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Definitely Not A Remote Control

The new Bsoft from Bswish has been revamped and is better than ever. It does have a few issues that the original had, like the rattling, but overall the redesign has been for the best. The vibrations are strong, even if they do make your fingers just a wee bit itchy, and it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.
Easy to hold, rechargeable, won't accidentally change settings.
Loud, vibrations sometimes waver on the steady settings.
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The Bsoft is designed as a clitoral vibrator, which really means that you can use it just about anywhere. It does work very well on the clit, and can be used very easily on the nipples, behind your ears, or as a general massager if you want. The lower settings feel very nice around the balls and there's just enough of a point to it that you can use it to play with the perineum as well.

Material / Texture

Both the product page and the packaging list this as being silicone and plastic. I honestly can't tell what's supposed to be where. Both the top and the bottom black parts are hard, with a velvet cote type feeling to them. It's soft and smooth to the touch, and has no drag at all, allowing for smooth movement over skin. The band of fuchsia and the charging port cover both have a soft squish to them that indicates to me that those are the silicone areas.

Design / Shape / Size

Bsoft is a really nice size, and seemingly designed to fit perfectly in the hand. Being just under 5" long and just over 2" across at its widest point, the flared section fits wonderfully in the palm of the hand, and the fingers can rest right at the tip, no awkwardness involved. It's only about 2" or so deep, so you can easily wrap your thumb around the bottom to help securely cradle it in your hand. Because there's essentially only one button, it's much more difficult to accidentally change settings if your fingers slip off the edges of the front tip.

Another really nice thing about this design is that it's not immediately obvious that it's a vibrator. Even if somebody figures out that it vibrates, you can easily pass it off as a generic massager.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Since this is just an updated version of the original Bsoft, the vibration patterns are all still the same, however the pitch and intensity are different, with this one sounding higher pitched, but having slightly stronger vibrations. They are the sort to cause the dreaded itchy fingers, and on the high setting will make your fingers go rather numb rather quickly, which is a bit of a shame, since the vibrations travel very well through the entire toy. As far as the noise level goes, it's definitely not whisper quiet. Thicker covers will definitely muffle the sound a lot, but it still might be heard through a closed door if somebody was listening for it, so it's probably not a bad idea to turn on the television or radio to help block the noise.

The controls on this Bsoft are still pretty easy to figure out. There's one toggle button located on the top of the vibrator with a power symbol and a sort of spinning arrow symbol. The power symbol obviously gives the toy power, backlighting the toggle switch with a lovely blue color to indicate that it's got power. At this point, it's waiting for you to start the vibrations. Pressing up on the toggle switch will start taking you through the vibrations, first through 3 steady vibration settings, then through an additional 4 pulsating settings. The 4 pulsating settings start with a gradual escalation starting from low and going to high, the second setting is an on/off buzz, the third is a faster on/off buzz, and the fourth is a beat of sorts, 3 quick highs and a long one.

This one is advertised as being waterproof. It's got a little silicone plug that covers the charging port, but it doesn't completely seal, so I wouldn't fully submerge this one. It does seal enough that if you wanted to use it in the shower, you should be just fine.

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance is fairly simple, you can just use a toy spray and wipe it down. You can also use a damp washcloth to clean it as well. Take care to avoid getting water in the charging port. A splash or two over the area probably won't cause any damage, but be careful about submerging it.

You can use lube for a differently feeling glide if you so choose. The pamphlet says not to use massage oil or hand cream as lubricants, or cleansers containing alcohol, petrol, or acetone. You should definitely heed the warning about the cleaners, as they may cause some damage to the material. As for lubrication, I recommend something water based, but should you want to use anything else, you can always do a spot test somewhere on the toy.

To charge the Lithium Polymer battery, just plug the charger into the wall and then insert the plug into the charging port. The side of the box recommends charging for about 2.5 hours, but don't charge it for more than 24. They say you'll get 2 hours of use time, and a standby of 60 days.


The box the Bsoft comes in is really nice, and perfect for giving as a gift. It doesn't hide the fact that it's a vibrator, but it also doesn't come across as trashy. The side of the box gives you specifications that the generic instruction pamphlet doesn't, like the materials it's made of, the size, battery, charge time, stand by time, etc. It's also listed in 6 different languages.

Inside the box is a big cardboard tray that also houses the plastic tray that holds the Bsoft. Under the plastic tray you'll find the charger, a little instructional pamphlet that tells you how to insert your batteries/charge your toy/clean the toy, and has a list of generic safety warnings. It's also printed in 7 languages. In addition to the charger and pamphlet, you also get a storage pouch. It feels almost like a rough fleece, and doesn't offer much padding, but it will keep the Bsoft from getting scratched or anything like that.
    • Would make a nice gift


I had a hard time writing this review in a manner that wasn't a comparison review. There are things about this Bsoft that are better than the original, and things that I would change to be more like the original. I like the smaller size a lot, it works great with my small hands, and isn't so small that large hands feel like it's lost in there. I really like the idea of the toggle switch control, but I wish there were a way to go back a vibration level without having to cycle all the way through all the settings. Something else I noticed about the vibrations is that they seem to waver a little bit on the steady settings. It also has that same rattling habit that the original had. Neither of these issues seem to affect the strength of the actual vibrations all that much, but they're pretty easy to hear and can be pretty irritating.

Overall, I do like this one for solo play. It's not my favorite, but I do enjoy it. It doesn't work that well during partner sex if you're facing each other, but during doggy style you can easily hold it in place without it getting in the way. It's a pretty great foreplay tool as well.
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