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Silicone finger bunny

Finger massager by NMC Ltd

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Well, it's cute...

Oh gods, what an amazing idea finally, and what an awfully bad final result!

I already knew that the way silicone finger vibes look means that it will be too firm and thick to swallow a lot of the power away from your flesh, and that the material won't stretch enough to use with other bullet vibes as good as older finger vibe sleeves can be applied for versatility.

And top it off with the obviously useless weakness such little bullets have, and you have a totally worthless "pleasure toy"!
Material, Waterproof, Easy to use, Versatile idea, Cute
UNBELIEVABLY AND TOTALLY USELESSLY WEAK, Silicone swallows all the weak buzzes away
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extremely useful review


Blissfully this little one came to me as a free toy, and I wouldn't even be interested in it, but now I truly know that indeed, I was always right not wanting such an amazingly body-safe cuteness!

Finger vroomers are mighty handy vibes for beginners and those who want to add some extra delight to the mutual pleasure times, but as a rabid power queen I already know that the only way I can enjoy such a thing is when I slide a mighty powerful bullet shaped vibe into a finger sleeve. (Better to say: bullet vibes turned out to be soooooo awfully weak for my ever growing hunger for power that lately only the Couture Collection Inspire and the pink version of it seem to be sufficient enough for an "enjoyable in every single moment" kind of pleasure! Hitachi Magic Wand, the Fairy wands and the My Mini-Miracle Massagers still remain a blessedly handy companion for such purposes though...)

Adding this here because Silicone Finger Bunny seems to have everything you would ever desire in such a purple cutie, except an acceptably minimal level of power for your pleasure. Though it is an amazingly versatile accessory to use on your sweetest spot, lips and hind entrance, not to mention the as sensitive male body parts, the practically useless vibrations make this little thing totally unneeded in your collection! Unless you are an EXTREMELY SENSITIVE fleshed pleasure toy lover, because in that case the nice color, cuteness and the wonderfully non-porous design may end up as a delightful object of bliss for your taste.
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    • Couples
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    • Anywhere
    • Campus/roommate living
    • On a bed only
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    • Travel friendly
  • Body / part areas
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    • All over body
    • Clitoris
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

Level 10 safety silicone and level 8 safety hard plastic, the most wonderful materials we want for a smoothly peachy pleasure toy! Both being completely non-porous, food-grade, hypo-allergenic, and latex and phthalates free, the well sealed waterproof construction ensures you that you will be able to bask in the sweetest pleasures in the shower, tub, hot tub and pool with your highly sensitive precious flesh!

Everything smells and tastes exactly the way we expect it from such a good looking little pleaser: both the silicone and the plastic have their naturally subtle, always enjoyable odor and flavor, not distracting you with anything unpleasant. The silicone is peachy smooth like said before, and the plastic has the shiny kind of rigid smoothness. Though this finger vibe doesn't have an as versatile sleeve as most of the finger vroomers, because in return for the excellent material the silicone doesn't stretch pretty much at all to slide larger, more powerful bullets inside, and the ring must fit your finger size to be usable. That's pretty much the reason why I was never interested in pure silicone finger vibes, knowing this fact about the most wonderful pleasure toy material.

Though the bunny head design offers several spots to enjoy the all over subtle, not rough at all textures, this squeezable but non-stretchable sleeve swallows away that little bit of buzz with the bunny head! Hyper-sensitive beginners and advanced pleasure toy lovers are the only people who may be able to tune their flesh to enjoy the weak buzzes the purple baby rabbit offers.
    • Light odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The little purple bunny is one of the most excellent Easter toys you could give to a vibe lover, and this fact of cuteness is pretty much the only good thing with the material what we could call a positive quality in Silicone Finger Bunny. It's incredibly small and discreet, that you could even use it for totally casual decoration without anyone ever thinking that the sleeve stuck to various surroundings was created for sensual uses! I assume for a much more affordable price people would buy it just for that lovely spring occasion of the year, without ever missing the bullet if it was sold in stores as decoration!

That hilarious look may serve you as an excuse as well, as you can just tuck it into a pocket, and if anyone saw it you could always say its just a favorite thing to hang out with your car keys! Or that you are going to visit a relative's kid, and that's why you are carrying a bunny shaped thing with yourself to slide on your finger while you are doing goofy things to make the li'l one smile and laugh! Yep, indeed, for those who don't mind the ignominious lack of acceptable power this is the most fantastic travel companion, as long as nobody sees a matching bullet you use with it!

