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My Favorite Fairy Tale!

The Fairy is an incredible toy for the price -- between its simple functions and extreme level of power, this wand is perfect for someone who wants control over the vibrations in their toy without the hassle of too many extra options. Plus, the cord ensures that the Fairy will never give out mid-session, no matter how intense things get!
- Extremely powerful
- Simple to use
- No batteries!
- Cord can sometimes be inconvenient
- Can be difficult to clean
- Very loud
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


Going into the purchase of this toy, I had known that I wanted a wand for quite some time. After all, my greedy battery powered vibes were tearing through a 4-pack of lithium batteries every two weeks, and the costs just weren't cutting it with me anymore. Knowing I wanted something with vibrations that could knock my socks off and that would plug in, it was a close call between this and the Hitachi... In the end, I chose the Fairy, and I couldn't be happier with my decision!

The Fairy is an extremely versatile toy, in that, as a massage wand, it can be used both sexually and non-sexually. My preferred use for the Fairy is on my clitoris -- the size may seem a bit intimidating at first, but I've found that by gently nestling the Fairy between my lips, I can get a full range of motion against my clit, thanks to the flexible head attachment on the toy. When using the Fairy in this way, I typically hold it just below the ridge used to control the power, which gives me better control over the head of the wand. The Fairy isn't just for clitoral use, though! I love teasing myself by lightly running the toy along my nipples, labia, or any other part of my body. Although the toy works best with a woman's body, gentle vibrations and properly aimed touches can easily tease and stimulate any man, as well. It's important to note, however, that the Fairy is NOT meant to be inserted vaginally (or anally) -- although sometimes it may be tempting! Thankfully, there are several attachments available for the Fairy just to sate that craving.

Although my typical use for the Fairy is for masturbation, the toy makes an incredible massage aid as well. The flexible, round head seems to hit every muscle just right, whether you're simply dragging the Fairy across your partners skin, or pressing it firmly into their sorest muscles. The one downside that I've found is that massages with the fairy can get a little intense, so often after 5-10 minutes, your partner may get a little "massaged out." Nonetheless, massages with the fairy are rewarding, simple, and mind-blowing!
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    • Anywhere
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    • Powerful vibrations
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    • All over body
    • Clitoris
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

The materials of the Fairy are far from the main focus of the toy, but they do still hold some appeal of their own. The toy itself is incredibly safe in terms of materials, as it is latex free, food-grade, hypoallergenic, and phthalates free. This is likely due to the fact that the toy is made, quite simply, out of a hard plastic typical to sex toys. To make up for what would otherwise be a completely rigid body, the Fairy features a half-inch flexible "neck" made of a slightly softer, rubbery plastic that allows the head of the toy to move as needed.

Attentive users will notice a small difference in materials in several places on the toy. For one, the head is made of a slightly different (and seemingly more porous) plastic than the body, which has just a bit more give (and less shine) than the harder plastic used for the rest of the toy. The handle also features a softer pink plastic near its center, with a light and detailed texture that makes the Fairy a bit easier to hold on to. Although it isn't noticeable, the toy does have a very faint smell, should you ever decide to touch your nose to it. I wouldn't really call it unpleasant, so much as just the scent of plastic.
    • Flexible
    • Light odor
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

The size of the Fairy is not for the faint of heart! I chose this toy specifically because, as the largest of the Fairy line, it was famed to have the most power. I had seen larger wands in the past. and I felt prepared to take on the nearly 13 inch wand. While the "handle" of the Fairy could probably stand to be a bit smaller, it looks relatively proportionate to the head, and is even a little bit slimmer than many of the wands I have seen in the past. Of course, at such a large size (and with a ~6 foot cord to boot), the Fairy isn't exactly subtle, or easy to hide. While you might fool someone particularly naive into thinking the Fairy really is just a massage tool, you're probably better off wrapping it up and tucking it in the back of your drawer. This also means that the Fairy isn't really a "grab and go" toy. Using it requires finding a place to relax near an outlet, getting it plugged in, and occasionally disentangling yourself (or any other miscellaneous objects) from the cord.

