Wahl 2-Speed massager kit by Wahl Clipper Corporation - review by DreamWolf

Wand massager by Wahl Clipper Corporation

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Like a hammer on your flesh!

We have finally found it! Maybe it wasn't even a common godly hammer, but Odin uses this mighty tool to hit the earthly mortals with the heavenly peerless delight!

He has blessed us with a materially ugly version of it and it can offer 20 minutes of the most unique joy you could ever imagine! It is powerful like nothing else on this earth, and it is soooooo quiet that even the bees will have to listen to hear it good!

Powerful, electric, easy to use, many attachments, casual looking, excellent body massager, quiet
Can run only for 20 minutes, low speed is too low, high speed is hard to get used to, so ugly
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The Wahl 2-speed Massager Kit is something I have never met before!

It didn't only inspire its little sibling, the Mini Wahl massager to have the same attachments, but it also has a unique quality making it to be an outstanding vibe!

The 2-speed Wahl massager has a very interesting kind of vibration, which is unlike anything you have ever experienced in your other casual vibes - it has such hard moves that it feels like something is literally hammering the vrooms into your flesh! Nope, not like Hitachi! Not like Fairy! IT IS WAHL, IT IS THE MIGHTY HAMMER OF THE ELECTRIC GODS!

It is originally made to be a very powerful body massager with its seven different attachments, and as it is an electric plug-in vibe it has all the power you want from a tool for such delights! And not only for your sore muscles, but a frenetic pounding delight for your hungry sweetest spot as well!

Can be used alone or on your precious one, with the variety of the accessories and the gently low and powerfully high speeds you will surely find what you desire!
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    • Couples
    • Everyone
    • Solo
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    • Anywhere
    • On a bed only
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    • Travel friendly
  • Body / part areas
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    • All over body
    • Clitoris
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

The 2-speed Wahl massager is made of hard plastic, and the seven attachments are molded of PVC.

I wonder who would wish to be licking the body of the massager, but I can assure you that it has no smell and no taste at all, which is lovely news for those who are weirded out by scary chemical smells. The PVC attachments have the same qualities, and the different textures offer different sensations.

These are the following, just like for the Wahl Mini Massager, and I am going to use the same description list now to show how they are:

Facial: a large and shallow cup intended to be used on the face
Muscle kneading: a square shaped attachment with four large rows on the top
Scalp: interestingly the rounded attachment with countless little spikes all over has the funniest texture for your head, because like a comb, it can mess your hair up unless you have a very short mane
Knuckle and Joints: the triangular shape is made for the body parts reflected by the name
Deep Muscle: the somewhat shallow rounded knob surrounded by concentric circles and a line crossing them is made to work knots out in your muscles, a somewhat flat attachment to dig deep into your flesh with the vrooms
Spot Application: it is for pinpoint massage, a little knob encircled with an edge
General Body: a small and deep cup for whatever kind of use

Other than that, the body is perfectly smooth, and the PVC attachments are somewhat flexible. I do advice you to remember that some parts in the plastic factories aren't always made to be perfectly aesthetic, so you may find some pieces to have little mistakes made in them, which won't make any disturbing difference though.

As there are so many different attachments in the package you will surely find which you like the best for pleasure purposes.

The cleaning of your massage kit is detailed in the right section below...
    • No odor
    • Porous
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The 2-speed Wahl massager is SO UGLY, OH MY GOD!!! This fact is coupled up with the dark, gray color and the light beige of the attachments and the button. Yeah I know, nothing appealing at all...
But to calm you down about the horrifyingly ugly look of this massager it has the perfect dream combination one could ever wish for: it is EXTREMELY strong, and EXTREMELY quiet! So heads up, just close your eyes and forget that you are using such a terrible looking toy!

Though it is as ugly as a vibe could be, the angle to hold and use it is wonderfully comfortable, and its size isn't bothering too. The length of the massager itself is 8 inches, reaching out with the total of 3 inches towards your flesh. The attachments have the average length of 1 1/2 inches. The width of the massager ranges from 1 inch to 2 inches, and the width of the attachments has the average of 1 1/2 inches again.

It has a long enough cord to use it plugged in comfortably. It is quite large, but the size hides all the wonderful vrooms you seek for your hungry flesh. You better remember though that you should never exceed the 20 minutes of maximum use if you don't want to bid bye-bye to it too soon!