You don't even have to hide it in your cozy home, because nobody will ever wonder why a purple bunny is on your desk. We are still kids deep in our heart, aren't we?

And just to prove you why I say this little one is such a discreetly but weirdly sized pleasure item, here are the measurements:

total length: 3 1/8 inches
insertable length: 2 inches
head length: 3/4 inch
ear length: 1 1/8 inch
body diameter: 1 1/8 inches
max. insertable diameter: 1 inch
head diameter: 1 inch
ear diameter: 1/4 inch
finger sleeve outer diameter: 7/8 inch
finger sleeve inner diameter: 3/4 inch

Though the finger ring and the sleeve hole are stretchable enough for my thumb, and may be enough for males and not that large bullets, I still think that the sleeve hole is far from usable with other, more powerful bullets. You may want to consider these little but probably important enough details before you rush away to obtain this unbelievably weak peachiness!
    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

It's as simple as it can be to use this little one!

You screw the cap off of the waterproof, multi-speed, multi-function bullet first, to take out the tiny piece of hard paper (or whatever the white material is), separating the 3 LR44-3 batteries from the other end. After that you screw the cap back on of course, and unless you want to use it without the sleeve, you "ehem" the purple bunny's open butt with it, and slide the ring on a finger.

To turn it on and change the patterns you just hit the single push button of the bullet briefly, and to turn it off you hold it pressed for 2 seconds in my experience. The tiny bullet has no memory chip inside, meaning that it will always come on with the very first pattern, not remembering the last pattern you used before turning it off. To see what the functions of the very well sealed bullet are (some kind of smooth rubbery material used for the push button and sealing ring), go through this list of features:

1. low constant vibration
2. medium constant vibration
3. high constant vibration
4. fast escalation
5. rapid, medium level pulsation
6. rapid, medium-to-low pulsation (simple pulsation, but its voice tells me the change of levels)
7. rapid, high level pulsation
8. fast, medium level pulsation
9. medium speed, high pulsation
10. slow, medium level pulsation

Practically it was somewhat hard for me to figure it out how in the world I should describe the patterns, because to me they are pretty much the same in the Silicone Finger Bunny's bullet, not to mention that the naming and graphical depiction of patterns make no sense mostly. (In my humble opinion...)

Like mentioned several times: the vibrations are sheer buzziness with no power to enjoy at all, swallowed away by the rabbit's head soooooo much on the top of that that practically I feel nothing at all on my flesh! It's totally like just trying to rub a piece of silicone to my spot, right? There are no vrooms to feel through the silicone, and even without the sleeve it's totally useless! Such an unbelievably awful waste of the precious materials!

You also see that the bunny has ears, but believe me, even when you try to push the head or the body hard against your flesh, it still won't make any difference! And you may think that you could gain at least some G-spot tease out of this thing, but as the ears just wobble around with their skinny-thin firmess it results in no luck of such kind!

So all in all, this is a totally useless piece of thing I've dropped in only to check out, collecting the rest of them as free toys just to have some bullets and sleeves around for "stocking", just in case if anything weird happened with the world and I wouldn't have any other working vroomers handy anymore! (Thank gods it is so incredibly tiny, otherwise it would be a total waste of space to keep even one single purple bunny around!)

Oh my oh my, and I am getting carried away with my growling, almost forgetting the noise level and waterproofness!

Well, Silicone Finger Bunny is SO EXTREMELY QUIET that you can dare to go ahead and enjoy it under a blanket, because while roommates are sleeping away a few feet from you let's say, nobody will head ANYTHING! There you go with the bunny decoration, just leave it out, slide it on stuff, and in the Night grab it before snuggling into your pile of pillows - as a hyper-sensitive buzz lover you will be reveling in sweet tease every time you are to put yourself into delicious dreams, or even make it longer with your evening bath/shower! And nope, I didn't even waste my time trying such ways with it, but it does look to me like the well sealed bullet can stand all the wetness of your desire! I guess that's quite the good thing for the sensitive enough fleshed lovers of pleasure.
    • Discreet sound
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings

Care and Maintenance

The silicone has the fantastic quality that you can either clean it with warm water and mild soap/toy cleaner, or toss it into boiling water or into the dishwasher! The hard plastic bullet must be cleaned only with water and soap/toy cleaner though, or wiped down with isopropyl alcohol!

