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Silicone finger bunny Silicone finger bunny

Finger massager by NMC Ltd

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Silicone finger bunny reviews

73 reviews
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73 reviews

The Silicone Finger Bunny is in theory a great toy, but the bullet just does not live up to expectations. It works as a great teaser, but will not be able to get you to the point of orgasm. It would make for a decent beginner toy for those who have never used toys before and who do not want to climax from toy use. It also works great for couples, as the small size let you get a hand in between you with it. Overall I was disappointed in this toy, but keep it around for use with other bullets.

This toy was bitter sweet for me. I really hoped it would be useable as a finger vibe, but the silicone bunny sleeve completely rendered it useless this way. However, the bullet has become very useful. I enjoy using it on its own, and it is a lot stronger than many other bullets I have tried. I can honestly say if the bullet were to quit working I would probably buy another one, just so I can have the bullet.

This silicone little bunny would be perfect for toy virgins, or someone who only needs barley noticeable vibrations to get off. And although this is an inexpensive toy, the bullet is pretty cool and is really nice.

To sum up this toy... I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, to be perfectly honest. Beginners will possibly have a fun time with it, but I don't recommend this toy to any advanced user. I love the design, but can't deal with the performance. I will end up passing the toy on to someone else. However, it could be a kinky bedroom decoration, or an even kinkier Easter gift.

This little finger rabbit is easy to clean, versatile, fun and discreet, making it easy for travel. It just putters out too quick. Granted, the rabbit itself is still useable without the bullet, though it's not as much fun.

I was really excited about this toy and its different speeds, but when the thing died after about ten minutes of use, it really lost its appeal.

With the sleeve on the silicone finger bunny is just too weak for me. A stronger vibe may have changed this. The vibe on its own, however, was okay.

This little guy leaves MUCH to be desired. Although this might be a good teaser toy, it does not have enough power to finish the job. I would not suggest that anyone spend their money on this bunny, but it was a decent free toy.

This toy is definitely worth buying for just you or you and your significant other. This toy will not only bring pleasure to the bedroom but it'll bring intimacy. It is great for teasing men and women.

The silicone finger bunny is the perfect little finger vibrator for someone looking for clitorial stimulation. It packs a great punch and it won't leave you at your edge. It's perfect for solo play or even partner play for that little extra tease or some help to get you over your edge. It's small which makes it easy to store and smooth so it's easy to clean.

This finger bunny is good for changing things up with foreplay. If you are a fan of rabbit-style vibrators this finger vibe could be a fun change up for stimulation during foreplay or with fingering. Can be used solo or with a partner. There are some difficulties with this toy, but overall it is a pretty nice little thing to have in your collection.

I would say this isn't worth the money, the buzz just isn't there, I wouldnt recommend it. Maybe it's just me, but I prefer something a little more powerful.

For the price, you really can't do much better than this! It's made of silicone, has 10 different settings, and is easy to hide away. It might not be strong enough for everyone, but it's definitely worth at least checking out!

This product is not a good buy, even if it is a free gift. I had so much trouble trying to get mine to work, I feel that it is not worth what money you would pay for it. Also, as a freebie, it's a waste.

I really loved this product. It was in my price range and was just what I was looking for. I would definitely recommend this product to all my friends.

The silicone that is used to make this toy is very easily stretched to fit most fingers. I can get two of my fingers into the ring part with it being a bit snug but not cutting off circulation. My partner has larger fingers and can wear it on his middle finger saying that it is a little tight, but doesn’t cut off circulation, either.

I received two separate Silicone Finger Bunnies for free gifts. The reason I got two? Well because the first one was a dud, so I thought I would try it again... and the second failed on me too. Let's just say I won't be giving it any more chances. BUT I did get to test it for a few minutes before it died, and the results weren't very impressive.

Though this toy wasn't a hit for me, I do require more power than some. If you're sensitive to vibrations, this toy would be perfect for you. Between the variety of functions, the easy to use and clean material, and it's nice compact size, this would make a great addition to the average toy user's collection. But if you're like me and need more 'umph' to bring you over the edge, look elsewhere, because this toy lacks what's needed in the power department.