The head of the Fairy, as the main place your body will be interacting with, is the most important feature design-wise. This is where the vibrations stem from and it is covered, as I mentioned earlier, in an opaque, off-white plastic. For reasons unbeknownst to me, the sides of the head feature 5 small ridges that really serve no purpose, other than complicating cleaning. The head of the toy, while large, has not proven uncomfortable for me at any point, and is about 2.5 inches in diameter.

The one thing that I will note about the Fairy that does sort of displease me is the color of the toy. In the photos, it appears to be very crisp and brightly colored. The toy in real life is not quite so "clean" looking. While this doesn't affect the usability of the toy in the least, it does mean that the softer plastic on the handle and head are more of an "off-" color... Sort of akin to a light smoker's stain. This muted coloration may not be extremely noticeable to most, but it is something that has annoyed me from the start about the Fairy. I typically prefer my toys to look very modern; the bright, feminine colors of the fairy were one of the things that attracted me to it in the first place.

Although I have been known to take my Fairy a number of places while traveling, I can't exactly say that I recommend it. While the Fairy does have the benefits that you don't need to remove batteries, or worry about it surprising you by turning on without your permission, the toy is, in the end, pretty large and unwieldy. It takes up a lot of space, and it's very obvious what it is, which doesn't exactly make it the best travel companion.
    • Large

Functions / Performance / Controls

This toy easily has one of the simplest interfaces I've ever encountered in a vibrator. Unlike many vibrators I've used in the past, instead of buttons, the Fairy has what basically amounts to a scroll wheel. To turn the wand on or off, you simply turn the scroll wheel towards the base of the toy until you feel a small click, and the toy begins to vibrate. From there, you can turn the toy from its lowest to highest settings with a gentle flick of the wheel. One feature that sets the Fairy apart from other toys is that this scroll wheel doesn't have a defined "low", "high," or "middle" setting. Instead, the wheel provides a smooth gradient between the highest and lowest settings, allowing you full customization of just how strong you want your toy to be.

The main appeal of the Fairy is its power, so it doesn't offer much variety in terms of vibration patterns. In fact, there are NO vibration patterns available with this toy, which makes operation very simple. As others have said, this toy is a complete powerhouse. On the lowest setting, the vibrations are almost non-existent. On the highest setting, gripping the head of the toy in your hand will easily make your fingers numb within a minute or two. Because the vibrations are so intense, they can seem a little buzzy or "sharp" at first, but I've found that you can achieve a greater variety in the type of vibration depending on how much pressure you use with the toy. Pressing the Fairy harder against yourself will give you the feeling of a deeper vibration, whereas only lightly touching yourself with it will give off the sensation a very sharp, intense vibration.

One extremely important feature to note about the Fairy in the performance department is that this toy is LOUD. I've heard it compared to a vacuum cleaner, and even a jet plane -- and while I can't say that I think it's quite that dramatic, this toy is easily the loudest vibrator I've ever owned. You may get away with using it under covers, through a closed a door, and with a noisy air conditioner on IF the nearest person to you that's not in the room isn't paying much attention. I'm quite sure that anyone walking past, especially through thin doors, would easily be able to hear the Fairy. That being said, I've been using it under those exact conditions (covers, air conditioner/heater, door) in a single dorm room without a roommate for the last year, and I have yet to have any issues. In that situation, if you choose your background noise and timing correctly, this toy can be feasible even if you have a roommate or live next to someone, as long as the other person isn't in the room with you.
    • Long lasting power
    • Not discreet at all
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

If I had to choose one thing that I absolutely hated about the Fairy, it would have to be how difficult the toy is to clean. If you wipe it off thoroughly immediately after use, it may not prove too difficult, but heaven forbid you fall asleep after using it and let it sit a night. Thankfully, the toy doesn't attract hair -- but it does attract just about everything else.