Using the bullet only, you will be able to decide whether you want water-based lubricants only, or silicone or oil based wetness! BUT: with the silicone sleeve on you can enjoy only water-based lubes, so you better stick to it when it comes to purple bunny pleasures!

I have been storing everything in the original packaging for reviewing purposes, and threw the rest of the bunnies into a zip-lock plastic bag to stash away. I find it important to separate toys of different materials, because though I am not a fan of jelly pleasure vroomers, it's better to avoid any unwanted chemical reactions anyway... So you want to do the research about the topic before you dump all of your precious items of delight into the very same chest touching each other!
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


A simple, transparent plastic flip open case holds the purple bunny nestling inside, next to it the bullet having the tiny piece of paper separating the provided batteries from the twist cap parts. A "try me" knob of silicone piece is also added in the corner of the packaging, which you can touch, push and torment around in a toy store. Well, as this little thing arrives to us through EdenFantasys I find it a pretty funky idea to shape that extra silicone into such a practically useless thing, because we don't need and can't manage any testing before ordering this little one, seeing the results only when the little bunny has arrived to us already. And I am saying this because the shiny, white, plastic-like paper of background mentions only EdenFantasys without showing the original manufacturer (NMC Ltd), which makes me doubt that this kind packaging is ever sold in any non-virtual pleasure toy stores! I am asking politely and shy: why in the world does a toy have to have a "try me" piece of material, if that method of presentation is usable only in the physical toy stores?

But let's put the topic of checking out the smooth and mighty firm silicone away, describing that basic info is shown in the front, and the only thing making you think it is a pleasure toy is the "" text there. You see the same in the back, being other basic details, and the link again. (Just like on the front, the EF link is the only clue to figure the nature of the bunny out.)

Inside you find a tiny piece of paper, put into the flip open case to show you the 10 functions already with a pictorial list of the patterns. Unfolding the paper you see a pictorial guide to get going with the bullet, and common sense warnings.

The simple packaging doesn't give you full material and manufacturing information, neither any legal notes, but oh well... Doesn't matter I guess.

I assume that you will decide whether you want to send this weak and buzzy little one to anyone as a gift, considering the EF link on both sides of the packaging. As the bullet is shown, and you assume that such a tiny thing doesn't have the power for body massage, it is just best to let the gifted person know that (s)he is going to receive a pleasure toy, wanting to open it when unauthorized company isn't around. Or you can just make your own, more elegant packaging, but of course the rule of privacy still remains to avoid uncomfortable situations.
    • Good for storage
    • Minimal
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

Well, other than the versatility of a finger vibe sleeve in general, and the material, waterproofness and noise level of course, there is pretty much nothing in the purple bunny what is worth it to own one for such a power queen like I am!

As I focus on off the grid vibes or at least AC/DC rechargeable vibes only (and plugin vroomers of course), to me a finger sleeve is worth it only if I can slide a USB rechargeable/plugin or jack plug bullet inside! (Mentioning jack plug bullets, because the Solar Bullet's engine can run any of them!) If there is no small enough jack plug bullet what would fit into this purple sleeve for example, AND be powerful enough, then I am just not interested. And indeed, I haven't found any vroomers which would be strong enough to be good for such a silicone sleeve.

So I write this review with that kind of approach, meaning that other ladies/gentlemen with a different taste may find the Silicone Finger Bunny incredibly wonderful.

The fact remains anyway: if you are a power queen then find out if your favorite, powerful enough vroomer can fit into a silicone finger sleeve! Otherwise you will have to wait until a proper one is invented for you... (Yup, it's funny how many toys got invented in ways of powering and materials just in a few months of having an eye on new products! For example I am watching extremely excited when USB rechargeables will be powerful enough for my level of power hunger!)
    • Tub/shower/pool
    • Weak
    • Whimsical / artistic


Imagine sitting, being in a good mood and knowing pretty well what to expect, giving funny noises in your enthusiasm for the cute design, and growling that such an excellent construction doesn't seem to vroom on your flesh. It's exactly how my experiences have been with the purple bunny, because I did give it a few tries, but they always consisted of a few moments, then just shaking my head and putting it away. It didn't work at all in my most aroused moments either, so I officially call it a totally useless vroomer and a purrrrrrfectly body-safe but not stretchy enough pleasure toy! Oh wait, can it be called a pleasure toy if it gives no pleasure? I leave the rest to you to find out, if you are still so crazy to obtain one...
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