This is a more than excellent vibe for beginners and advanced toy lovers alike, though I must express my opinion that the low setting is something I could never enjoy, and the high setting is extremely hard to get used to for some probably.

As it has quite the size it would probably be a problem for some people to hide it away, though there aren't too many reasons why one would wish to live with such an option, as it is REALLY a totally casual electric massager, and who could frown at you because of enjoying a good massage for your muscles and other spots sometimes? If you are so eager to hide it away anyway than you will have to find a place for it which is large and dry enough - because this is an electric vibe and moisture could cause electric shock!

Traveling is the same. It is large, but you can always justify carrying it around with the proof that it is a simple body massager, so it won't look like you are going everywhere with a pleasure vibe, all worried about others finding your secret out! As long as enough space isn't a problem dare to take it with yourself!
    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

The ugly and mighty Wahl 2-speed massager already tells you with its name that it has 2 speeds. Yep.
It is controlled with a button, sliding up and down. In 0-OFF position it is slided down, in I-LOW it is slided higher to the middle, and in II-HIGH it is slided up totally.

The vibrations go through the attachments wonderfully - you can feel the very tender low speed which is perfect for the beginners, and the mind-blowingly powerful high setting may be challenging even for the most demanding power queens!

In my experience (and I am a true power queen) the low setting is soooooo weak that I use it only for a few seconds of break when the high setting has hammered my flesh too hard already. The high setting is my choice then, which isn't even a vibration really, and I still couldn't figure out how come it is so different, but I guess it is that the attachments move in a wider range, and that's why I call it hammering. It really does feel like it is pounding into your flesh, and it is such a strange feeling that I still couldn't enjoy it from the first moment until the last. I am sure it has a learning curve...

I have news for you if this is the very first time you are hearing about the noise level of the 2-speed Wahl!

IT IS QUIET! No, this wasn't so expressive, I should repeat it: THE 2-SPEED WAHL MASSAGER IS QUIET, SO QUIET THAT YOU WON'T BELIEVE YOU EARS! Both on low and high setting it gives such voices what remind me of some strange sci-fi movie, like some quiet background buzz, just humming away silently and you don't even know where it comes from, only that it is everywhere, but it is so subtle that it is nowhere! I am truly impressed, it is waaaaaay beyond what I would ever expect from a powerful vibe!

Also, this vibe is NOT waterproof, just like all the other electric vibes, so always be VERY careful about it!
    • Discreet sound
    • Easy to use
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

As hard plastic is completely non-porous the cleaning on the smooth body isn't a problem at all - you can use water and antibacterial soap on it, or a toy cleaner unless you prefer isopropyl alcohol to wipe it clean. Though it won't play any part in your pleasure, so in this case porosity isn't such a big question.

The PVC attachments on the other hand are porous, so you better pay attention to use it only on yourself, or you can cover them with a condom, which in my opinion may be awkward and funny. So you better use it only as a body massager and a pleasure vibe for yourself and your precious one, and just get another one if you want anyone else to enjoy the same pleasures with you. The attachments can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap or any toy cleaners just fine, and they handle both water- and silicone-based lubricants.

As it is NOT waterproof you have to be very careful about using it safe, because moisture can cause electric shock! NEVER use it wet or near any water, always keep it dry enough, and never charge it near any moisture!
Also, I repeat, do NOT use it for more than 20 minutes because the motor can get too hot, and that can kill it after a very short time!

As it is quite bulky it may be hard to find a good enough and dry place for it, but because it is a totally casual body massager you can dare to leave it out in sight anytime, because people wouldn't suppose you use it as a pleasure object!
    • Easy to clean


Nothing is undesirable in the packaging, on the hard paper box you see only non-threatening pictures and all the info you want to know about your fine new massager. Only a naked lady and a naked gentleman are shown in the perfectly acceptable facial area to express that the 2-speed Wahl is a body massager for anyone.
Inside the package you find the massager with the attachments in a zip-loc bag and all the user manual and other important informations are provided.

