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One cracked egg

The iTap is a great concept but falls short when actually put in play. The egg is super sensitive to touch, changing vibrations and pulsations when unexpected and unwanted. It also turns off unexpectedly and takes away from the moment. The egg does provide fairly strong vibrations while using AAA batteries. It could be used for a warm up toy as it provides five different sensations.
Strong vibrations with small batteries. Compatible with a variety of lubes.
Too sensitive to the touch and vibrations changed too easily.
Rating by reviewer:
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The iTap egg is designed to provide stimulation externally with five functions of varying vibrations and pulsations. The egg is designed to be touch activated with no buttons or knobs. The overall concept, if a good one, the actual function, a poor one. This egg works on a tap and go concept, where the user just taps the end of the egg and the toy becomes activated. The vibrations vary with each tap and turn off after five taps. It could be easily used by anyone but preferably by someone who has a lot of patience or doesn't mind the vibrations changing unexpectedly. The egg is a fairly large size, measuring three inches in length and five inches circumference and is one and a half inches in diameter. I received the white one and it looks like a large egg.

I found that the egg gets turned on accidentally, quiet easily. I laid it on the dresser with the batteries in it and all of a sudden it started vibrating and jumping around. It has done this on several occasions, so I find it to be super sensitive to any touch, not only the human touch. I do remove the batteries when it is not going to be used for a period of time.

Material / Texture

The iTap is made of plastic and is easily cleaned using warm water and anti-bacterial soap. It can be used with water-based, oil, or silicone-based lubes. It is easily cleaned and stored. There is no smell or taste to the plastic. The touch is slick and smooth. The texture did not provide any additional stimulation for me. The material and texture can used by any one of any experience level.

Design / Shape / Size

The egg is a fairly large size, measuring three inches in length and five inches circumference and is one and a half inches in diameter. I received the white one and it looks like a large egg. It is a great size to lay against your clit but should not be used internally. If the batteries are removed, it can be discreetly used with travel. However, if the batteries are left in the egg, it can accidentally be turned on. The egg is easily held on to if too much lube is not used. However, if too much lube is used, it becomes slick and slippery. Since this egg is deigned for external use only, it can be used by beginners as well as the experienced.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The overall concept of having no controls or knobs or buttons is a great one, however, the actual mechanisms fall short. It is over-sensitive to touch by humans or innate items. The iTap runs off of two AAA batteries and produces adequate vibrations with these small batteries. The vibrations are felt throughout the egg and not in just one location. There are five variations of the vibrations and pulsations and throughout all the levels, the egg remains fairly quiet. It is not waterproof and the box even prints this in capital letters.

Care and Maintenance

The iTap can be cleaned easily with warm soap and anti bacterial soap. It can not be immersed for cleaning but can be rinsed off and dried. The plastic material the egg is made of is compatible with water, oil, or silicone lubes, but these should be used in moderation to prevent the egg from becoming over-slippery. The batteries should be removed prior to storing it and I prefer to store mine in a cloth bag. This material does not collect dust or hair so it can be stored in any container of the user's choice.


The iTap comes in the standard cardboard box. It is white with blue and black writing. On the side of the box is several reminders about care including "Do not immerse in water" "Wash before and after each use" "Remove batteries when not in use" "Always use a lubricant with this product for maximum pleasure" and "This product is intended for use as a novelty product only." The box integrates that the toy works on the tap theory with no buttons or switches. The box can be used for storage but I prefer to use my own.

Personal comments

I liked the overall concept of the toy but was really disappointed in its overall performance. It was difficult to get it on one setting and keep it there. The settings were changed unintentionally and randomly. It became more of a distraction than a treat and even after several attempts of using it, I liked it no more than on the initial use.


After receiving the iTap and washing it, I inserted the batteries and tapped the egg. Nothing happened. It took several tries to get the egg to work. I'm not sure what was the deal with that but eventually it did turn on with a tap. When hubby and I tried out the egg, it was apparent rather quickly that this was not going to be one of our favorite toys. At the slightest touch, the vibrations would change. We would try to reset it and capture where we left off but you have to go through all the settings to get back to where you were. To be so easily changed, it could be difficult to get it to move through all the settings. It is like this egg has a mind of it's own!
Follow-up commentary
I no longer have this cracked egg. It was such a pain to try to use that it ended up in the trashcan one night after much aggravation. It had a mind of its own- turning on and off as it pleased, usually at the worst times.

While I still think the overall concept is good, this product has a long way to go to be perfected!
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