Couture pink inspire - wand massager by Cal Exotics - review by HannahPanda

The Little Wand that Kind of Could

As a great alternative to bulkier wands, the Inspire offers some strong competition in both size and power. It won't cover as broad of a surface area as a larger vibe, but the vibrations produced are deep and won't be a let down for pin point vibration lovers. It's simple to use and the interchangeable heads offer a variation of sensations that can be experienced with this wand.
Lightweight, Small size, Interchangeable heads, Plugs in, Flexible neck, Silicone attachments
Comes in one color, Can be a bit loud, Overheats easily
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You're going to get the best use out of your Couture inspire by using it as a clitoral vibrator, but there are attachments that allow for a user to use it internally, as well. A wand style vibrator is great for all over the body, whether it be for a sore back or aching joints. This wand can be used for all of the above and offers a wide range of vibrations that range from really low to extremely high. This (somewhat) travel friendly vibe is great for solo masturbation, but its small size allows for easy use during intercourse with a partner. It uses an electrical outlet, so you can't bring it with you in the shower, but the size makes many users favor it over bulkier wands that don't offer such strong vibes in a small package.

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    • Travel friendly

Material / Texture

The handle of the wand is made from a coated plastic that feels velvety to the touch. Although it's plastic, it isn't slippery and provides a bit more of a grip for holding it during use. Plastic is wonderful because it isn't porous and is a relatively safe material when it comes to liquids. If any bodily fluids or lube gets on the handle, it's a simple wipe down and you're back to having a clean toy.

The default head is a round dome that is made of Silicone and is removable for cleaning or interchanging attachments. All the attachments available are made out of premium silicone and therefore, can be boiled, washed in water with soap, put in a dish washer, and sterilized easily. They cannot, however, be used with a silicone base lube. Located underneath the head is another plastic piece that shouldn't be used without a proper attachment for your safety. Along with the dome attachment are three others that come with this version of the Couture inspire, and they're all made differently to stimulate in a variety of ways. For starters, they're all quite firm, yet flexible. They are bendable with your hands, but when used against skin are firm enough to withstand that extra pressure if you need it. The shape of the heads bring to mind other objects, which leaves me thinking, Trident, Cattle Prod, or Vibrator?

Attachment One: A standard, dome shaped head.
Attachment Two: Two prongs for clitoral/nipple stimulation
Attachment Three: A triple stimulating head that is insertable

A good silicone should never have any odd odor or tackiness to the material. The Couture inspire's heads all are non-porous and have no smell whatsoever to them. The base of the wand is light pink, and all attachments are a deeper hue. If you aren't a pink fan, this version of the wand only comes in one color, unfortunately.

    • Flexible
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

The wand from base to tip is 7 1/4" and is a lot smaller than I originally thought it'd be. It fits easily in hand and is a more lightweight option if you prefer a less heavy wand to work with. The base has a slight curve to it that I just find annoying, but it's barely noticeable unless you lay it flat and really look at it. On the bottom of the base, you'll find a slot to plug in the wand. It's fairly simple and the plug that attaches to the bottom of the wand is a basic cylinder and fits in easily. The cord is a generous length and offers about 8 ft of length, so you can be pretty far away from the wall plug during use and still have excess cord to work with.

The neck of the wand is slightly flexible, but isn't meant to be completely coiled over, as that'll just lead to it breaking easier over time. It's great for those who like a lot of applied pressure clitorally or in other areas and don't wand the wand bending a lot during use. However, it also offers a bit of give for those who do want a toy that has that extra bit of flexibility for manipulation during use. It's a nice middle ground.

The interchangeable heads are really easy to attach onto the toy and come off fairly easily with just a light tug. Just pull a bit and the head will come off, and to put another on, you just pop it into place. The first few uses, I had to get used checking the attachments on the base before use. If the attachment is out of place, the sides will kind of look wonky and and will branch out from the sides of the toy. All you'll need to do if you notice it is give the attachment a twist and you'll see the sides pop into place and cling to the toy better.

It's debatable whether or not this toy can really be considered travel friendly, as it is so small and lightweight, but the attachments and cord can be a lot to lug around with you. I would say it's still travel friendly, especially since you can store the attachments together in a plastic bag, or just pick your favorite and pack it.

This toy is great for any user that loves their deep vibrations. I'd say it's equally as strong as the Hitachi and for some, may overpower it because it's a lot smaller. It's easy to figure out how everything works and where everything goes, so I'd say it's perfectly fine for a beginner to use, and an advanced user will definitely love the broad range of vibrations it offers. It isn't a completely obvious toy to own, but it isn't all that discreet, either. It's about as discreet as the Hitachi, as they're both the same kind of toy and mostly differ in size. If someone would know what your Hitachi is, then they'd definitely know what this small, pink, vibe is used for. Any head but the dome also is terribly obvious for its use. It's a little harder to convince someone it isn't for sexual purposes when it's so dainty and small and colored this way. I've included a size comparison between the [|Inspire], Hitachi, andEroscillator.