With its ten settings, cute design and wonderful texture, this item is better then exspected. It also has a finger loop, so not only is it easy for you to use on yourself, it should be easy for your partner to use on you as well. This is a toy that's not only good for solo play, but is wonderful for couples.

If I had a different bullet, the Finger Bunny would have been given at least a 4 star rating. If you got it for free, treat yourself to a strong bulle that doesn't take watch batteries. Then you're golden.

Love the bunny. I take it to the park sometimes, while hiking, camping as mentioned in my review. Also have it close to my bed for when I am too lazy to play with a larger toy and enjoy using it for couples time too. Since bunny's ears aren't stiff it can go anywhere, it's not restricted to clitoral or nipple stimulation, and sometimes I use the bullet on my boyfriend.

For a great alternative to jelly teasers you can't really beat the soft and velvety smooth texture of the Silicone Bunny. While the bullet may not be the best in the world I have found that most small bullets will fit and work well with the silicone sleeve. I know the bullet is supposed to be the star of the show, and it does have some nice vibrations and patterns, it is delicate and breaks easily. The sleeve, however, is an amazing addition to a toy box!

Don't get this bunny if you're expecting it to get you off. Don't get it if you need a ton of power to enjoy a toy. But definitely get it if you want something to tease you, turn you on, and enhance other sources of stimulation.

This is a great product for beginners and intermediate users. I would purchase this bunny again since he is great for solo play or use with other toys. If you are looking for a very strong vibration, then you should probably look into a different vibe. But overall, this little guy is worth the money!

I thoroughly enjoy the bunny. I love the quieter motor and the 10 different functions it offers. The bunny is a great option for women who do not need extremely strong vibrations to get off. The design is completely nonthreatening, which is good for those new to sex toys. The device is small and easy to bring anywhere.

Perfect for home, or on the go. Works for men and women both! Great quality for a very good price!

I love my finger bunny as a great toy to get worked up and maintain that. It's made for silicone which is easy to completely sanitize. This toy does run on 3 watch batteries and it won't have enough power for some, but it was a great toy for me.

With ten different vibration patterns it has the potential to be a great toy, but weak vibrations make it a disappointment.

I have had my finger bunny scene April 19th 2012. I rarely use the toy with the bullet inside the silicone slip.I frequently use the bullet, which has stood up well to underwater play.

All in all this is a new fav of mine. This is a cheap toy that is sure to get your engine reving if used correctly.

Being a boy, I didn't expect miracles from the Silicone Finger Bunny, but I've gotten off by rubbing a bullet against my penis, and this one is so weak that it didn't even get close. It's small, discreet, and cute but lacks power and is only good for external use due to its small size.

This finger bunny can grant a sort of anchorage independence from a dildo, but it does not compare to the whippy sensations of rabbit-style vibrators. Sadly, this bunny just wasn't enough to get me off, no matter how I used it, but it remains a fun warm-up for teasing and tickling.

There's no odor, and it has good vibrations. It's cheap, but it's not 100% silicone. The toy is good for beginners and really cute. The sleeve muffles the feel of the vibrations.

This one just didn't WOW me. It was okay, but couldn't get me off. I'm glad I tried this before springing for a Jack Rabbit though.

I was not as impressed with this toy as I had hoped I would be. The lack of power in the bullet was a bit disappointing. I was really hoping it would be a toy I could travel with that could be used to reach orgasm however that is not the case. All is not lost, though. It is a nice toy that provides a nice amount of stimulation and works great in foreplay on both myself and my partner.

It is cute and I was upset but maybe the batteries were bad because my poor bunny died on the 2nd use.

This toy is definitely worth your time. It's inexpensive, adorable, has multiple settings, does its job well, and with the removable sleeve it's like you're getting two toys.

Oh gods, what an amazing idea finally, and what an awfully bad final result! I already knew that the way silicone finger vibes look means that it will be too firm and thick to swallow a lot of the power away from your flesh, and that the material won't stretch enough to use with other bullet vibes as good as older finger vibe sleeves can be applied for versatility. And top it off with the obviously useless weakness such little bullets have, and you have a totally worthless "pleasure toy"!

