Homemade lube, cooling lube, warming lube

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Homemade lube, cooling lube, warming lube

Woman China Woman China
Recently, I have noticed more emails asking me about using coconut oil as a lube and how to make your own lubes... so I figured why not just make a thread about it?

Making your own lube is super duperly easy!!! More easy than making pie and even more easy than eating pie!!! (mmm... pie!!!)

What you'll need is some small glass jars (I use my old Burt's Bees glass jars and tins), sterilised. All you do is add them to your daily dishes, then fill a pot with water, and boil them for about five to ten minutes. Allow to air dry.

Take some extra virgin coconut oil and fill till about 3/4 full.

Voila!!! That is literally all it takes!!! Then before I begin to play, I dip the tip of my toy into the lube and use that. Just make sure that the toy is clean before you dip or that would be much worse than double dipping the chip dip.

Coconut oil, from my experience, is very safe with high quality silicone toys; Fun Factory, Lelo, Jopen etc... and have had no affect on the silicone. However; do not use coconut oil with latex lubes or diaphragms.

To make a specialty lube:

Add about five to ten drops of lavender essential oil or cedar essential oil to your glass jar of lube, and melt (just put the jar in a pot of warm water and it will melt), put the lid on and shake.

Lavender and cedar essential oils work pretty much the same. So if you know about the benefits of lavender, cedar is pretty much the same. Cosmetic companies usually use lavender for lotions for women, and cedar for men. So if you want a really good antibacterial/anti-fun gal lube, you could use either or.

You can add a capsule of Vitamin E to this lube as well, for a skin softening lube that would double as a massage oil.

Cooling/tingle lube:

In a smaller container (I prefer to use glass because if you use plastic, the essential oils can leach the bad stuff from the plastic and then you'd be putting plastic-y poisons in your snatch or ass which is not something I think you'll want. I use a sterilised lip balm tin), fill almost to the top and allow to melt. Add in two drops of peppermint essential oil and stir WELL (I use a Q-tip/cotton bud).

Take your finger and test it out on your nipple or lips to determine the tingle factor that is right for you. If two drops is not enough, add in one to two drops and try again. Repeat till you get the tingle/cooling effect you desire.

In a lip balm tin sized container, I usually add about six drops to get the effect I like. Make sure you are very careful that you are not heavy handed with the peppermint. You can burn your clit or the head of your penis if you add too much.

No, surprisingly enough, this has not happened to me.

Warming lube:

This next recipe is the reason I did not post this last week. If not done just right, you can end up getting burnt. But if you follow the instructions you will be ok.

In a lip balm tin sized container, melt some coconut oil. Take a Q-tip and place ONE drop of cinnamon essential oil to the cotton. Use the Q-tip to stir the melted coconut oil.

Apply a little of this mixture to your lips or your nipples to see how warm it is. For me, I only need less than one drop to feel the warming sensation in a lip balm sized container, but some people like a more intense feeling. If you fall into this group, take another Q-tip, apply another drop of cinnamon essential oil, and stir the coconut oil. Repeat until you have the desired effect.

For me, I do not like using this warming lube vaginally- but I've never enjoying warming lube so I wasn't surprised at this. What I do like it for, is for my nipples, breasts and ass cheeks to heighten and intensify the sesnsations during sex.

Next. BE SURE TO LABEL YOUR CONTAINERS!!!! There is nothing worse then thinking you are picking up a container of tingling/cooling lube only to find out that you picked up your homemade toothpaste jar (recipe to come later). Talk about getting exfoliated from the inside out!!!

If you have friends who like homemade gifts, go out to a craft store and pick up some nice/cute looking glass jars and make some lube as a present!

Notes on essential oils:
Some people have asked about citrus essential oils being used in their homemade lubes. From all my research into essential oils, this is not something I'd suggest. Simply because citrus oil increases your skins photosensitivity to light.

I do hope I am explaining this so it can be understood properly.

If you do any sort of tanning, even if wearing a bathing suit, and use citrus oils in your lubes, you can get a sun burn where the sun don't shine. And that can be very painful!!!!
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js250 js250
LOVE this post!!! Going to put coconut oil on my list!!! Already have the Vitamin E capsules!!! Your recipes for natural and body safe items are phenomenal!!! Thanks for answering the coconut oil question....
Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
Not meaning to hijack your thread, but it's best to get *cold pressed* coconut oil. Otherwise it can have impurities in it from the processing, and the oil will go rancid long before the CP kind will
eri86 eri86
Good to know. Thanks.
Woman China Woman China
Originally posted by Alan & Michele
Not meaning to hijack your thread, but it's best to get *cold pressed* coconut oil. Otherwise it can have impurities in it from the processing, and the oil will go rancid long before the CP kind will

I read my post a few times knowing something was left out, but for the life of me, couldn't figure out what it was.

You are very right. Organic, cold pressed... Best way to go. Or just make your own so you know exactly what is in it is the best way to go. But that is coming in another thread! "How to make your own coconut oil and coconut milk"
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