G-spot rabbit vibrator discontinued

Butterfly didn't kiss me, but instead was a total miss

This is a nice introduction to sex toys, but if you're looking for a toy that delivers intense orgasms this will be a hit or miss depending on your anatomy.
broke after a few uses
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Like many users here, this was one of the first toys I ever bought and was the first insertable toy I owned. It is most definitely best suited for beginners just starting out using sex toys or exploring their g-spot for the first time. I would not recommend this for advanced users at all.

It is designed to stimulate the clitoris and g-spot simultaneously.

It can be used solo or with a partner inserting it in and out for you.

Material / Texture

It is made out of plastic TPR and is hypoallergenic, latex free, phthalates free and is a 7 on Eden's safety scale. It doesn't have much of a smell.

It has embossed small, medium, and large hearts on the grip but are strictly for decoration purposes only and is not located for additional texture. It has a silver metal band around it right above the battery cap.

The only texture with this toy is the textured ridges on the butterfly clitoral attachment, but I couldn't tell anything special about them in use. The overall toy is very smooth and is only hard at the base. The bulbous head is very, very, very flexible and floppy. Even more floppy than a cock that's not hard; though my husband wouldn't appreciate me moving his cock as far back as I was testing this toy. I found out I could stretch the head all the way to the bottom of the toy; now that's flexible. I don't need an acrobatic sex toy; I want something that delivers power and pressure.

Design / Shape / Size

Overall the design is cute, because I like real butterflies but in practice it just does not work.

Instead of a rabbit, it is butterfly shape with antenna but has the same principle as a rabbit. It is designed to stimulate the clitoris and g-spot simultaneously. However, this may not be the right size for everyone because all of our bodies are different and our spots are located in different places. For me personally, it does not fit my anatomy at all. My clitoris is farther away from my vaginal opening so to get the butterfly wings to stimulate the clitoris I have to move the toy up some. If I do that, it doesn't reach my g-spot. I could never get this to reach my g-spot that I could tell. If it did, it didn't apply much pressure to it which I need.

It comes in two different colors purple or pink, I chose purple because that is my favorite color.

The narrow insertion size is non-intimidating and makes for a great introduction for beginners. After thinking about it, I don't think I've ever seen a real cock that thin. It is also lightweight. The dimensions are as follows:

3 1/2" insertable length
7 1/2" total length
3 3/4 circumference at the head
2 1/2 circumference at the top of the shaft
3" circumference at the bottom of the shaft
1 1/8 diameter

Due to its small size, it is easy to hide and is discreet enough to carry in your bag or purse if traveling. It does look like a sex toy so others would not be mistaken about its use, and I can't come up with any other item that it looks like. As you can see in the following picture, it is about the length of a remote control.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibrations are located mostly at the center closest to the butterfly. The buzzy vibrations are nice, but not powerful enough for me and the wrong type of vibrations to turn me on. The vibrations do travel up almost to the bulbous head, but fall a little short stopping at the top of the shaft. The vibrations can be felt when holding it and it buzzes in my hand and becomes tingly in my hand or on my sensitive areas which I do not like.

It has three speeds: low, medium, and high, and six pulsation modes. The pulsation modes are as follows:

four pulses-off-repeat
two slow pulses-one longer pulse
three fast pulses-one longer pulse
one long pulse-stop-repeat
five fast pulses-one longer pulse
five medium pulses-off-repeat

It is waterproof, and I have carried it into the bathtub with me and have not had any side effects in that aspect. It does have an o-ring located at the battery compartment so water does not get into there.

It requires 2 AAA batteries that were not included. The battery compartment is under a screw on cap and is very easy to install. It uses an easy to use push button control that only has one button that's located at the bottom of the toy. I find this very annoying because to turn this off, you have to go through all of the vibration and pulsation patterns.

It is not very noisy at all even at its highest setting. It couldn't be heard through a closed door or while alone in the shower.

Care and Maintenance

TPR materials cannot be sanitized or sterilized so do not share this toy with anyone else please. If you don't take this advice, please use a condom over it.

Since it is waterproof, clean-up is a breeze. You can wash with mild soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner. The only pain about cleaning this toy is where the butterfly is located because it has ridges in it, but nothing using a cotton swab or cleaning cloth and your finger can't cure.

It can be used with water based or silicone based lubricant.

It is a lint collector so it's best to clean before and after every use. I store it in my lingerie drawer, but it could be stored just about anywhere.


I ordered this before coming to Eden, and don't recall what the packaging was like. I do know that it did not come with any included instructions or any seperate storage pouches.

Personal comments

I find this to be a nice introduction to toys in general or g-spot exploration, but I don't think it is worth the suggested retail price. The butterfly attachment doesn't work anymore after just a few uses, and since it may not work for everyones anatomy I don't consider it worth it. It is a nice, cute, inexpensive first time toy, but since it did not bring me to orgasm and partially broke soon after using it I just can't recommend it.


I'm still on the hunt for a g-spot toy that gives me an orgasm and I hope one day that I will be able to have one. I'm still relatively new to that experience, but I believe with a little patience and a lot of experimenting my quest will be over and I can become completely fulfilled.
Follow-up commentary
The platinum butterfly kiss was my first vibrator I tried as a beginner to insert able toys. I don't know what is so platinum about this, because it never gave me anything but trouble. I know a lot of people like these for their first toy, but I am not one of them.
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