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The Fairy wand is a great massager to incorporate into foreplay, or even just relaxation time. The vibrations are buzzy, yet deep, easily allowing you to work out tough knots and go straight into teasing erogenous zones on yourself or your partner.
Strong vibrations, easy to use, no charger to lose
Vibrations can make you go numb
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Wand massagers are wonderfully versatile items. In addition to their intended use of working out tight muscles and helping you to relax, you can use it to relax in a number of other ways as well. If you need extra strength vibrations to get off, you can easily use it during sex in a number of positions. If you just want to incorporate it into foreplay it's got your back too. Use your new wand to tease, tickle, tantalize, and stimulate a number of erogenous zones on both your body and your partner's body.

Material / Texture

Pretty much all of the Fairy is made of plastic, which is hard, smooth, non-porous, and phthalate free. The smooth texture allows for easy gliding over body parts during use and for easy cleanup when you're all done. It does have a slight plastic smell when it's brand new, but that goes away with cleaning and time.

Design / Shape / Size

Unlike its mini counterpart, the Fairy isn't exactly what I would call "small." If you're traveling with a larger suitcase it'll fit in just fine, but don't try to take much else with you if you're traveling with just a carry on. The head comes in at about 7 1/2" around, the handle is a bit smaller than that so it fits well in your hand, and it's just over a foot long (not counting the cord).

Even with the less than minuscule size it's still pretty easy to wield on your own with just one hand. And even better, it's also fairly discreet. The Fairy is no more incriminating than the Hitachi wand, and even if there's a lot of sex jokes about the Hitachi wand, it's still a darn good muscle relaxer and so is the Fairy. The Fairy also features a flexible neck, so that you can change your wrist position while you're using it and still maintain a certain position on the head.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Fairy is almost stupidly easy to use. Even if you're someone (like me) who sometimes finds toys with a lot of settings intimidating, you won't have a problem controlling this wand. Simply plug it in, and use your thumb to control the dial on the front of the toy. The only confusing part about it is that you spin the lever down and not up, which might be counter intuitive to some people. It'll take you from a low rumble to a high roar as quickly as you can spin the dial.

The vibrations at the lowest setting can be felt all through the Fairy. As you increase the strength they seem to all head pretty straight for the head of the toy and stay there. At the lowest setting you'll get a great teasing sensation, and more sensitive body parts will react to it. The highest strength is slightly numbing to the skin, and leaves my fingers tingly for minutes afterwards. At top speed the vibrations are buzzy, but still very deep and penetrating. The highest setting is more ideal for working out tight muscles than it is in a sexy setting.

With great strength, you sometimes sacrifice quiet, and the Fairy is no exception. It isn't earth shakingly loud, but it'll still probably be heard under a heavy blanket and through a closed door. Don't try to hide in the shower with it because it plugs straight into the wall and that's a bad combination with watery situations.

Care and Maintenance

As long as you take care to not submerge your Fairy in water, it should last you a long time. There's no charger to lose or battery to fail to maintain properly. Wipe it down with a toy cleaning cloth or a warm soapy cloth. You can even wipe it down with isopropyl alcohol if you really want, although I'd give it another wipedown with a damp cloth before putting it anywhere sensitive again. If you want an extra glide, any body safe lubricant should work just fine. If you want to use body lotion, make sure that you clean off the head of the Fairy (even in the grooves) before using it on or around your genitals again.

I recommend a cool, dry space for storage of your Fairy wand, but almost anywhere that isn't overly hot or damp will do. You do want to take care that the cord is wrapped neatly as well, whether it's in a loop around itself or around the handle of the Fairy.


I've had this toy for a really long time, and I've really liked it the entire time. I loved the concept of the Acuvibe that I had, but I kept losing the charger and it would die mid session. This we just plug in and use until we don't want to use it anymore, which is awesome. The variation in strength is enough that I can almost always find a happy medium until I accidentally go overboard and make myself numb, and I love that the cord is long enough that I don't feel like I have to also incorporate the wall into my sex life.
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