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Couture pink inspire reviews

17 reviews
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17 reviews

This item is powerful, and multiple orgasm inducing, best to use with a towel handy! Has attachments that please and tease all pleasure points, but being sure you play near your outlet can be a drag. Way more power than a battery toy, but you must decide if limiting your play area and space is worth it. I can tell you despite not being water proof, and needing to be near an outlet, this is still a very highly treasured item in my vast collection!

The Couture Inspire is an amazing wand vibe. It's small, but its power really packs a punch and the pretty pink colors and attractive smooth design are adorable. Beginners and power queens alike will rejoice in its completely adjustable power levels and three fun attachments. And as if mind blowing, leg twitching, intensely satisfying orgasms weren't enough, it doubles as a relaxing back massager capable of getting out tough knots and relieving sore muscles! Get inspired, I know I was!

For the price, this toy is a great deal; especially for anyone wanting something just a little bit different. With the three different head attachments, you can get creative. It is definitely something that can be used in many different ways, and provides hours of fun and amazing feelings.

After using the Pink Inspire, another vibe will have to really step it up to surpass this one. I have made the Pink Inspire my #1 go to in all future passionate nights to come.

Oh man, I think I'm in love. The Inspire is an amazing wand massager. It's compact, powerful, and allows for variations in power levels. The Pink Inspire even comes with two additional attachments. Now if only it were waterproof and whisper quiet, I'd never need anything else.

The Couture pink inspire is an absolutely fantastic toy for both personal pleasure, couples play, and body massages! It's powerful and rumbly vibrations provide deep stimulation that will leave you more than satisfied!

Good, decently-powerful vibe, but unfortunately has some alarming flaws in construction that can lead to eventual failure of the unit!

This toy is worth every cent due to its adjustable options. Between 3 interchangeable heads, and the ability to adjust the strength to EXACTLY what you want, there are millions of possibilities. There are not programmed vibration patterns, but ability to change the head of the toy allows for customization. The toy is smaller then other massagers, but still packs a significant punch with strong vibrations that travel well through the silicone attachments.

As a great alternative to bulkier wands, the Inspire offers some strong competition in both size and power. It won't cover as broad of a surface area as a larger vibe, but the vibrations produced are deep and won't be a let down for pin point vibration lovers. It's simple to use and the interchangeable heads offer a variation of sensations that can be experienced with this wand.

The couture wand is amazing, like a tiny Hitachi it can be used to work out muscle tension anywhere on the body. It's so strong it basically guarantees orgasm. It sets a whole new vroom scale. You can plug it in anywhere so you are never without batteries or in need of charging. Unfortunately this means you can't use it outside or in water but its pros far outweigh its cons.

The Couture is my favorite go to wand! It offers everything I wanted after trying out the Hitachi: a less bulky wand with a smaller head. Even if you own the Hitachi, check out the Couture! It’s so much lighter, smaller, and easier to use. I recommend it for power Queens everywhere!

Now this is a magical wand! With the exception of being corded, it has all the other qualities that make an almost perfect toy of this type: power, interchangeable SILICONE heads, and a nice long cord. Not to mention it's a great value since it comes with the extra attachments, whereas with other wands, you have to purchase them separately.

I have always wanted a wand massager, but I cringed at how bulky most of them appeared to be. The Couture Inspire brings all of the power and variety of the rival massagers, but it does all of it in a smaller package! There are other attachments that can be bought as well, so there are many possibilities to be had with this genius of a wand. It works perfectly for solo and couple's play. Although it only comes in a pink color, I think this would please almost anyone!

The Pink Inspire Massager is, by far, the best massager/vibrator that California Exotic Novelties has to offer. With its 3 unique silicone attachments, intense and powerful vibrations, and the fact that no batteries are needed, there's so much to love, and many ways in which this fantastic vibrator can be enjoyed.

The first thing I noticed about the Inspire was that when I went to turn it up... it just went up, and up, and up. Even for me, there was no need to use this at the highest speed. That has never happened to me with another toy before. I highly recommend this amazing little wand!!

The Couture Pink Inspire by Cal Exotics is a fantastic wand that everyone should own. The lower settings are perfect for beginners, and the higher settings for the power-queens like myself. Also, my partner loves when I use this wand as a massager on his back. For a little wand, its got big power!

The Inspire is definitely the new wand!! It is lightweight, quiet, small and oh, so powerful! I have fallen in love with this wand kit and am amazed at the versatility and multiple speeds. I feel like the companies that make wands have finally listened to those of us who use them and this one is way ahead of the game.

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