The upper hand?

StarFire StarFire
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The other day when my package came in my hubby thanked me for giving him back the upper hand... he said that with all the toys that I've got from ef that he feels like his back on top is that weird or is it that woman have the upper hand in the bedroom and don't even know it....
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Geogeo Geogeo
I don't understand how you buying toys would give HIM the upper hand?
spineyogurt spineyogurt
Yeah wut, I dont get it
js250 js250
Would it be that since he has control over some toys and such that he feels like he is satisfying you better? I am not quite sure of your meaning.
StarFire StarFire
I'm not really all that sure that's kinda why i was asking i though it was kinda strange that he said it.... i don't know if he feels like he can satisfy me more or if its that now its not just me doing all the teasing...

I will say that i have always been the more dominant one in the bedroom but i never really thought of it as me having the upper hand I'm just not afraid to ask for what i want. Nor am i timid when it comes to sex
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