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Some of my personal favorites and most lusted after toys.

Welcome to RedVinylKitty's Personal Picks! I have chosen many items which I adore using or would LOVE to try out. Many of these toys will have a kinky aspect as I am a BDSM player. Enjoy!

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Under the bed restraint system Under the bed restraint system
Though it doesn't look sturdy, this thing is awesome! We keep it constantly attatched to the bed, and I think we use this more than anything for bondage purposes.


Edenfantasys tote bag Edenfantasys tote bag
I have a bunch of these, and I love them. I use them to carry my groceries. :) They haven't busted yet!


Magic Wand Original Magic Wand Original
I do NOT know how I got along before these were invented. Seriously. Best. Toy. Ever.


Flexi Felix Flexi Felix
Flexi Felix is an awesome intro to anal beads if you are new, and even advanced users will love him. Soft, flexible, and so comfy.


Back door Back door
Another wonderful all natural lubricant.

Total products: 5
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RedVinylKitty's Personal Picks forum
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