    • Beginner

Functions / Performance / Controls

If you thought it couldn't get less simple than the Hitachi, think again. The Inspire has one button, and one only. It controls all vibration settings and On/Off controls. To turn it on, click the button once, and to change the intensity of the vibrations, you simply hold the button down and it slowly escalates in intensity until you reach the point where you want it to stop. Once you're done, click the button once, and it turns off. There aren't any patterns or bells and whistles, but you can find that in another vibe easily. This simple wand is more for those who are looking for a mean punch to their clitoral regions and not much else. You're better off not buying the attachments. I found that they were useless and didn't carry the vibrations out as well as the default head.

At the base is the place to plug and unplug the cord from the wand. It's self explanatory to plug it in, and a red light indicator will come on when it's ready to use. Your wand isn't going to start vibrating until you click the round button, and once you do, it will start on the lowest vibration setting. The lowest isn't loud whatsoever and is like a whisper, however, as you increase the intensity of the vibrations, the wand steadily gets louder. I find it louder than my Hitachi, but that's just me.

Because we do have people out there who will go on a suicide mission in the bath tub because they want to get off, this toy isn't ever waterproof, not even unplugged. No water around this at all or it means big trouble for your toy, or for you.
    • Easy to use
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

To put it simply, just don't abuse the wand and the wand will love you and last a long time. Don't use water around the base and no silicone based lubes with the attachments. They're easy to clean and can be cleaned however you choose, whether that be boiling or putting them next to your plates in the dish washer. The heads aren't porous and won't find bacteria as yummy as other materials.

I find that when you have a toy with a bendy neck, don't over bend it, and the neck will stay in great condition. The Wanachi mini has a bendy neck and we've broken about three in my house from over bending it. This wand, is of course, better quality, but the same can easily happen with a lot of use. The neck being ribbed can make it a little hard to clean if fluid gets trapped there, but you can clean it carefully with a cloth or a toothbrush head if need be.

The wand is small, so it's easy to find pouches, bags, or storage for it and the attachments. The different heads can be stored all together, but not with other toys, as silicones can leech onto other toys or other toys onto it and it can leave you with stained or ruined attachments. I store my Inspire in its original box at the moment, which isn't completely ideal, but it works for me and it keeps all of my components stored together.

*The included manual states that the wand can overheat a bit when used for prolonged periods of time, so overuse could be potentially be hazardous to the toy or yourself. Be safe and take breaks!
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The plastic box the Inspire comes in is pretty flimsy, but can work as a storage method if it's all you have at the time. All of the pieces come in a plastic tray inside the box, and I think I may have scraped myself more than a few times trying to get the tray out. I found the packaging to be really nicely designed, though not discreet. It shows the toy in the front very plainly. I liked that the packaging had some stuff to say about the different heads, material, and shows you a picture of the charger included. A small manual is included for more information inside the packaging and provides warnings about safety and use of the wand.

    • Not discreet

Personal comments

If you want a one up from "The Shocker," the Triple Teaser isn't it.


I refrained from putting my personal opinion into any of the spaces above because I'd get distracted about negative points. I had my eye on this for ages and finally saved up enough to purchase it on sale, and I originally purchased it for the Triple Teaser attachment. I thought it looked like something way up my ally and anticipated it's arrival for days. When I got it, I had to stop myself from tearing into the box, but when I turned it on I can't say that I was impressed. The vibrations are really powerful, but they're too loud for me to really use it without something to cover the noise. The curve in the base bothers me a lot for some reason. I find it annoying to hold, I guess. More importantly, is that it's definitely powerful and rumbly, but for anyone to compare this to the Hitachi, I have to shake my head. Sure, it's a great alternative, but that doesn't make the Hitachi better or worse. They're the same type of toy, but stimulate completely differently. The Triple Teaser attachment didn't give a lot of stimulation at all, because the vibrations weren't distributed really at all through the anal and clitoral teaser, even on the highest setting, which is really intense. I could actually barely feel them in the insertable portion and kind of just laid there waiting. It also didn't reach my anus, which is what I wanted most out of the attachment. You'll most likely have a lot more luck with the other two attachments.

For those who say the Hitachi isn't good for pin point stimulation, I can't agree.
The Hitachi CAN be used for pin point stimulation, and here's how: Open your labia and press, and you'll have it. The Hitachi head is big enough to give you pin point stimulation and simultaneously stimulate every area around your clit, all at the same time. The Inspire doesn't offer that, and only offers pin point stimulation. I like everything stimulated and I suppose that's why I'd choose my Hitachi every time over a wand like this. The reason the Inspire is great is because it's so small and still rumbly, but I'd recommend just about any other wand over it. It's not any quieter than the Hitachi, but about the same amount of bees. The Mystic Wand has a rechargeable version that has 4 vrooms, if not just a little less rumbly than both of these and is also an excellent choice. This is simply the Hitachi alternative, but you aren't going to be getting the broad vibrations like you do from the Hitachi.
Follow-up commentary
I got this as a rival for my Hitachi, but I still prefer my bulky wand over it. The Couture is just as strong, a smaller size, and offers interchangeable heads, but is just as noisy despite its size. The head I bought it for didn't disperse the vibrations well and fell flat for me. I think it's a good toy, I just prefer the larger head of the Hitachi overall, as it covers a wider area easily.
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