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The Little Speed Boat That Could....

I've racked my brain trying to figure out why BSwish named this toy Bsoft. I get the ‘B' but soft doesn't even begin to describe the feel. Nor does it describe the noise in any way! As long as you have plenty of privacy or your own place and don't require extreme vibrations, then this is a handy little weapon to have in your arsenal.
~ Plastic/Silicone
~ Rechargeable
~ Multi-function
~ Charger cap doesn't close properly
~ Little noisy
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review



I've had the original Bsoft on my wishlist for quite awhile, but for whatever reason, it never made it into any of my orders. I think the main reason was that the older version was cheap looking, which didn't appeal to me. Then those busy little workers at BSwish delivered their improved version.



This clitoral vibrator is designed with the female contours in mind but could also be used by or on guys for a little vibrating tease. Due to the size and shape, the Bsoft could be used during intercourse, for foreplay warm up or keep it to yourself for solo fun. Not only is this vibrator a wonder on the clitoris, but works well at stimulating other erogenous zones, such as nipples, vaginal opening, anal opening, scrotum, penis and could even be used to massage other body areas. This one is perfect for everyone – unless you require Hitachi power.

Material / Texture


This version of the Bsoft is crafted from silicone and ABS plastic, giving it a safety rating of 8. To prevent any damage, and keep your toy in prime condition, only water-based lubricants should come into contact with this vibrator. If silicone lube does accidentally touch it, wash immediately. Silicone lubricants can blend with the material and cause a sticky mess. I didn't notice any smell when I took the toy from the packaging.

Just like a lot of toys, this little one is made in China.


I had a bit of trouble deciding just which color I actually wanted, as both are very pleasing. I ended up going with (what the box calls) burgundy and pink. The majority of the vibrator is burgundy with just a thin strip of very light white/pink that goes all the way around, breaking the top control section from the curved base.


The Bsoft has the most divine silky smooth finish, allowing her to glide over both moist and dry skin with ease. The large silicone control button and charging cap have a soft, slightly matte feel. Where the silicone meets the plastic there is a prominent seam which feels rather sharp to the fingers. A scalpel would easily take care of this if you find you have an issue with it. I don't have a problem with the seam while it is in use.

Design / Shape / Size


To me, this looks like either a speed boat with the narrow base and caved in top, where the control is located or it's a footballer's protective cup – if the base were more rounded. The oblong shape tends to flare up and out slightly down the control end and comes to a rounded point at the stimulating tip. Bsoft has two elongated hollows on the underside, which are perfect for nestling your pointer and middle finger in when pressing the control side against your clitoris. The top edge is flat and slopped before it reaches the soft pink silicone ring.

It measures 4 ¾” in length, just over 2” wide across the top, 1 ¼” deep and weighs in at just 2oz.

side view


Functions / Performance / Controls


Bsoft has a large oval button, located in the concave top of the toy, which has a control button at each. The one closest to the back of the vibrator operates the on/off mode. Pressing the other button will take you through 7 vibration levels. In between these is the name ‘bswish'. When the on button is pressed, the control symbols and a ring around the outside edge emits a steady blue light. This continues until the pattern levels are reached, in which time the blue light flashes to the patterns beats.

1. Slow steady vibration
2. Medium steady vibration
3. High steady vibration
4. Short rapid pulses followed by one very long vibration
5. Medium pulses
6. Rapid pulses
7. Three pulses followed by one long vibration

If the vibrations were deep rumbles, this would have earned itself 4 stars. Because they are more on the buzzy side, Bsoft tends to tingle my fingers, which I find rather unpleasant. As far as I can work out (the book gives bugger all information), there is no travel safety lock on this one. If you plan on taking the Bsoft on holidays, I highly recommend taking it in the packaging so there are no risks of it accidentally turning on.



The Bsoft isn't the most powerful tool in the shed but its also not the weakest either. It's not one that I would recommend to anyone who requires full on power – as this one may just lead to a lot of frustration. It is rechargeable via AV power and takes approximately 2.5hrs for a full charge. With 90 days stand by time and 2hrs play time, it's virtually ready for action whenever you are. The vibrations have a moderately buzzy intensity to them.

Although it's not a jack hammer in noise, it does knock out a reasonable amount of sound for those of us who live with others. I wouldn't recommend it for those living in a dorm situation. I like to turn my tv or music up while using this vibrator, so it drowns out any possible noise that might be heard. On low, you could get away with a closed door and playing under the covers.


Care and Maintenance


BSwish states that this vibrator is waterproof and, although I have washed it without any issues under the tap, I won't be submerging it to test. The DC cap on mine won't sit flush with the rest of the toy to protect the charging port. It tends to sit up on the bottom edge, which I'm sure would allow water in if I was to use it in the bath. The Bsoft can't be sterilized in boiling water or the dishwasher and I wouldn't feel comfortable bleaching it either. I simply wash with anti-bacterial soap and warm water, but toy wipes or spray could also be used successfully. Being mostly plastic, this one doesn't collect lint, so it can be dried off and stored straight away.

gap in charge port



My Bsoft arrived in a black and pink cardboard box with a partial image of a dressed female on the front. It features basic information about your new toy written in a few different languages. The box is tame in case little innocent eyes happen to come across it. There are a couple of the toy pictures on the side, but it tends to lend itself to looking like some kind of mouse.

Inside, the Bsoft sits very snugly in a molded plastic tray with the charger, velvet pouch and booklets stored below. Finally! A company who makes a storage pouch that is large enough to hold not only the toy itself but the charger as well. Keep everything together!

The Instructions/Warranty booklet is a general paper book that applies to all the BSwish toys. It has basic information for charging, using and cleaning your toy. BSwish give a limited 90 day warranty. The book that's included advertises toys from the Emotional Bliss manufacturer, such as Chandra and Isis.


in box




It took me a little bit to work out what the best way to hold this for clitoral stimulation. Although it looks pretty straight forward and comfortable, using it was somewhat of another story. Even now, I kind of find holding it on the awkward side. The shape isn't quite right for my liking.

It's the type of toy where the orgasm needs to be forced out... It doesn't just flow like with certain other toys. As in, the orgasm isn't hard to achieve but the toy doesn't seem to take over. There's more work on my behalf – if that makes sense.

I love the rechargeable feature, as it saves me having to hunt down where I last left my rechargeable batteries.

Bsoft will have a cosy spot in my collection and I'll continue to experiment for a follow-up. I'm giving Bsoft a rating of 3 stars.
Follow-up commentary
I was kind of torn as to what heart to give this one. I really needed a 'it's still ok' heart.
It was 'ok' when I wrote it and it's still 'ok'. It's not one that comes out on a regular basis, but it's still one of those toys that is nice to have in your collection. If I didn't have Mia, I probably would use Bsoft a little more often.

I love the blue LED on the control button, but I still haven't been game enough to get the charging port anywhere near water!
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