It would be a fantastic gift to anyone from females to males, from adults to kids, even some large pets would enjoy this delight of electric heaven I am sure! Dare to gift it to any beloved person of your choice, family member, friend, whoever you please, because even if it won't be used for pleasure purposes it is an excellent body massager! Why not to grab one as soon as you can?
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Very informative
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

Though I have grabbed so many power corded toys lately that it is starting to drive me nuts to have to mess around with plugging in and cords all the time, I can't resist to take my wonderful 2-speed power-horse out and use it almost all the time since it has arrived to me!

It has that strange way of vibration, and I am not entirely sure if it will please everyone so wonderfully, I do believe that it is the kind of toy you have to get used to, train yourself often enough so after a while you will enjoy it much more than for the first few or several times! If you have the patience to discover its possibilities then I assume it holds lots of pleasant surprises for you, but if you are not really patient then probably you will just put it aside soon, and get another, much more suitable vibe for your taste.

Even if that happens, it is still the best electric massager I have ever tried for body massage, so I would definitely have it handy for times when I want to give a long, good massage for my Precious Master, without having to worry about tiring my hands out too much. I assume my point is clear and agreeable.
    • Bumpy
    • Ergonomic
    • Multiple settings


I must confess that though this is a real dream vibe I still couldn't enjoy it as fully as I want to!
Nope, I don't mean that I couldn't achieve the right pleasure with it. It is just the way it feels like.

It has that totally strange kind of vibration that it was really powerful though, and really stimulating, it was probably too strong, or just different. Because of that I had to use what I intended to enjoy anyway, an internal vibe to add more to the pleasure. Aiding myself with the already running fine video my Master left on for me it didn't take too long to start to enjoy myself, but oh my... It was almost impossible to set the senses of my flesh properly for this massager!

I managed it finally anyway, about three times so far (first two times I just put it aside after a try), but it was rather that I didn't find any big-big pleasure in it, but when the pleasure finally kicked in! When I could force my nerves finally to focus on it it was so unbelievably intense that it took all the energy out of me, and I literally got all sick and felt so weird, like when you suddenly get so dizzy and weak and you are about to drop, like in too hot and humid air, or after hours of starving because you are too busy to eat, or when you have barely slept at all and it just kicks in! I am not saying that it was a horrible feeling, but it definitely took a lot out of me because of coming so hard and powerfully!

It happened twice, and for the third time it was different because I was very sleepy already and couldn't focus as much, so instead of having my spot all tormented with such a force I guess it just felt its power indirectly, and it was pleasant, milder and really delightful. So it took the same focusing and less pleasure before getting finalized, but it is manageable too!

So I think that you will have to spend enough time with it and get to know what is the best kind of pleasure use for your taste, but when you have finally managed such a thing then you will be able to say that you have a very reliable, very ugly, really quiet and extremely powerful vibe for your pleasure times, anytime! To me it is like heaven on earth and I wouldn't sell it for all the treasures of the world!!!
    • Bumpy
    • Not enough variety
    • Recyclable
Follow-up commentary
There is only a teeny-tiny reason, other than my current business with my always coming new toys, why I haven't used this loveliness that much lately.

It is SO EXTREMELY POWERFUL with its unique kind of vrooms that I think it will take a while for me to get used to it - so for now it is waiting for me to sit down, and just dedicate a few pleasant hours for this hammering blessing...

Still love it as hell, and it is one of the best investments of mine ever!!!
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    I'm amazed to hear that the first setting is too low for you. Do you mean it actually doesn't deliver enough power for your taste, or is it numbing?
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    Good review. The Wahl rocks my world!!!! I actually do run mine for more than 20 minutes at a time some time. If I'm not there yet, I'm not turning it off. I have burned one out, though.

    I actually went back to my first one, after burning out my second one. I'm also one who feels the first speed is too weak. I immediately put it on High and keep it there.

    I'm glad you are enjoying this great toy.
  • P'Gell
    Good review. The Wahl rocks my world!!!! I actually do run mine for more than 20 minutes at a time some time. If I'm not there yet, I'm not turning it off. I have burned one out, though.

    I actually went back to my first one, after burning out my second one. I'm also one who feels the first speed is too weak. I immediately put it on High and keep it there.

    I'm glad you are enjoying this great toy.
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    ~lol! Well indeed dear P'Gell, I happen to exceed the suggested maximum uses with electric vibes sometimes too, and looks like I NEVER use any toys on a lower speed than the possible maximum they can have! ^^
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