Do the grooves on the Mystic Wand bother you?

Do the grooves on the Mystic Wand bother you?

dawnkye dawnkye
After a lengthy search and research period for a wand vibrator, I think I'll go with the Mystic Wand. (It came down to this, the Fairy Rechargeable, and the Acuvibe. I had a tough tough time choosing between the three.)

However, I'm a commitment-phobe and have a final question before I take the plunge. I haven't had a wand vibrator before, but I imagine for solo play, I'll press the side of the head against me, which is exactly where the grooves are.

Do the grooves on the Mysic Wand bother you? Or do you use this toy differently in such a way that you avoid the grooves? Or are the grooves really no big deal, and I should just stop stalling...
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Tuesday Tuesday
I know one other reviewer said the grooves bothered her but they don't bother me at all. I think I press a part that's right above the grooves on me, but the grooves are silicone and therefore soft.

I like my Mystic Wand much better than my Acuvibe.
Coralbell Coralbell
The grooves don't bother me. Like Tuesday, I usually use the part above the grooves.
Jess.McCleod Jess.McCleod
I love my mystic wand, grooves and all. I think they actually provide extra stimulation which I'm never one to turn down.

My partner, however, have a different reaction. As I said in my review: it left her skin feeling itchy and her genitals fairly numb when used for any length of time. She can still get off on it but only if its an in and out job or the irritation becomes too much to ignore.

I don't think Its the grooves themselves that bother - more that there's so many of them.
Hummingbird Hummingbird
I love the grooves besides the aid with keeping the attachment in place. The vibes, all the vibes can be felt through the attachment which is smooth.
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