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Little honey Little honey

Traditional vibrator by Shaki Toys

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Little honey reviews

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36 reviews

I wish these did not get discontinued I would have grabbed up another one to have on back up. With the way the surface of it scratches it would have been nice. I really enjoy this vibe it comes in handy and is really discreet.

Fun for teasing, this will give you a buzz...but not enough of one. I love this for traveling, massages and sensory teasing, but it is too light and buzzy to finish what it starts. The light show is amazing on cam and for putting on a sexy show for your partner, but can quickly get irritating. Those with epilepsy may want to proceed with caution, I have a friend that may go into a seizure if she was watching this in person. She is very sensitive to flashing lights.

Over all, it's great. I love the fact that it has more settings than just low, medium and high, but I think I'd like it better if it was stronger. If you can get it as a free gift, go for it.

Overall this a decent vibe for someone new to vibes and looking for something cheap, small, and strong. The vibrations are buzzy and the toy is loud, but it is very solidly made for a toy that is so cheap. Even with the buzzy loud vibrations it quite strong and sturdy and can deliver a good orgasm.

This Little Honey from Shaki Toys is a little handly gadget. Overall, it’s still lacking something. It just feels like hard plastic and if that’s what you like then I suppose it’s great for you. I’m more into squishy and soft toys. It’s a good little starter for a beginner and it’s tiny enough to be comfortable.

It is worth buying! It lets you experience toys and not feel overwhelmed. Being able to start slow and work your way up to the larger toys is always good. If you are new or just experimenting then this is definitely the place to start. The price is good and so is the experience.

Love raves but want to masturbate too? Want to confuse your friends? Have a partner that's always fumbling around in the dark to find "the spot"? This vibe is perfect for you! You can make every night the fourth of July! If you're looking for a straightforward powerful vibe that gets the job done, look elsewhere.

This small, discreet vibrator comes with flashing lights, but doesn't inspire fireworks. If you're looking for something non-threatening for a beginner or want a cute bridal shower gift, then this toy would fit the bill. If you want some serious vibrations or awesome orgasms, I'd suggest you look somewhere else. Little Honey is sweet and buzzes like a bee, but she's definitely lacking in power.

I still can't figure out what the Honey would be a substitute for in my collection, and regardless, it doesn't measure up. The light function just annoys me, to be honest, and the vibrations are far too buzzy to do me any real good. Thank goodness this was a freebie!

This vibe isn’t bad. It simply just isn’t my go-to toy. I use it when I don’t need anything that has that strong vibrations (like when I am already really sore from a long day of steamy sex). Basically, I only use this toy for a relaxing/lightly satisfying session.

I would recommend this to someone that would like a clitoral stimulator but not someone looking for a good vibrator. This product is nice in many ways but had watch batteries which can be a pain in the ass. It is also on the small side but this product could go either way. I'm on the fence.

The Little honey vibrator is a cute little toy that you can use alone or with a partner. What's unique about this vibe is that it can make playing the dark fun because it lights up! It is waterproof, fairly quiet, it has 3 speeds and 4 patterns and is easy to use. If you require strong vibrations it won't do it for you but if you can handle the wait or like a tease then it will be sure to please.

Whether you are looking to host your own vagina rave, or just want to achieve a clitoral orgasm, this Naughty piece of Little Honey is an excellent buy. If you are looking for something for vaginal or anal penetration, you will definitely want to look elsewhere. While I found the included jelly ring to be pointless, you may be able to find a use for it.

I received this as a free gift, and honestly? I would've regretted it if I purchased it. It's cute, and the vibrations are moderate -- it's just enough to get me off reliably. It's okay that this doesn't do it for me every time, though, because the light show is fantastic!

The Little Honey is a weak vibrator that makes a lot of noise and lights. It's definitely not my favorite toy but it was fun to see it light up in the dark. It's easy to use, waterproof, and and has 7 vibration settings but they were numbing and a little too boring for me. A beginner or sensitive user might like this toy. If the vibrations were stronger it would have been better. It's cute but that's about it! I wouldn't purchase it again.

Overall, I think that there isn't much worthwhile about this vibe. The vibrations are weak and irritatingly buzzy, and this vibe is loud for how small it is. Speaking of small, it is not big enough to be use vaginally for most nor does it have an anal safe base, so it is only really good for clitoral stimulation, but the vibes are concentrated in the base.