You can use this little guy anywhere on the body. The silicone sleeve has little ears that can be useful in playing with your partner with light touching. The bunny is good for couple play or just solo action. The ten different settings were good, but not mind blowing, but for the price this little guy did more than I expected.

Overall, this is a WONDERFUL toy. I got a bullet alongside this, and honestly couldn't care less about the bullet! I've even considered naming this cutie, but then I might get attached. ;D

This is waterproof, except in the tub. This is powerful, except for with the cover on. This is easy to clean, except for the crevices. This offers a variety of settings, but it doesn't offer a variety of uses. Basically, this bunny gets two stars for an 8 on the safety scale and the decent bullet. Even as a freebie, this bunny couldn't impress.

I like this toy mostly for warming up to bigger things and for teasing. It doesn't offer powerful vibrations that allow me to reach orgasm and isn't strong enough for me to use as a back massager on my husbands back. I like that it small and discreet and offers the ability to use as a finger vibrator or just a bullet.

This bunny didn't quite hop to it for me. The design is cute, but the weak-to-moderate vibrations alone weren't enough to bring me to orgasm. The finger ring was much too big for my fingers. As a teasing toy, the rabbit pleases, as long as those pointy ear tips don't poke the wrong places.

It was fun while it lasted, but it's definitely not the toy for me. It would be fun for travel or a gag gift, but there's not too much sensation to get out of this toy. If I had a suggestion on what would make this toy better, I would suggest making the silicone a little thinner so you could feel more vibration out of it.

With a cute and easy to use design, this little bunny is a great first time toy or a teaser for more experienced users. The 10 functions of the bullet allow this bunny to offer something for everyone, while the soft silicone radiates vibrations all over. The bunny was a wonderful friend for the first few outings, but its bullet became temperamental after an hour total of use. However, this is easy enough to fix by replacing the batteries or swapping bullets to keep this bunny going.

Overall a great little vibe with fun to be had in a variety of ways. Not going to finish the show, but it is a great starter. Super soft feel can make for some suprisingly sensual experiences. Battery compartment is a MAJOR pain, so be careful when removing vibrator from bunny housing and be sure to have extra watch batteries on hand...

Overall, this is such a cute little bunny and the bullet that comes with it is great. Oh yeah, and they give you batteries! Silicone is a body safe material than can be sanitized. The bullet has 10 different vibration settings which can all be accessed with the push of a single button. The vibrations aren't very strong but it's a great little teaser to warm things up. It makes a cute naughty gift and would be good for beginners. If you can't resist the cuteness... get one!

The Silicone Finger Bunny is definitely worth the money. It's not very expensive in the first place so it is affordable for everyone. Try using this toy with a partner to add some excitement to your sex life. Play with all of the vibrating functions to find out which is your favorite. Make sure you clean the toy before and after each use. Finally, I hope you enjoy the Silicone Finger Bunny as much as I did. Feel free to ask me any questions or leave any comments.

This toy is fun, but only for a short time. It is great for beginners and the bunny covering is nice, but the bullet really isn't worth it, due to it being sensitive and having more expensive batteries.

A cute buddy bunny to spice up the bedroom. If you're looking to slowly start bringing toys into the bedroom this is a great start. Even if you just need a buddy you can take with you anywhere , the Silicone Finger Bunny is for you.

This toy is perfect for someone who is just starting to experiment, allows someone to take their time and experiment at their level with the many different speeds and patterns. Very inexpensive for all that it does. I would recommend this toy to anyone, its the perfect bullet for any toy box.

With its velvety soft Silicone material bunny sleeve and waterproof 10 function bullet this toy has converted me into a believer that bullet vibes can be interesting and exciting toys.

This bullet makes an excellent beginner toy. The ten vibration options let you test the waters and see what works for you, and the bullet can be used with other toys than the silicone bunny. Those who require stronger vibrations should probably look elsewhere, though.

For a free with purchase item, this is great. After experiencing it, I would not hesitate to buy it on my own. The multiple settings are great for finding out which kinds of vibrations you like best, and it is excellent for partnered play or when alone. The loop keeps it securely on your finger even when things get extra wet and slippery.

