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A Sweet Little Treat!

The Little Honey is a sweet little indulgence with some fun features. While the advertized features are mostly gimmicks, it's still a nice little toy. Simple one button operation makes it easy to use and its discreet size and quite sound make it perfect for travelling or using with others in nearby. The waterproof feature expands potential use for the pool, tub, shower, or anywhere else you can think of for slippery wet fun.
Very quiet; Discreet in size; Novel light-up function; Waterproof; Cute and colorful
Uses watch batteries; Quality could be better; Doesn’t have all the functionality that is advertised
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
The Little Honey is a cute vibe with several functions and features. The packaging advertises that it lights up, is waterproof, and has 7 vibrating functions. The single button serves to power the toy on and off as well and cycle through the different vibrations. It also comes with a jelly ring that can be used (presumably) for more external stimulation.

I have to admit that I definitely judged this little guy before using it. When I observed that it took three watch batteries I truly believed that it would pack no punch and if it possibly did, the batteries would last about long enough for a single use. I was almost really disappointed when I put in the three provided watch batteries as pictured and the toy did not turn on. It turned out that the instructions were actually backwards and the batteries needed to go in “upside-down”. After I finally got it working, I cycled through the functions and I’ve got to say that the Little Honey may as well only have 4 different types of vibration. There are 4 different steady vibrations which vary only in speed; slow escalation; and 2 speeds of pulsation. I found that the escalating and pulsating were actually distinct from one another and provided unique stimulation, but the different speeds of vibration were practically indistinguishable from each other. I like how this little toy feels in my hand with a soft satiny finish.

In the package I found a little pink jelly ring which looks like it should stretch around the vibe for clitoral stimulation while using the vibe for penetration. The ring was quite sticky and stayed that way even after washing it. It attracted lint and dust as well. In the end, I decided that the ring was trash since it added nothing at all in the way of stimulation and was actually a little annoying.

When I actually tested the Little Honey out, I was pleasantly surprised at the intensity of the vibration. No, it’s no Magic Wand, but it does provide moderate vibrations which enough to bring me to orgasm on their own. I’ll emphasize that plenty of people may find this to be too mild of a toy, but I think that for warming up this would be a nice place to start. I found it comfortable to hold, and suitable for both internal and clitoral stimulation. It’s the perfect size to slip into the liner of a pair of panties and wear around the house. Since it does vibrate too fiercely, you won’t go numb from wearing it for a while. However, this is not a discreet toy to wear out in public, as it will certainly light up your crotch for all to see!

At first I thought the light was just a gimmicky marketing ploy, but I think it could be fun if you’re using it in the dark with a partner.

After using it, I washed it freely with soap and water and didn’t worry about being too careful since the packaging advertises that the Little Honey is waterproof. Just to make sure though, I dried it off and opened the battery casing up to check. Sure enough, everything was dry inside. I’d have no fear taking this in the shower, but I’d think twice about submerging it since it has no gaskets or seals to protect the electronics inside.

Overall, I’d say that while this is no high quality vibrator, it’s certainly not junk either. Before buying you may want to consider whether you want the hassle of dealing with watch batteries, and whether a mild to moderate amount of vibration is what you’re looking for. If so, then I would recommend the Little Honey as a nice addition to any collection, or maybe the right toy to start your collection with!
Follow-up commentary
Out of curiosity about just how long it would perform with those three watch batteries, I decided to put the Little Honey to the test. I turned it on the first setting (the low, non-pulsating setting) and let it run with a stopwatch. The first thing I noticed was that after only 20 minutes the green LED had stopped illuminating, and by 30 minutes only the red light came on. After only an hour and fifteen minutes, the vibe abruptly turned off and would not turn back on. It never seemed to slow down though, which is nice if you’re looking for a vibe that works right up until the end. Given the estimated 20 minutes that I used it before this test, the Little Honey’s three watch batteries give it barely 2 hours of run time with only mild vibrations.

While I was waiting to see how long it would run for, I noticed that the Little Honey fits perfectly snug inside the ring of the Rombee. I hoped that maybe I could add a little excitement to one of my favorite toys, but alas: Little Honey’s vibrations were far too soft to translate into anything I could enjoy through the Rombee.

I’ve also noticed that several (7 to be exact) small cracks at the base where the battery cap connects to the body of the vibe. I’m not sure, but I suspect they may be a result of my over-tightening the cap to ensure it stays water proof. Ironically, I think that measure has contributed to a less-than-completely-waterproof toy. After I noticed the cracks though, I submerged the Little Honey in a bowl of water for half an hour to see if they had affected the (supposedly) watertight seal, and lo and behold, opened the case to find moisture (albeit not much) inside.

For my money, I’d say that the Little Honey is just a step above drugstore single use vibrating cock-rings. Nice for a few uses, but after that, it’s a toy left for the trash man.
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  • Jimbo Jones
    That little jelly ring does seem pretty useless. Do you think it could be used as a stretchy cock ring? Oh well, probably not worth the trouble. I think that the word "quite" should be "quiet" in the summary. By the way welcome to the descriptive reviewing program!
  • Lollie
    I think the jelly ring is a waste no matter how you look at it... I don't have any experience with cock rings so I can't say for sure how it would work out, but I wouldn't count on it being great! It's super sticky!
  • VelvetBound
    The watch batteries sound like quite a downside. I definitely don't keep those handy. However, I don't think you could get a better bang for your buck. I mean lights, multiple functions, semi-waterproof, appealing... it all sounds worth it for me!
  • Lollie
    My experience with watch batteries is that they can get very expensive too. I haven't looked into the price of these specifically, but I suspect it might be cost effective to just get a new toy!
  • Josmoseph
    Look into buying them on line. Check e-bay. you can by lots of 6-10-or 12 at a time for around 60 cents to $1.00 each. Not too bad at all.
  • xsapphirexangelx
    I just got it and i love the different settings, i can feel the deference in the steady vibrations, but im pretty sensive. The Lights are so cute! I think its worth the buy, if the watch batteries aren't a problem for you.
  • kaybug
    I've had my Little Honey since January, and I love it! Like everyone before has said, the jelly ring is useless and I threw it out almost immediately. The batteries are a bit of a pain to get out, and as stated a few times before, the cap does crack if you tighten it too much, but those are pretty much my only complaints. You can get the watch batteries cheap if you know where to look (I just got two packs of ten on Amazon for less than five dollars, and free shipping!) and the vibrations are discreet compared to some other vibrators I've had in the past. It's small, easy to keep hidden away, and I've used mine in the bath, completely submerged, with no ill results. With vigorous use, it's probably not a long life toy solely because of the defunct plastic in the cap, but for under seven bucks, it's definitely a worthy little pocket rocket.

    As for the lights, my boyfriend (who is away at university) loves to watch me on cam, and he says the lights add a little something extra to the show. So in all, it's definitely a worthy investment and of much better quality than a lot of other lower-end toys on here.
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