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Butterfly kiss platinum edition reviews

41 reviews
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41 reviews

This product is great for beginners and the material is soft and flexible though a little sticky. It's primary function is definitely to provide fabulous vibrations and its power of penetration is much less in comparison.

This toy is worth it over all. I think it's more fun with a buddy, but it did succeed at what I got it for during solo play. It has good vibrations. It's good on the clit and awesome on the G-spot, turning the overall goal into a reality.

This is my go-to toy. When I need to take care of my personal needs, I pull this out of my nightstand drawer and it hits the spots (yes plural). I love my little butterfly.

Overall, this toy is totally worth buying! Give it a chance and you'll be hooked! Like I said earlier, you can't get bored with this toy! Give it a chance, and I'm sure you'll love it too!

While i loved this toy and found it to be a perfect buy for myself, this is definitely not a toy for girls who need more powerful vibrations and stimulation

In overview, I enjoyed using the Butterfly Kiss; however, I was under the impression that it would offer more g-spot stimulation than it did.

Despite the toy breaking after extended use, oddly enough I still think it's a great buy for the price. If you are looking for a first vibrator, or something to use in a college dorm situation, you can't go wrong with the butterfly kiss.

For me this toy was not worth it at all. It did not sit right on my clit I was not a fan of this toy at all.The fact that mine cam broken made it even worse. I guess I should have returned it, but I just do not have that kind of time. I tried to make it work with the one antenna and ever more so when the butterfly did not land right any way. In the end I do still have the toy and i hope to get it to work right for me but as of now is is no go to toy!

If you already have the original Butterfly Kiss and you like it, you should definitely try out the platinum version! Its new extra features are worth the upgrade!

It's something I have and will buy again. It's strong, cute, made of good material, easy to clean and store, and FUN! It works great in and out of the water. It needs to be lubed before play. Batteries need to be changed often if you like full power. I could drag out pleasure or get right to the point!

Perhaps a decent choice for those looking to begin exploring dual stimulation without spending a lot of money, but due to its unreliability to deliver dual stimulation at all, this toy probably isn't worth it.

It is small and easy to hide. It's great for newbies and it's not super expensive. It is still a great product for the price.

The Butterfly Kiss Platinum Edition is an okay starter vibrator. The vibration and design of the vibrator may only appeal to certain preferences, but it also is a bit hard to find a similar toy that has these same properties, so it really depends on your own preference as to whether the Butterfly Kiss Platinum Edition will be a “win” for you. If you enjoy internal vibrations without too much fullness or thrusting, this one could work for you.

The Butterfly Kiss Platinum Edition may be perfect for someone who has an "accessible" G-spot, but if you do not it may be a waste of money. The design does not allow for the tip to reach those deeper G-spots, so you may end up only getting pleasure from the butterfly on your clitoris.

The Butterfly Kiss Platinum vibrator is a dual action vibrator for clitoral stimulation and g-spot stimulation. This vibrator has strong vibrations and 9 different vibration patters making it so there is something for everyone. The g-spot stimulation was a let down for me, but the clitoral stimulation gave me my wings to fly!

I truly don't believe that this toy is worth it. This toy is truly for beginners. I was disappointed by the purchase, and I do not recommend it at all.

A worthy cheap thrill, unless you need sharing or girth. The butterfly kisses will tantalize your clitoris though. A nice companion to oral sex.

I got this item as a pick-me-up after a breakup. If you are looking for something to cheer you up, perhaps a little butterfly can do the trick like it did for me.

As I didn't pick this out myself I'll be honest I had low expectations for it and it did exceed them, though minimally. The insertable portion was pleasant although short but the clitoral butterfly was more uncomfortable and awkward than it was orgasmic. In the end it probably won't be one I'll be using again.

For being experienced and knowing what turns me on, I have to just come to the conclusion that this product is just not that exciting. For a beginner, I think this would be a great start :)

Overall, this was an excellent toy. It's easy to use and gets the job done in spectacular fashion. Great toy you'll love.

When it comes right down to it, I just don't think this toy is worth it. It has decent vibration that makes it ideal for beginners, but falls short upon insertion as it's too easily bent and moved when it's clearly designed to be held in one place. It's lightweight and very discreet, but definitely won't ever top my favorite toy list.