This is definitely the little bunny that can. Even though this toy was a free one, I would pay the $10 for it.

This little bunny will get the party started in no time. It has many functions and will please all sorts of people.

For couples or solo, this vibrating, silicone bunny has great potential! The possibilities are endless for those of you that like variety in a toy. Use with the bunny sleeve, or without. Either way, this bullet definitely can hold its own!

This is a great toy for males and females. Although the bullet was weak, it can be replaced with another bullet - and that is what I did. I can't give the original toy THAT good of a rating but I like how versatile the bunny piece is and how great it is for teasing.

What a cute little bunny rabbit! This fabulous Silicone Finger Bunny by NMC Ltd. is a great addition to a beginner's toy box. The vibrations are weak compared to most bullet and sleeve toys but it can still be enjoyed by some who don't need the extra power.

Wait, so this is a sex toy? Really? But it's so discreet! No one would ever think that this was a sex toy, so if you need discretion, you might want to consider this little guy. He's adorable, he's easy to clean, and he's made of safe materials. As for how he functions...well.. when he works, he's nice. The trouble is that sometimes it just won't work for no real reason at all.

This Little Finger Bunny will have you saying "OoOoO" more than once! For being such a small, "basic" looking toy, it surely has quite a bit to offer. This toy would be great for beginners that are learning to explore their bodies (or their lovers) and is equally suitable for those advanced users who have been around the "bullet block" a few times. This toy is velvety smooth with bunny ears that will hug your clitoris gently, yet effectively!

It's an all right bullet and sleeve, and it's cute! It's purple, and it came out just in time for Easter. Its packaging was very descriptive and formal, so I have to give it kudos for that. Not a lot of packaging is this formal. However, I have had better sex toys.

This adorable silicone bunny can pack quite a punch, it has ten different vibration settings, and is even waterproof. Just slide this onto you finger and then have fun!

For me, this toy isn't really useful at all. The vibrations simply aren't strong enough to do me any good. The bullet itself is fine, but it is nothing really special. For me, it was just kind of a boring toy.

This toy is totally versatile and good for tickling and teasing your most sensitive areas. It is most enjoyed when used with a partner and best suited for beginners.

Whether you are buying this toy or getting it free with a purchase right now, this is a great toy to have. While simple design and lack of insertion may appeal to beginners, the veterans out there will appreciate the high intensity vibes and silky silicone feel.

I had this little bunny on my wishlist, so you can but I was pleased as can be when I saw that Eden has this available as a free gift with purchases! Even for the price ($12.99) it is not bad, and I would not have had a problem buying it. For a nice inexpensive toy that is made of silicone, I can't complain!

It is that time of year, and here on Eden there is no shortages of cute, vibrating, purple bunnies for Easter. Eden's Easter Bunny is a finger vibrator that comes complete with a bullet, batteries and fun!! These are only available as a free gift with any order for a short time, so get yours today!! If you do happen to miss out on your very own purple Easter bunny, they will be available for purchase on the site and are extremely inexpensive.

The Silicone Finger Bunny is a steal for the price! It's made of velvety silicone and has an awesome removable bullet that has ten functions! The power isn't high enough for everyone, but it's a great teaser if it isn't. My partner and I enjoy using it on each other and using the bullet by itself too. I've had some minor issues with it not turning on a few times, but it currently still works.

This cute little bunny wants to tease its way to your heart. With 10 vibration functions and a smooth silicone body, he is ready and willing, anytime you want him, to hop on the pleasure train with you.

I was torn between giving this product three or four stars. I think it's an excellent value even if you only get it for the bullet and its patterns. I enjoyed using it and I think it would be an excellent choice for a lot of people, including people looking for their first toy since it's cheap and works well. I'm jaded by toys with a tiny bit more power, you might not be though.

This cute little toy is a must in every bunny lover collection. This cute toy has 10 different functions and they are great. The bunny's ears will add extra stimulation for your clitoral area. This toy is affordable and worth it!

This cute toy is very high quality, but is best for those seeking a toy with only moderate oomph. This toy has more patterns than I can shake a stick at, and it's silicone and waterproof to boot. For $13 I feel like it's a steal of a toy, and I would highly recommend it.

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