While the Little Honey is small, waterproof, and cute, it just does not cut it! I am not a fan of watch batteries to begin with. I never seem to have them on hand. The light up action makes no sense to me and overall, I would prefer stronger vibrations over the lights. The noise level is really what seals this bad deal for me. Because of the noise this one will not get any action.

I really am surprised by the Little Honey. The vibes are buzzy but at least they are strong enough to get me off and are solid. There are a few vibration patterns to choose from too. The lights might be annoying to some but my partner and I found them to be fun!

The Little Honey is a single button-operated, multispeed vibrator that is best used for clitoral stimulation. Its best qualities are that it is quiet, discreet and waterproof. A great find for anyone that enjoys a lower vibration: if you're looking for something with a good rumble behind it, this is not the one.

The Little Honey is a great little vibrator that is great for anyone wanting some stimulation. Works well for solo play or for couples. Very reasonable price and great quality. This is a great toy to have in any collection or as a gift for a beginner.

FABULOUS! Here is the perfect little vibe for all your needs, with or without a partner! Even though there were some minor flaws for my specific taste, I know that it's still a five star product that should be in every toy box!

In terms of design this is not my favorite toy. It will not be the model by which I base future purchases on but, it does deliver in terms of power and price. It's easy to clean, easy to get off with, and would make a good travel buddy that wouldn't break your heart or be financially devistating if it was lost in transit.

If you are in just a little horny mood this toy would probably work for you, but if you are a bit beyond that I would suggest something else. This has no power or stimulation behind it what so ever. If you like flashy things this toy is for you, it would make a great flashlight!

This item is totally worth the money. Easy to travel with and powerful for its size and price. I really suggest it for beginners like myself.

Overall, this toy was a major letdown for me, it lacked in power and just couldn't get the job done. Save your money and buy something that packs more punch.

The Little Honey is the kind of vibrator that I wish I had started with. It's simple to use, has a lot of variety, and offers a really cool lights show while in use. The only real drawback to this toy is that it's a bit too noisy! I would recommend this toy to anyone that likes clitoral stimulation!

The Little Honey vibrator will make you smile, and not just because it can make you cum! It's a reasonably powerful little toy that would make a great gift for your female friends at a reasonable price. The novelty light up function will make all your friends giggle, and the decently powerful vibrations will be well appreciated. If these fun facts aren't enough to make for a good present, the waterproof feature will knock all her clothes off, adding to the slippery wet fun.

This item is discreet and simple to use. It'd be perfect for beginners or more advanced users. It has strong vibrations while being as quiet as a humm, making this ideal for anyone. However, this toy is a battery guzzler and requires an odd battery, so that is kind of irritating. If that's the worst aspect, then that's fine. Overall, I'd recommend it.

Overall I would definitely recommend this product for beginners or advanced users. Although the size may not be enough for some, the different vibrating functions make up for it in my opinion.

The little honey is a discreet and fun toy. With the lights, and the different settings makes it a little more fun to play with in the dark.

This deserves a place in everyone's toy box! Just an amazing adventure that you can take anywhere! Big thumb's up!

This is a discreet toy that provides powerful vibrations. Highly enjoyable for a beginner like me and well worth it for a first toy. Excellent toy for beginners just starting out or advanced users wanting something discreet for their purse or travel.

This is a cute light up toy that is very unassuming but really delivers a nice set of vibration levels that are suitable for most users. It is not super high quality and the cap can crack on you but for the price it's a solid investment. It runs on 3 LR44 batteries (large watch batteries) so be sure to stock up.

A waterproof vibrator for $12? That's a no-brainer! The Little Honey is small, quiet, attractive, and the finish is very smooth and velvety.

A basic vibe from Shaki Toys - a company I've never tried before. It's a super cheap toy that's both waterproof and simple to use. For a cheap O, it's a good toy.

The Little Honey is a sweet little indulgence with some fun features. While the advertized features are mostly gimmicks, it's still a nice little toy. Simple one button operation makes it easy to use and its discreet size and quite sound make it perfect for travelling or using with others in nearby. The waterproof feature expands potential use for the pool, tub, shower, or anywhere else you can think of for slippery wet fun.

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