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A place for Christian couples who want to enhance their sex life.

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Too often sex is considered a "dirty little secret" that we don't talk about in the Christian community. Oral sex, anal sex and anything other than the missionary position is considered to be "strange" or possibly even "evil".

Well sex isn't evil and God created it for our enjoyment. This store is designed to recommend products which might enhance your enjoyment too.

Welcome to "Sanctified Sex".

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G4 tiger G4 tiger
This item is on our wish list. We'll keep it in the store till we know if we like it or not!


G4 Big boss G4 Big boss
We're torn between this and the Tiger - we'd like to get them both.


Roulette All on red Roulette All on red
Someday we hope to have the whole line!


Roulette Bet on black Roulette Bet on black
Someday we hope to have the whole line!


Sex and Mischief mahogany flogger Sex and Mischief mahogany flogger
We're not really into BDSM but were sent this to review. Its a stingy flogger but is a lot of fun to "play" with. My hubby will sometimes make a joke and I'll lightly hit him and run.

Total products: 5
Sanctified Sex forum
Sanctified Sex forum
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The Beauty Sleeve as a toy lube dispenser is brilliant! Nice store! Love the concept.


I agree that sleeve trick is just brilliant.






Love your store




Great idea!

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