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Love bunny vibe Love bunny vibe

Discreet massager by LoveHoney

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Love bunny vibe reviews

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18 reviews

The Love Bunny is my new best friend -- it's easy to use, clean and store. Plus it's adorable and the ears and head are truly delightful for female stimulation. Its major flaw is the bullet that it comes with but since I was able to find a solution, this is actually one of my go-to toys!

It is cute, it would be a great gift for a beginner to toys. It is very discreet and you can set it on your shelve and no one would be the wiser. It isn't effective as a clitoral vibrator. It is more of a teaser. It is great as a novelty.

I love silly little knick-knacks to sit on the shelf above my computer, this little bunny vibe fits right in. While I find it a bit too precious to actually use as a clitoral vibe it does do the job very well. If you are looking for something no one would peg as a vibrator then this is your bunny!

This isn't going to be for everyone, but at the price point, if you're looking for a really great bullet, this is it. Plus you get the bonus of hiding it in a silicone bunnies ass. ... hippity hop, hippity hop.

Why, yes, Love Bunny, I will push your button...thanks for the invitation! This soft, flexible bunny shaped toy will be sure to get you hopping and bopping. Don't like the single speed bullet that is included? Switch it out for one you like!

Though this toy is totally cute, it did not have much practical use for me. Possibly a stronger bullet would make a difference, but it just didn't move me to bliss.

If you're in it for the cute factor and enjoy mild vibrations, you might like this toy. But it's quite noisy and it might not be worth it for you if you prefer stronger vibrations.

Who ever thought a cute little bunny would make a nice gift masquerading as a sex toy? This adorable bunny vibe is one that will please you, but not in the vibrating kind of way. Sadly this cute cottontail just isn't strong enough to get the job done but it is made of some really nice body safe material. The bullet that comes with it is easy to operate and feels stronger when not inserted in the bunny sleeve so it's not a total loss as a sex toy.

This bunny is a good discreet rabbit. After all, bunnies need to grow into something. For portability, this bunny will get you where you need to go while having the class of a well-designed toy. The duality of an all-in-one bullet and a discreet vibrator, packs in enough punch to start you off right.

Overall, this is a great toy if used for initial stimulation or foreplay with a partner. I would recommend something stronger for the average user.

The Love Bunnie is a cute novelty toy. The design and volume make this product very discreet. Use with a bit of water-based lubrication and you have a cute little massager. Unfortunately, the silicone absorbs too much of the bullets vibrations to make this an effective clitoral vibrator.

I love the love bunny vibe. It's one of the cutest vibrator I've ever seen. It's cute enough for anyone. It's discreet and easy to travel with. It's made of body safe material so you can share it with your partner. You can boil him (without the bullet) or take him into the bath with you.

Why would you want a Love Bunny? 'Cause it's so cute, that's why! Amazingly, the Love Bunny does have some use outside of being adorable, but you'll likely have to replace the bullet to find it. The one that's included is weak and the thick silicone of the bunny dulls vibrations of even the strongest motors. Once a stronger bullet is placed inside, Love Bunny can make a great warm up toy, but probably not something that will take you over the edge.

This toy is so cute I want to leave it on my desk all day! I really like the design and functions, and I would highly recommend this to people with a sensitive clitoris. The vibrations from the relatively strong bullet are muted when you put them in the sleeve, but I still really like it. It is splash proof and would make a great first vibrator.

Have some fun with a Love Bunny today, adoption certificate included. This is an adorable vibrator that is ideal for external stimulation. You can use this for massages, on your clitoris, or any where else on the outside of your body. The vibrations are fairly strong, and the ears move with the vibrations for a nice sensation. This is a quiet and cute toy that is very easy to use!

Looking for a cute discreet vibe with a twist? This adorable bunny will satisfy your needs with two beautifully titillating ears and a deeply vibrating round head. You'll have fun for hours alone or with a friend with the Love bunny vibe.

This little bunny vibrator fits in the palm of your hand and can be used on any external part of the body. The vibrating bullet is removable, with average intensity vibrations that are muted once inside the bunny, so it would be more suited for sensitive users or for those who are just looking for a teaser toy.

For the price, it's a great toy, from a beginner's point of view. You don't even have to worry about leaving it out on the nightstand if you forgot to put it away.

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