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Love Bunny: Cuteness Overload

Why would you want a Love Bunny? 'Cause it's so cute, that's why! Amazingly, the Love Bunny does have some use outside of being adorable, but you'll likely have to replace the bullet to find it. The one that's included is weak and the thick silicone of the bunny dulls vibrations of even the strongest motors. Once a stronger bullet is placed inside, Love Bunny can make a great warm up toy, but probably not something that will take you over the edge.
Cutest vibrator in the world, Can be used as a warm up, Can be used in multiple ways
Bullet included is weak
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LoveHoney brings you the Love Bunny - possibly the cutest vibrator to ever grace the surface of the planet. The silicone exterior is shaped like a bunny while the internal bullet extends out to make the cotton tail. The adorable factor of this little guy just cannot be denied.

Love Bunny is an external vibrator and should not be inserted vaginally or anally. The bullet will cause the bunny itself to vibrate, which means you can use any part of the bunny to stimulate external areas. The face or body can be used for broad stimulation while the ears give a light flutter effect. The bullet that comes with the toy doesn't have a loth of strength, but it can be replaced with a stronger bullet for those that need more power. The heavy silicone of the bunny will dull down power of even the strongest bullet, so Love Bunny is best used as a warm up for all but more sensitive users.

The bullet is (maybe) splash proof, so Love Bunny can go with you in some water environments. It can be used during partner or solo play. I will say that my husband was very unaroused by the cute factor of Love Bunny and didn't want anything to do with using it sexually. If your partner is less concerned by "cute" toys, this could make a foreplay toy or even come in handy during intercourse.

Material / Texture

Love Bunny is made of silicone and plastic.

The bullet is made of plastic, which rates an eight on the safety scale. The plastic has a matte finish and seems to have a thick coating of some type to it. While it is hard, it does feel slightly less hard than some plastics due to the thicker coating that is around it. It is still unforgiving, but feels more gentle on the skin than many bullets.

The bunny is made of silicone, rated a ten on the safety scale. The silicone is soft but very draggy. It is almost impossible to run your finger across the material without getting a lot of resistance. This may be good for some since it is an external stimulator. If this isn't your preference, lube can always be added to get a good glide to the toy. The silicone is firm. I can squish it in very little. The material is very thick. Each half of the bunny's body is around .75" of silicone.

There is a very thin seam that runs across the bunny. I had to look very hard to find it and can only feel the raise of the seam slightly. The material is smooth with no texture.

There is a medium amount of silicone smell to Love Bunny, but only if you hold it to your nose. There is no taste to it.

The material and texture of the bunny will be best for those that prefer smooth surfaces and a bit of resistance to the material. It can be used by those that don't like drag so long as a good amount of lube is applied.

Design / Shape / Size

Love Bunny is a pretty small toy. I measured just the bunny and then just the bullet. I'm not sure how the product page measured, but we got different things (as always). I have the length at 2" while the product page lists 3.5". With the bullet inserted, I get 2.75" length. I have 2" for the width. The product page lists 1.25". The ears are 1" long. The bullet is 2" long and .5" in diameter.

Here you can see the bunny in my hand for size reference:

The size works out to be bigger than a bullet, but is still a really nice size. The round shape of the body makes it easy to cup your hands around when holding the bunny. The only real issues I had are that there are no parts of the bunny that really allow for a pinpoint stimulation. The ears are more suited for a flutter. I can't get a pinpoint feeling from them. The head and body are good for broad stimulation. I don't know how they could have worked in a pinpoint somewhere and kept it in the shape of a bunny, so I understand why it's not there. It just makes me a little sad as someone that likes pinpoint sized things.

The design is the best part of this toy. I mean, it's shaped like a really cute little bunny! It just doesn't get any cuter. The bullet inserts in the back to make the bunny's tail. I was able to use my Tango in the bunny, which didn't look as cute since the color didn't match. The size is such that you can exchange bullets, which may be important with this toy if you need strong vibrations.

Love Bunny is probably one of the more discreet toys out there. It looks like a cute little item that just exists, not a sex toy. If the bullet is removed, there's nothing to say this is a sex toy whatsoever. I leave mine on my night stand (to display the cuteness!) with no worries that someone might see it and wonder what it is. The small size also makes Love Bunny good for travel.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The bullet is controlled by one button at the base of the bullet. To turn on, press the button. To turn off, press again. There is only one speed on the bullet and no patterns. The button is easy to press and I have not pressed it accidentally during use.

Well, the first problem is that the bullet is a little glitchy. A lot of times when I press it, it comes on for a second and then turns off. I have to press it multiple times to get it to stay on. I'm not sure if there is an issue with the motor or the battery connection. I think it's a battery connection because there have been times the bullet was beside me and just randomly came on (I'm assuming because the battery reconnected). I rarely use the bullet that came with Love Bunny with the bunny, so it ended up not being a big deal to me. I'm not sure if it's a problem with the Love Bunny in general or just mine.

