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Some of my personal favorites and most lusted after toys.

Welcome to RedVinylKitty's Personal Picks! I have chosen many items which I adore using or would LOVE to try out. Many of these toys will have a kinky aspect as I am a BDSM player. Enjoy!

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Magic Wand Original Magic Wand Original
I do NOT know how I got along before these were invented. Seriously. Best. Toy. Ever.


Under the bed restraint system Under the bed restraint system
$38.49 $54.99
Though it doesn't look sturdy, this thing is awesome! We keep it constantly attatched to the bed, and I think we use this more than anything for bondage purposes.


Edenfantasys tote bag Edenfantasys tote bag
$1.00 $2.00
I have a bunch of these, and I love them. I use them to carry my groceries. :) They haven't busted yet!


Flexi Felix Flexi Felix
$26.24 $34.99
Flexi Felix is an awesome intro to anal beads if you are new, and even advanced users will love him. Soft, flexible, and so comfy.


Back door Back door
$15.59 $25.99
Another wonderful all natural lubricant.

Total products: 5
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RedVinylKitty's Personal Picks forum
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