Has being vegan/vegetarian made it harder to find sex toys?

Contributor: mailroomorder mailroomorder
I'm vegetarian now but considering becoming vegan. But I'd lose a lot of my toys. Wondering what everyone else thought about finding vegan-friendly toys. And are they expensive?
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Contributor: dks210 dks210
I'm into bondage, so yes it's rather difficult to find gear at a reasonable price. There's some good products on EF, but not much variety.
Contributor: VeganChick (is Gone) VeganChick (is Gone)
I suppose it would be difficult if you were into a lot of bondage like dks210 said. Other than that, I don't think it makes it very hard. Just steer clear of non-vegan lubes and cosmetics and things that are tested on animals. You also need to get blindfolds that aren't silk, and no real feather teasers. But there are always alternatives!
Contributor: edeneve edeneve
I think anytime we start looking at specialized products, it's quite likely they are more expensive than their less specialized counterparts.