Wahl 2-Speed massager kit by Wahl Clipper Corporation - reviews

Wahl 2-Speed massager kit Wahl 2-Speed massager kit

Wand massager by Wahl Clipper Corporation

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Wahl 2-Speed massager kit reviews

39 reviews
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39 reviews

The Wahl is the strongest vibrator I've ever owned. I'm not exactly a power queen, so getting off with the Wahl sometimes borders on painful, but my orgasms with this toy are still some of the most intense and effortless I've ever had. If you like your Hitachi but wish it were more pinpointed and less buzzy, GET THE WAHL, because it's your dream toy.

I use this massager exclusively as a sex toy. I purchased it after reading the reviews about its intensity because most toys don't have enough of a kick for me to feel it. Even I was intimidated the first few times around, I'll admit. But for people who might have trouble finding a toy with enough vibration to give them the necessary satisfaction, this thing is second to none. It's strong and discreet and easy to grip and manipulate, and the variations of sensation are practically endless.

This massager works great if you are looking for something to relax your muscles. If you need only the most powerful deep rumbly vibrations to get off then it will work great for your clit too! Unfortunately its power is also its downfall as it is very limited in its power settings. If one of its two speeds doesn't suit you, you are out of luck!

For the clitoral stimulation lover, you have to have this toy in your collection for times when you just want a quick, silent orgasm.

If you like strong, focused vibrations, you'll like the Wahl. It's great for both body massage and sexytime, and it's very well-made. It does require an outlet for power, so it's not the most travel-friendly toy.

I recommend this toy for anyone who likes really powerful vibrations. It is a cheaper alternative to the Hitachi, and is also great for those with carpal tunnel. This toy is great for both sexual and non-sexual purposes!

Overall, this is a great toy that produces awesome vibrations that can be either a little buzzy or rumbly. It's not a glamorous toy, but it serves its purpose. It does it very well too. I would definitely recommend this toy, but it could be a little strong for beginners.

In a time when nearly everything can be repurposed to fit your need, why not take this massager for what it is? With its strength and durability it will not let down when it comes to a good massage, no matter where it be, it will always be there!

While the Wahl Massager is a great deep tissue massager, I think that it will only be used for those "special" occasions, when the muscles really need a good deep massage. I wouldn't use it every day or for small aches and pains, its much more heavy duty.

We have finally found it! Maybe it wasn't even a common godly hammer, but Odin uses this mighty tool to hit the earthly mortals with the heavenly peerless delight! He has blessed us with a materially ugly version of it and it can offer 20 minutes of the most unique joy you could ever imagine! It is powerful like nothing else on this earth, and it is soooooo quiet that even the bees will have to listen to hear it good! THANK YOU ODIN!!! WE ARE SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!

The Wahl is a great toy for experienced and beginner users. If you've been having trouble finding a toy strong enough to get you off, or you're having trouble getting off altogether, save some cash and invest in a Wahl. It gets the job done and then some. After a few uses, the unsightly look of the thing will start to appear more endearing as the Wahl proves its effectiveness.

The wahl two speed massager gets the job done with great power and a great variety of attachments. Though its somewhat bulky and can be considered heavy, I Would recommend this massager to anyone that is looking for something to at least try out. Its considerably quiet, compared to most other massagers of this sort. Can be used as an all over body massager or a sexual stimulator.

This toy changed my sex life and continues to make it better all the time. I orgasm with it every single time that I use it. I love the strong vibrations and barely audible sound. I love my Wahlly.

I would pass on this in my opinion...there are better options out there. I wish I could say one positive thing about this product, but I would be lying.

Wahl is a product made to last a long time, which you want with something that works this well! Very powerful vibrations for both those who love the lower buzzy vibrations or high for those who love something more rumbly. An excellent way to relieve tension and soreness in muscles as well as providing fantastic clitoral stimulation. These vibrations are off the charts!

This massage kit is great for relaxation and has plenty of adaptions included for all of your needs. Even though I did not use this item for anything sexual, the tools are all there. It did make a great deep tissue relaxation tool for my husbands lower back with minimal effort on my part.

For sexual play, this toy will really bring you lots of fun and mouthwatering orgasms! This toy is very quiet and nobody will ever know what your doing behind closed doors!

This is unlike anything you've ever experienced. If the noise of the Hitachi scares you, it's perfect for that reason as well. No one will know it's a vibrator if you leave it out. You will NEVER have to buy batteries for it either. This is the toy that keeps on giving and will please your entire body.

If I didn't have the Wahl, I'd buy it. If I had to share it, I'd buy another one. It may be ugly, only have two speeds, etc, but the vibrations are so ridiculously good that it's absolutely worth it. Plus, it's ridiculously quiet and no batteries!

The Wahl is a strong plug in the wall vibrator, that is great for everyone. If it is too strong for direct contact, you can dampen it through layers. Or just use it as intended, as a back massager. It is my new go-to toy.

While I was skeptical about all the rave reviews, the Wahl has lived up to all the hype. It is a spectacular massager, which can power out knots on your back with ease. It also has capability to make me speechless, breathless, and dizzy in a matter of moments whenever I use this on my genitals. I'm over the wall for Wahl, I guess you could say!

