Eroscillator ultra soft finger tip attachment - vibrator accessory by Advanced response corp. - reviews

Eroscillator ultra soft finger tip attachment Eroscillator ultra soft finger tip attachment

Vibrator Accessory by Advanced response corp.

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Eroscillator ultra soft finger tip attachment reviews

18 reviews
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18 reviews

If you find the Eroscillator's original three (or five, depending on the model) attachments to be a little rougher than you were expecting, the Ultra Soft Fingertip is definitely worth a try. It's like a luxurious pillow for your clitoris, and it transfers the oscillations exceptionally well.

I think there is a reason that Eroscillator sells this one separately. In my opinion, it is because it is the best attachment and they know that if you forked over all that money for the Eroscillator, you sure as heck want the best attachment for it.

Owners of the Eroscillator who find the textured attachments too harsh may consider trying this softer attachment before giving up on the toy entirely.

I'm glad I swallowed my pride and purchased this shortly after buying my Top 2 Deluxe. I thought, "This Eroscillator already had FIVE attachments, surely ONE of them will strike my fancy. Why do I need to buy a separate sixth?!" Good Lord. I've never been so thankful to be nickel-and-dimed in my life.

If you own the Eroscillator and are looking for a new and fun attachment, this may be for you. If you prefer more of a gentle touch try this out. Compared to the other attachments, this one is the softest. I didn't love it so much because of the price and soft feel. I prefer pinpointed pressure. I'm still glad I tried this marshmallow attachment out.

This attachment really makes the Eroscillator shine. It is sure to bring immense pleasure for years to come. If you buy the Eroscillator, you have to get this attachment or you're definitely missing out.

If you find that the other Eroscillator attachments sometimes feel too intense or too textured, definitely get the Fingertip - it'll solve those problems. On the other hand, if you need a lot of intensity, the Fingertip may dampen the oscillations too much for you (but it's still great for warm-up).

If you find that the Eroscillator is too intense with the standard attachments, this is the answer to your prayers!

I definitely think that this is a toy worth having if you already own an eroscillator and want to try something different, It is an expensive enough toy for the size of it and I do wish that it could just be included in the kit with the eroscillator itself as it allows for more variety when using it.

The Ultra Soft Finger Tip is an excellent addition to your Eroscillator. It's soft and ever so silky feel is able to delight your clit into orgasmic bliss. Despite the price one should not hesitate to pick this up. You are getting a new attachment that is unlike any other in the available Eroscillator packages and makes for a new experience that you will enjoy again and again.

Have the Eroscillator but crave a softer touch? This is the attachment for you. This squishy seductress is the best thing to have ever touched my clit. Does it feel like a finger? A little, maybe. But I've never been rubbed by a finger this soft, slick, and delightfully squeezable. Best of all: it never gets tired, never quits until I've had more orgasms than I thought possible. It’s better than a finger; it’s a squishy little slice of heaven.

Do you have one of the Eroscillators, but are looking for another attachment for clitoral stimulation? If so, then the Ultra Soft Fingertip attachment is for you. It provides a soft, comfortable, pleasant, and sensual experience when used with the Eroscillator.

This is my favourite attachment for my Eroscillator. There is a reason the company sell it separately. It is because it is just the best and everyone needs one! Betty Dodson wasn’t kidding when she said this attachment one was the only one you need. If you have an Eroscillator get this attachment and if you don’t have an Eroscillator I recommend you get them both!

If you have a sensitive clit and don't like texture or pressure, this may be the perfect attachment for you. While it may still be nice, if you have a clit-of-steel, its probably not necessary.

The Ultra Soft Fingertip Attachment seriously "makes" the Eroscillator. It feels like a broad, thick finger rubbing the clit, smooshy and comfortable yet with enough pressure to please most. Provides amazing, deep, growl inducing orgasms unlike any I've felt before.

The Fingertip attachment rubs lightly and gently - aided by the Eroscillator - the way a light finger tip touch would.

The finger tip attachment to the Eroscillator is a fantastic addition to your toy collection. If you already own an Eroscillator, I would say that this attachment is worth purchasing because it is so markedly different from the other attachments available.

If you don't like lots of power then this is the toy for you. Does it feel like a finger not to me or my wife. It is very different than the other attachments. So give it a try. Would have a higher rating if it had made the wife orgasm the first time.

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