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iTap egg reviews

11 reviews
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11 reviews

This egg can be used to massage any area of the body or your special spot! It has a great shape to fit in hand. The senor touch at the base is very sensitive, but is great to switch through the five various pulses and speeds.

I am disappointed with this product but not enough to throw it away. I realize that, because this product was less than $10, I got essentially what I paid for.

Roll this egg on your back and massage all the aches and pains away, then go one step farther and let your partner tease you into a frenzy with this iTap wireless and controllerless egg. Just be careful where you put your fingers, you might get a bit more of a surprise than you bargained for, my iTap liked to take control and change vibrations for me. Psychic? NO! A bit out of control? Yes. Worth it? Definitely!

For the price of $23.99, on sale at the time of this review for $14.39, I recommend this one. It's very easy to use, beginner and experienced alike. It has five different vibration functions that should cover most everyone's needs. It is a great multi-function toy, from the soothing vibrations during a massage to the playful and climatic vibrations during play.

The iTap egg is a cute little toy that uses touch technology from which I wasn't expecting much. But I was impressed at how strong the vibrations were, the range of functions, and how well the toy worked. It's also really nice having a small toy that's not connected to a wire and that can be used and controlled all with one hand.

An original idea with a disappointing result. Stopped working after one use, and it's just not worth the frustration to fix it.

We tried it, we cleaned it, we retired it. The ITap egg is an item that we found so completely useless as a sex toy that we have turned it into a cat toy. The kitties love it, it shakes every time they swat it and doesn't die as easy as their other toys. Great concept, not so great in working, wait for the next version.

While it's very cute and a really nice idea, this is a toy that may not always satisfy. It has good vibrations and would be nice for warm ups and foreplay, but for full on enjoyment it's not likely to go the distance for you.

In the end, this vibrator demonstrated all the confidence, deft maneuvering, control and consistency of a 14 year old kid fumbling around with you under a blanket on the couch. Which is to say that this vibrator had NONE of those things. So if you're interested in replicating the often awkward and unfulfilling experience of virginity lost, or perhaps would just like to trigger some icky memories of an unsatisfactory partner you've had in the past, this is the toy for you.

The iTap is a great concept but falls short when actually put in play. The egg is super sensitive to touch, changing vibrations and pulsations when unexpected and unwanted. It also turns off unexpectedly and takes away from the moment. The egg does provide fairly strong vibrations while using AAA batteries. It could be used for a warm up toy as it provides five different sensations.

This toy had a great, great concept and nearly got it right - but in the end it fell short just for being too easy to change the settings. I guess there really is such a thing as being too user friendly.

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