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Fairy wand massager Fairy wand massager

Wand massager by Media Craft Inc

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Fairy wand massager reviews

31 reviews
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31 reviews

The Fairy wand is a great massager to incorporate into foreplay, or even just relaxation time. The vibrations are buzzy, yet deep, easily allowing you to work out tough knots and go straight into teasing erogenous zones on yourself or your partner.

Overall, if you don't have one of these in your toy box, you should. Not only will it get your rocks off (and hubby's with certain attachments) it also works great as a regular massager. The fairy wand is definitely one of my top go to toys since I purchased it. This toy is just the starting point of a magical world of playtime and I guarantee by the time you finish you'll be seeing tiny little faires.

The Fairy Wand Massager is great for everyone! Good price, powerful vibrations, and no batteries. It should work with standard Hitachi accessories. I'd buy this toy again in an instant!

The Fairy Wand Massager is hands down the best toy ever; I recommend it to any single woman or couple looking for a good massager that will never be replaced by something else.

Overall, this wand is a great value and an absolute must-have for anyone who needs strong vibrations and flexibility, just warn the neighbors before you fire it up.

I purchased the Fairy Wand for my shy little girl who asked me for a clitoral stimulator to have all for herself. The cute pink & white design charmed her, and the promise of everlasting power & strong vibrations sold us both in the end. The first use of this toy left her literally screaming in delight, and she refuses every other toy since! Do not think twice about adding the Fairy Wand to your toy box, you (or your girl) will absolutely love it, and you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

I would probably not suggest this toy for a beginner because it may be a little too much for them. If you have been using battery-powered toys for awhile, and they're starting to get boring, I would suggest trying this toy out. It's way more powerful than any other toy I've ever used. Because it doesn't require batteries, you don't have to worry about it dying halfway through play time.

Overall if power is your thing and you don't mind not being able to insert it, and the lack of attachments then it's for you. Some Hitachi heads work for it I have been told.

If you're looking for your very first wand, look no further! With the Fairy wand's generous variations in speed, this wand could be used by just about anyone.

No matter who you are: girl, guy, or anything in between, you need this toy. No excuses! The vibrations are powerful, with different variations in intensity. The Fairy Wand is perfect for massages, and not even power queens could handle this thing on high. Added to the fact that it doesn't take batteries and instead plugs into the wall, you can't go wrong!

Not for faint of heart. This product on high was very intense, even on low was a bit much. Not my top choice. but try it, it might be yours!

Power queens and those seeking a bit more than the traditional vibrator will love this wand. With the wheel to select the power you want, this toy offers much more than just "high and low." The only thing that doesn’t make this wand perfect is the noise level.

The Fairy is an incredible toy for the price -- between its simple functions and extreme level of power, this wand is perfect for someone who wants control over the vibrations in their toy without the hassle of too many extra options. Plus, the cord ensures that the Fairy will never give out mid-session, no matter how intense things get!

The Fairy Wand Massagar made by Media Craft, Inc. is something that my fairy god mother might give me on a special kind of night. It will transform you into a princess and leave you a pile of wet blissful goo. Fairy is lovely in a way that is fit for royalty. She is quite loud but that is only one con. Everything else about her just screams perfection. She is made for clitoris girls of steel and has the power of something I have never experienced before. I love her.

If you want the power of a Hitachi, with more control then off, fast or blow your head off, then this is for you!

The Fairy goes from gentle vibrations to crazy out of this world jackhammer strength and everywhere between. While the Hitachi offers only power, the Fairy also offers versatility. I can't imagine anyone could possibly need more power than the Fairy can dish out. If you want power and versatility but aren't worried about discretion, than the Fairy is the vibe for you.

Great wand for mind blowing orgasms, being electric makes it that much more powerful and having multi speed dial. This toy is well worth the money.

This wand was everything I hoped it would be; amazing! It is powerful and doesn't need batteries(uses power cord). The best feature is the dial controls to get the right amount of vibration.

The fairy wand was created by the japanese, and it is not a toy I'd recommend for a beginner. The fairy wand it is one strong toy. The vibrations can seem a little buzzy at times, but it very much does get the job done. The only let down is that it is ran by power, so if your going through a power outage, you will not be able to use the fairy wand. I personally loved this fairy wand, and I can not wait to try the others in this line.

An extremely powerful but attractive massager with multiple uses and an easy to control speed dial that delivers consistent and constant speeds at any level of intensity. This wand is almost like something from a fairy tale, definitely providing you with happy endings over and over again. The Fairy Wand massager is worth the price for the wonderful experiences I have had with it.

The Fairy Wand is an amazing toy if you don't mind the cord and a bit more noise than usual. The orgasms it can give you are well worth buying an extension cord, if necessary, and turning up the music.

I've gotten more orgasms per dollar spent out of this toy than any other toy I've ever bought. The vibrations are powerful and deep, and the speed is easily controlled with a dial on the matte pink handle. Great for giving back massages, regular masturbation, or forced orgasm play, this Fairy winged its way into my heart. The length of the cord and the size of this toy might make it difficult to use during sexual intercourse though, and the noise is similar to a vacuum cleaner in volume!

Of all the vibrators that one can own, a massager such as the Fairy wand is probably the most reliable toy that you can have. It is very powerful and might be too much for those who orgasm easily and may be hard to keep a hold of for those who have weak wrists. It is quite big and noisy but it always gets the job done!

Compared side-by-side to the Hitachi Magic Wand, the only difference that truly matters is the ability to have a range of vibration speeds instead of just two. If you don't mind the fairy and baby-girl-pink theme it could be a great alternative for those who like the power of the Hitachi on high but want a greater range of intensity of vibration.

This toy may be too strong for some but the great thing about this toy is that even if it doesn't quite work for you, it has another use in getting to sore muscles. Rechargeable and wireless are both great features.

The Fairy Wand Massager is an excellent addition to anyone's collection. It's versatile and can be used for many different things all over the body. Its power is ridiculous and Power Queens will definitely enjoy using it.

Oh boy, does it massage! I loved the control it gives you with the speed selection as well. Instead of High, Medium or Low, it is a dial style and lets you easily go from slow to fast. My husband and I liked that it wasn't as loud as we thought it would be. It easily can be used without waking the kids in the next room! Clean up is a breeze as well! I would highly recommend this product for fun times and sexual satisfaction!

At first I was disappointed just on the fact that the box wasn't too helpful and there was no instructions at all included; not that it really needed it. Once you plug it in you can figure out which way is on and off. Once I really started using it completely fabulous best thing I've ever purchased in my life time so far.

The Fairy wand massager is a powerhouse vibrator that no girl should be without. With super strong vibrations, a continuous supply of power thanks to the cord, and a generous length of cord that won't leave you out of reach, the Fairy wand massager is a definite clit pleaser! Rawr!

This wand is a multispeed powerhouse. This wand is more powerful then the Hitachi and has better feeling, more rumble-y vibrations. If your philosophy is “MOAR POWER!” this is for you. On top of that, the scroll wheel allows you to easily adjust the vibration speed on the fly, for added fun. In addition this can be used on other body parts for either naughty, (anus,, nipples etc) or non-naughty ends (back feet etc.) fun. The only downside is it is loud, very loud. I’m also not a fan of pink.

The Fairy Wand Massager will create an earthquake all throughout your body and make you scream! Seriously, this bad boy means business. It works on electricity, is controlled by a dial, and has the most powerful and strong multi-speed vibrations that a sex toy can offer. It is simply the most exciting and orgasmic sex toy you can own; it will leave you breathless!

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