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Fairy miniature Fairy miniature

Massager by Media Craft Inc

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Fairy miniature reviews

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14 reviews

The Fairy miniature massager is a high powered electric vibrator that delivers insane vibrations. If you have what many commonly refer to as a “clit of steel”, this toy is for you! With its two power sources, portability and size, it is an all around winning toy.

Fairy Wands perform some amazing magic, and just because this is one of the smaller ones in the line doesn't mean that it won't perform almost as well as the larger ones! In fact, if you are on the fence about which Fairy Wand to purchase, seriously consider this one first, as it offers both an AC adapter and a 6-AA battery powerpack for on-the-go fun when no outlet is available.

Small, lightweight, easy to use and two power sources --what more could you want? Oh, two separate power and vibration styles, depending on which power source you choose? Yep, got it! Depending on your needs, this Fairy Mini will deliver, just be prepared when it does!! Batteries are quieter, deeper and a bit slower but the electrical cord allows for extreme vibrations and has the noise level to prove it!

Get this toy! It's amazing if you can't always get off with weaker vibes - you will get off with this one! The cons are very week when put up against the amazing power of this vibrating toy.

All in all, I wouldn’t purchase this or recommend it to anyone. It’s not what I expected or hoped for! It did not rock my world and had too many things I disliked!

While the Fairy Miniature has a lot of faults, I can’t deny that it is one powerful and pretty little machine! That said, for those of you that are interested in any of the Fairy products, I would suggest either the Fairy Mini Wand or the Pocket Mini before the Miniature as I think they have less faults, are easier to control, and remain just as powerful.

This toy is a tiny powerhouse perfect for someone who likes intense vibrations. The scroll wheel and small size make The Fairy Miniature super user-friendly, whether you're by yourself or playing with a partner.

The Fairy Miniature, while somewhat diminutive in size, packs a pretty powerful punch. While she may require a whopping six batteries to use when you don't feel like rooting around for the power cord and finding the outlet to plug it into, those batteries will last a very long time! And most importantly, between the battery pack and the power cord, there's always a way to enjoy the Fairy Miniature's numerous strong speeds.

This corded/battery-operated massager is a powerhouse of vibrations. It will blow your mind, as long as you get all the use you need in under 20 minutes of use. If you use it much longer than that, the circuits will overheat. Total bummer. It was great for me since it's my first "wand" and I was a beginner to this level of power, but I do see myself getting another one in the future that will allow me to play with it longer.

Well, I think it's safe to say that the Fairy Miniature has won my heart! It's taken over as Queen Bee of my toy chest and even my husband is a huge fan! I've never seen him enjoy using a toy so much before. I think the awesome intensity makes it feel like a power tool or something! The Fairy Miniature is a winner all around, just remember to BREATHE!

The Fairy Miniature Wand is remarkably powerful, especially for its size. Compared to the Hitachi Wand, this is much more portable and lightweight, not to mention it has adjustable speeds; the Hitachi does not. The unit is a tad loud and the battery case is near impossible to open, but who cares about that when you can feel your orgasm climbing within just a few moments of wand to clit pressure?

This vibrator is compact and powerful. I think anyone could enjoy it. The versatile power option make this a travel friendly vibrator also.

The Fairy Miniature is a dynamo in a small package. Powered by 6 AA batteries, this small massager-style vibrator packs a punch to your clitoris. The dial allows vibrations from low to intensely high and you’re sure to find the setting that works best for you.

Although it's not quite a Hitachi, the Fairy MiniMini is an excellent, very versatile and portable toy that's a powerhouse for its size. Using it alone, or with a partner, or even in combination with other toys is easy due to it being nearly pocket sized.

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