The bullet speed is a mid level three vroom in power. The problem is that once it is placed inside the thick silicone bunny, the power level drops a full power level back - down to a two. For me, a two isn't even a warm up so much as it is an annoyance. In fact, when I used the ears of the bunny with the included bullet it actually tickled! When used at the face or body, the vibrations just weren't very noticeable.

The vibrations are midway between buzzy and rumbly with a slight lean to the buzzy side. They aren't extremely surface level, but don't penetrate deeply either. They operate at a mid range pitch. They may annoy some that don't like buzzy vibrations, but most of the buzz is diminished by the silicone bunny.

The vibrations are located at the tip of the bullet, but can be felt through the entire bullet. You would be able to feel them in your hand, but since you hold the bunny and not the bullet it's not an issue.

The bullet is about the same noise level as a cell phone on vibrate. It can be somewhat be heard through covers but not through a closed door.

Eden lists Love Bunny as splash proof. There is no instruction manual to say one way or another. There is an O ring in the bullet to protect water from getting in it. To be safe, I have not gotten this wet since the packaging itself does not list the toy as waterproof or splash proof. The O ring does lead me to believe it is at least splash proof.

Love Bunny requires three watch batteries which are included in the packaging. The bullet unscrews to reveal the battery compartment.

Care and Maintenance

As I can't say for sure what the water status of the Bunny is, I have not been using a soap and water cleaning for the toy. The Bunny itself can be washed in soap and water or toy cleaner since there are no mechanical parts. I actually found the easiest way to clean the bunny was with a wipe since the ears are a little difficult to clean. The bullet I have been cleaning with a wipe or lightly spraying toy spray on it and then wiping it off.

Only water based lubes should be used with Love Bunny due to the silicone material. Silicone lubes can potentially degrade silicone toys.

I keep mine on my night stand since it's so cute. If you don't want to proudly display your bunny, you can keep this in it's original packaging (which is also adorable) or in a pouch or baggie. It should be stored away from other silicone toys since this may also destroy the material.


Love Bunny comes packaged in a box that is supposed to look like the bunny's living space. The front is clear but in the background you can see a grassy area with other little Love Bunnies. The front says "Love Bunnies" on it. The sides say "Love Bunnies" and "Will you push my buttons?" The back has "Fun things happen when you push a Love Bunnies button!" and a short little instruction on how to activate the battery and get the bullet in and out. It also has the website where you can apparently send someone a Love Bunny.

Love Bunny comes with an official adoption certificate where you can write your bunny's name and when they were born. It reminds me of the little certificates you get at Build-A-Bear. Super adorable.

You could store Love Bunny in the package if you have the space for the box. It's discreet in the same sense that Love Bunny itself is - it just doesn't look like a sex toy. This could easily be mistaken for a kid's toy, honestly.

There are no instructions other than what is on the back. I do wish there were some information on the water compatibility of Love Bunny.

Personal comments

If you're very sensitive, Love Bunny may work for you as is. If you're not, you'll likely need a very strong bullet to make this work. Keep in mind that the thick silicone will take down the power level of whatever you put in it by a full notch. So if you need five vrooms, there's no possible way to get it. If you need four, you'll need a five vroom bullet.

Love Bunny isn't one of those things you really need to rush out to buy. I found use for it, which I really didn't think I would, but not so much use that I think everyone needs to have one of these. If you think it's too adorable to pass up, it's useful enough to spend the money on and get something precious in the process.


Okay, let's be honest. I bought this because I thought it was adorable. I didn't expect it to work at all sexually. In fact, I probably would have been content never to use it sexually and just have it. I wanted it to sit on my night stand and just be cute. At being cute, this toy gets five stars from me.

As a sexual device, it's more useful than I thought, but only with alteration. The bullet that comes with it is weak by itself. Add in the thick silicone and it's a shock I could feel it at all. I decided to take the strongest bullet I had (We Vibe's Tango) and use it with that. That's what I would consider a five vroom toy. It knocked it back to a four vroom toy in the Bunny. Now, I cannot orgasm at four vrooms which means under no circumstances can I orgasm with the Bunny. However, a problem I have with the Tango (and Salsa) is that I do like a warm up but don't like to scroll through settings. I know that is, like, the laziest sentence ever written. You see, the We Vibe's store the last setting so if I never change it, it just stays on high all the time. That's just so convenient! I don't like to mess with it. So now what I can do is put my Salsa or Touch on high in my Bunny, warm up, remove the Touch/Salsa, and proceed to use it on high. No setting change required! It's also nice because sometimes the hard plastic is a bit much for me if I'm not warmed up, so the softer silicone is a nice way to ease in.

I was hoping the ears would work really well since I like flutters, but I found the silicone to not work so well in that instance. With the included bullet, it tickled. With the Tango/Salsa, the silicone beat against me a bit which just wasn't pleasurable in the same way that a flutter with squishy material is.

I'm going with a three on this. If the bullet included would have sucked just a little less, I would have given it a four. I think it's a four with the Tango in it. It just didn't come with that, so I can't rank it based on my own modification. I would really recommend using this with another bullet. Such a shame, because it messes up the color scheme. I'm a little overly visual so not having the color scheme in place really throws me off.
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