Does the Fairy wand massager need voltage converter for Australia?

Does the Fairy wand massager need voltage converter for Australia?

Terri Strickland Terri Strickland
Fairy wand massager review
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Does this: link have the same problems internationally that the Hitachi does?

Also, is the Hitachi save to use in Australia with a voltage converter? Some say yes but the official warning is no.
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solitudinarian solitudinarian
Good thread, I was curious about this myself. Also wondering about the Wahl.
Peggi Peggi
A friend of mine who lives there does own a Fairy Wand and SHE needed the converter for it. I don't know if it depends on WHERE you live there or what, but to be safe you might just want to get one you don't want to blow out the toy!

I'm not sure about the Wahl question, solitudinarian.
Woman China Woman China
I live in China we use 210-240v.

I bough my Fairy Wand from EF and I use it with no issues here in China. The couple of people in Aussie Land who have bought one, they had to buy the plug adaptor.
Woman China Woman China
I cracked open my box of tricks and had to take a gander to see if I could be any better in helping you answer this question.

On the bottom of the wand near the cord there is a little sticker. This sticker says, "AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 15W 20(then some Chinese characters)". So the answer is YES. You can use this in Australia. But you would need to get yourself a plug adaptor as the plug is a typical North American style.

If you are thinking of collecting lots of toys and possibly getting some rechargeable ones, (all the toys I've picked up have been internationally useable) BUT, because Australia has a different style plug than most of the rest of the world, you might be interested in picking up a universal power bar.
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