This is a good toy for beginners looking to try some new stimulation with lots of options, but it doesn't always work for me. You should be careful with the controls and the wings of the butterfly seeing as they both can hurt. It does get the job done, eventually, and I would suggest for some people it just isn't for me.

Overall, as a first toy for dual stimulation or beginning G-spot play, this is a great choice. I was very pleased with my experience in learning about my body with this toy. This is the first toy that helped me achieve multiple orgasms! However, after about 15 uses or so, I felt that the toy lost some of its appeal. It felt too small and the vibrations were too slight for me to achieve orgasm anymore. It is still fun to play around with, but I'm ready for something at the "next level."

I think that this is a good start out toy. It helps get you used to the feel of a toy. It is also good for someone who needs clitoral stimulation in order to get fulfillment since the wings and antennae are a great combination while on.

I recommend it for someone's inexpensive first toy. It has a lot of possibilities for clitoral and anal stimulation, plus can be used in the shower. You just have to experiment with it and find what works for you. However, it is not satisfying for vaginal use and was cumbersome to change settings.

This is a nice introduction to sex toys, but if you're looking for a toy that delivers intense orgasms this will be a hit or miss depending on your anatomy.

I would definitely recommend this toy to anyone without much experience with G-spot vibrators, or to someone looking for something small and "light", in terms of intensity. The Butterfly Kiss is cute and effective, and will always be one of my favorites.

This is worth it for a beginner who either doesn't have any toys at all, or is interested in dual stimulation. If you require a lot of power, pressure on your g-spot, or like to feel filled, this probably won't do a lot for you. The clit stimulator is great, and the removable bullet makes it versatile.

You get so much in such a small package! Unlike other vibrators of this layout, the vibrations travel well from the bullet all the way up to the head. The little butterfly is just right for stimulating the clitoris. While many women will find it too flexible to apply the needed pressure to stimulate their g-spots, I use muscle contractions to stimulate mine and the head is bulbous enough to do the trick. Easy to clean, easy to hide. All in all, great toy, one of my favorites!

The fact that this was designed to be a G-spot toy is disappointing as it does not hit the G-spot. If the bulb and shaft are inserted, the butterfly doesn't reach the clitoris.I really didn't like that it can't be stored with other toys, or used with silicone or it could be damaged. It's great for foreplay and the size is great!

The Butterfly Kiss is the perfect shower companion for days when you really don't have time to sweeten your mood elsewhere in the house. It can go wherever you want to take it because it's small. Easy to wash, but very difficult to maneuver until you really get used to it and how all of its parts work. Very recommended for beginners, though.

Overall, this is a fun, easy-care starter toy for a good price. It will provide plenty of enjoyable sensations for your clitoral and g-spot regions.

This is a really great toy. I've recommended it to friends, and they also enjoy theirs as much as I do. I have quick satisfying, often multiple, orgasms.

I personally didn't think this toy was worth it. The shape excited me when I purchased it, but it just doesn't do it for me. Even if the vibrations were stronger, I think that the fact that everything sticks to it, even when it's cleaned, is a major down-side. Not worth the money, in my opinion.

The nine settings had me shaking from head to toe. The butterfly wings had the perfect vibration to stimulate my clitoris earning its place as my number one toy at the moment.

Overall this product is cute, fun, flirty and very effective! Certainly a must have for any girl looking for the best of both worlds.

I think this toy is awesome and it is now one of my favorites. There isn't anything I really dislike. It didn't give me g-spot satisfaction and I am okay and happy with that, the butterfly alone makes it a joy to have and use.

It doesn't touch the G-spot as promised and it vibrates worse than my electric tooth brush. It's like a half inch around and has a small head.

This shower friendly toy offers great clitoral stimulation in an attractive package. It may not hit everyone's G-spot but the 9 functions alone make it worth having in your toy arsenal!

CEN hasn't changed much with their "platinum" edition of the Butterfly Kiss, probably because it did so well in the first place. If you're a fan of this design, Butterfly Kiss might flutter right into your heart (among other places). I would definitely recommend this to anyone over similar jelly toys because it is a material upgrade (at long as it is as a comparable price) and it should work well for beginners, too. Experienced players might want to look elsewhere.

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