Three factors contribute to the Fairy's difficulty in terms of cleaning:

1) Since it plugs directly into the wall, this toy is 100% not waterproof, which means that cleaning it is limited to awkwardly running the head just barely under the faucet, scrubbing the edges, and trying to wipe down the handle as necessary.

2) The material that the head is made of is just porous enough to attract dirt and any fluids your body might produce. This, coupled with the 5 unnecessary ridges along the sides of the head, mean that it's almost always just a little bit dirty. The ridges are particularly bad, and they easily get clogged up with "ickiness". And, of course, if you've ever owned a toy with small ridges or indentations, you've probably discovered that the only way to REALLY get them clean is to go at them with a toothpick or other small, pointy object.

3) The handle of the toy has a slightly porous pink plastic on it to make it easier to grip. Unfortunately, this material is textured with a faint sort of "crackle" design, which attracts a ridiculous amount of grime. I don't even put that area NEAR my lady-parts, and yet it still somehow ends up with more dirt than any other location on the wand. Thankfully, the texturing really is faint here, and a gentle rub-down with a damp washcloth SHOULD get it clean.

In the end, I don't necessarily consider any of these things to be problem enough to make me hate the Fairy itself, but they do present some issues from time to time. If you're the type of person that prefers their toys very clean with very little maintenance, this might not be the best toy for you. It can also be problematic if you do not have access to a private bathroom, as anyone that walks into a public bathroom will instantly know what it is you're cleaning, and the Fairy cannot be cleaned in the shower (since it is not waterproof).
    • Difficult to store
    • Hard to clean


The packaging of the Fairy is simple, and it isn't really too much to get excited about. The wand comes in a plain pink box, which features the "Fairy" logo and an image of the Fairy wand itself. Otherwise, there is only a tiny bit of Japanese writing and a bar code. Inside the box, the Fairy comes sealed in a simple plastic bag. There are no instructions, and while you probably could keep the wand inside of its box for storage, there really isn't any reason to, since the box doesn't do much to "hide" the toy because of the large picture of the Fairy on the front.

Although simple, the packaging is a bit classier than the average American-toy packaging, which typically includes pornstar-esque, half-naked women fawning over the sex toy in question. I suppose the Fairy does get a few points for class there!
    • Minimal

Personal comments

Although the Fairy has its problems, for me, it truly is the perfect toy. I've found ways to work around the noise, and the design issues that impact cleanliness don't bother me as much as they might bother some people. I do my best to keep the toy clean, but otherwise I don't worry about it too much! The power is what really wins the Fairy over for me. It really was exactly what I was looking for when all the vibes in my life were dwindling down to dull throbs. I never have to worry about batteries, or even recharging, which is also a huge plus for me! Although the cord can be a hassle at times, I love it more often than not. This is absolutely a toy that I recommend to all of my friends. With its versatility, simplicity, and cute appearance, it really is great for just about anyone at any experience level.


I've actually put off writing the review for this toy for some time, so I don't have just one experience with it, but many! The Fairy has easily turned into one of my favorite "before bed" toys, and I love using it to give myself a quick but powerful orgasm right before bed. Because of its simple design, it doesn't leave you sweaty or sore... Just content!

Of course, I've also had a number of experiences using it with my boyfriend. The best nights are when I give him a massage, trailing it along his back and eventually between his thighs, using the toy to gently tease, and lead into other things... Or the other way around! It's truly phenomenal for both of us. Even in a more S&M environment, we are often able to use the toy for orgasm denial or control because of the huge range of power it covers. My boyfriend is very familiar with what settings I like by now, so it doesn't take much for him to flip the switch right before an orgasm, or to crank the toy up to push me over the edge immediately.
Follow-up commentary
After having it for almost a year now, this toy is STILL my go-to vibrator. The noise remains an issue for room-mate living, but it's not something that can be heard through a closed do, so as long as the room itself is empty no one else can hear. Not only that, but this toy has also provided me with quite a few delicious massages! You really can't go wrong with the fairy and it's hands down the best vibrator I've ever owned.
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