amount of possible uses for it, if you can get past the buzziness and noise level, the Bsoft could be a wonderful addition to anyone's toy box.

The Bsoft massager by B Swish is an amazing clitoral stimulator! Out of the toys I have so far, this is my absolute favorite. If this would have never gone on sale, I would've never thought about purchasing it. It's definitely worth a try!

I definitely am glad I purchased this toy. It is very pretty to look at. The material is very soft and the price was great. Being on clearance this $70 toy was only $28, so I couldn't beat that! The size is wonderful for wearing it out in public, though I actually haven't done that yet! It is waterproof, non porous, hypo-allergenic, phthalates free, and best of all it's rechargeable. What more can you ask for in a toy?

Bsoft by Bswish is a unique, rechargeable clitoral stimulator with a variety of settings and uses. It's great for foreplay, teasing and ultimately, orgasms. It's a bit louder than I'd prefer and the controls are a little inconvenient, but overall this is a great toy and well worth the price tag. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone.

Want to know a naughty secret?? The Bsoft is a sexy & hot panty vibrator!! Just make sure there is sufficient noise surrounding you to drown the sound of the vibrator & enjoy your sexy little secret!! Better yet, let your partner know what you are up to and see how long you are away from home--tease them a bit & make sure they know just how wonderful it is to play in public!! The Bsoft makes a great gift when paired with other massage items & works very well on sore, aching muscles!!

This toy far supersedes its predecessor. If you've tried the old Bsoft, and weren't overly impressed, don't pass this one over. It's more powerful, and the shape makes it easier to climax. Also, the cap covering the charging socket stays on much better than on the last one. I am incredibly impressed, and glad I gave Bswish another try!

The BSoft vibrator is a good improvement over the old version of this vibrator, but it does still have some issues. The vibrations aren't as strong as I'd like, and depending upon your toy use preferences, you may find using the BSoft to be a bit awkward. However, if you are looking for a foreplay vibrator that can lay flat against the body, the BSoft may work well for you.

I've racked my brain trying to figure out why BSwish named this toy Bsoft. I get the ‘B' but soft doesn't even begin to describe the feel. Nor does it describe the noise in any way! As long as you have plenty of privacy or your own place and don't require extreme vibrations, then this is a handy little weapon to have in your arsenal.

The BSoft is a softer way to get into an orgasmic groove; a vibe to ride when you're looking for a smooth sensuous buildup of stimulation over a wide area. Steer clear if you're a fan of pin-point stimulation, however, or really need discretion from your toys.

The Bsoft is a moderately strong rechargeable clitoral vibrator, best for those who don't need intense stimulation and prefer buzzy vibrations. It’s easy and comfortable to hold and features 7 different vibration levels and patterns for variety. Particularly good for slow buildup to orgasm or tease, it also can be used during partner sex.

The new Bsoft from Bswish has been revamped and is better than ever. It does have a few issues that the original had, like the rattling, but overall the redesign has been for the best. The vibrations are strong, even if they do make your fingers just a wee bit itchy, and it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

I was confused when I first started to play with the B-Soft Contoured Clitoral Stimulator. Figuring out how to strategically place it to achieve the desired result was the most difficult part about using it; however, the controls and maintenance of the device are easy as 1-2-3. If it weren't for the amazing intensity of the vibrations, I would have given up on it after the first few minutes.

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