This item is worth its cost because of its dual purposes. Taking the sexual part out of this review for a second, the Wahl is a fantastic muscle reliever and its attachments work with just about any ache or pain you may have. It truly works for what it's designed for. My sister-in-law gave us the model that includes heat. The only difference from the one Eden carries is that p/n 1107 nub attachment from our p/n 1105 heat element.

Being a Hitachi girl, I simply had to see what the fuss was all about and try out the Wahl. I'm highly pleased that I did. While my Hitachi is not dethroned, it certainly has a rival for my attention and affection. I am really quite happy that I own both of these coochie/massage power tools.

If you do not like to orgasm, go elsewhere. I 100% suggest the Wahl for anyone looking for a strong clitoral vibrator. Not only is it quiet, but also has seven attachments and each provide a unique sensation. Although this massager is attached to a wall, this means no more batteries or running low on charge. Although the Wahl has some flaws, five stars because they are not significant enough to decrease my opinion that everyone should own a Wahl.

This item is worth it if you are searching for a very strong toy for solo use, in the vicinity of an outlet. It is not worth it if you like your toys to have some variety, or do not need strong vibrations. It lasts a very long time, and is very reliable. You never have to worry about running out of batteries!

The Wahl is a powerful, sleek massager that will work as well on your clitoris as it does on your achy muscles. Whether you want to use it alone, with a partner, for naughty or nice play time, the Wahl has it all.

The Wahl 2 Speed Massager is a great massager for all over body use, and genital use for those who enjoy some strength to their vibrations. It comes with different attachments that should appeal to everyone and is easy to maneuver even though it needs to be plugged in during use. I think this is a great massager to add to your collection even if it never sees your genitals.

The Wahl-2 speed is a classic, ultra-powerful vibe with really unique and intense sensations. It has multiple applications, including regular old massage for aches and pains, and of course buzzing your clit into toe-curling fits. It's powerful as you could possibly want, and quite discreet. If only it wasn't quite so ugly...

Rarely have I ever bought Sigel a gift that left him near speechless with delight. The Wahl All-Body Massager left him pain free for the first time in years. While this isn't my usual choice for toys I hoped that a massager might be able to do what hand power couldn't, and it did the trick. The box states that this brand has been used by professionals since 1919!

This is great for a massage, but it may be too much for the genitals on the high setting. It's very affordable, and I would recommend it to anybody.

Even though the Wahl fails to take me to magic orgasm land all on its own I still like it. Don't let its serious appearance fool you; this industrial looking toy may not be even remotely close to sexy but it's vibrations are beyond amazing. The attachments offer a great variety and no one should have a problem picking their favorite.

Not a great instrument for quick, 2-minute or less orgasms, but makes up for the time in intensity. Quiet as a mouse, and not an obvious sex toy to the oblivious passerby (or roommate).

I'd like to know what rock I've been hiding under, because apparently I haven't been paying nearly as much attention to what's going on in the adult toy world as I thought I was, as I hadn't even heard of the Wahl until just a few months ago. How I could have missed something that is so close to developing as large a cult following as the Hitachi, I still don't know…

Because it is easy to use, relatively inconspicuous and very strong, I feel this toy saved our sex life. I worry less about "not coming" I know I won't wear out my partner, yet we can still engage in ALL the activities in the bedroom we did before, we just have a little help near my first orgasm from this toy. The vibrations are just right to help me find my orgasm, so our sex life can continue happily.

The Wahl is not to be ignored. It is a fantastic buy and extremely versatile. Unlike the flashy or colorful alternatives, sometimes it is the most unstylish and unassuming girls who are best in bed. The Wahl is that girl. In the two years that I have owned The Wahl, I have never given other massagers another look, there is no need to go elsewhere, The Wahl does it with speed, power and endurance!

Wahl is quiet, discreet & provides super-strong vibrations. Since Wahl has the ability to provide full body relief during a gentle or deep massage & its ability to give you the most intense orgasm makes this massager the Rolls-Royce of massagers.With 2 speed options & 7 massage attachments,you will enjoy being able to customize the perfect massage for every inch of your body. Even on low, the vibrations were quite intense and had me climbing the wall.

The Wahl is a workhorse of a vibrator capable of producing hours and hours of toe curling orgasms for years and years. It may look more like a hand mixer than a sex toy, but don't let it's awkward looks fool you. This is a truly great vibrator.

The Whal is a discreet, quiet and very powerful massager with 2 speeds which are very different in feel: the first, an intense surface buzz; the second, deep throbbing vibrations. The different attachments are diverse providing a wide range of different stimulation from wide and diffuse to concentrated and pin-point and allows you to reach your desired spot (be it cock, clit or some non-naughty body part). Recommended to anyone who wants power although it may be too much for a novice.

In the world of massagers-turned-vibrators, the Wahl stands apart as a very different beast. While incredibly strong, it is much quieter than its more well-known cousins. With uniquely throbbing vibrations and a wide array of attachments, it moves seamlessly between body massage and toe-curling orgasm. Its endless possibilities for exploration await for those who can withstand its incredible power. Be careful: the Wahl may be habit-forming.

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