#Buzz - Weekly Buzz: New Releases and Upcoming Products (11/25/11)

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#Buzz - Weekly Buzz: New Releases and Upcoming Products (11/25/11)

Kayla Kayla
This thread will help you learn all about the new toys and items that made it to EdenFantasys this week! So what do we have now?

Did you see that we now have an EdenFantasys Vibrating Penis Ring? Made of stretchy TPR and coming in a cute pink color, this minute lasts up to 30 minutes of vibrational use.

Are you interested in trying some new make-up? We now are carrying some make-up! We’re carrying: Face Palette, Eye Shadow Palette, Mineral Beauty Bronzer, Hand Crème, Lip Lovely Set, Perfect Pout Lip Gloss Duo, Peppermint Lip Treatment, Whipped Body Crème, Walnut Sugar Scrub, Moisturizing Lip Balm, and the Shine On Lip Gloss.

Did you want to try some new toys? We have a bunch of new toys this week! We’re now carrying: Pure Skin Player Jr., Adonis Silicone Rings: Caesar, The Matador Cock Ring, L’Amour Premium Silicone Beaded Probe, Adonis Silicone Rings: Hercules, Play Things Dong, Tantus Flex, and the Sassy Swirl Giggle.

We’re continuing our streak of giving you new lingerie to wear and purchase! We’re now carrying: Reversible Corset, Knit Dress, Knit Babydoll, Heart Babydoll Set with Toy, Satin and Fur Pasties, Sequin Pasties with Bow, Five Alarm Fire Flirt costume, Crotchless Santa Panties, Fishnet Santa Romper, Satin Snowman Dress, Mesh Santa Chemise, Red Maid Corset, Lycra and Lace Dress, Mesh Underwire Babydoll, Lace Corset with Ruffled Top, Red Lace Underwire Bra Set, Flocked Bra and Thong, Lace Bra Set, Fully Boned Sequin Waist Cincher, Lace Top Babydoll, Layered Babydoll, Sequin Chemise, Polka Dot Chemise, Lycra Rhinestone Bra set, Lycra Corset with Ruffled Trim, Lycra Tube Dress, High Rise Panty, Power Net Flocked Bra, School Girl Bustier, Lycra Mesh Babydoll, Pinstripe Woven Panty, Pinstripe Woven Panty and Bra set, Star Sequin Bra and G-String, Pinstripe Woven Lace Babydoll, Satin Multilayered Babydoll, Glitter Accented Chemise, Pinstripe Woven Chemise, Lace Chemise with Padded Top, Lycra Gathered Dress, Midnight Oasis Set, Isabelle Set with Hose, True Bliss Bustier Set, Hot Pink Thong Teddy with Restraints, and the Red Tesa’s Classic Corset.

Which one of these toys really catch your attention?
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
EdenFantasys Vibrating Ring
leatherlover , Kayla , LaSchwartz
New Make-Up
- Kira - , Rarity , Ryuson , Beck , JessCee , emilia , Adriana Ravenlust , ~LaUr3n~ , Kayla , Kitka , Princess-Kayla ♥ , LaSchwartz , Eucaly , P'Gell
Pure Skin Player Jr.
Adonis Silicone Rings: Caeser
The Matador Cock Ring
L'Amour Premium SIlicone Beaded Probe
GonetoLovehoney , Silverdrop , Kayla , Kitka
Adonis Silicone Rings: Hercules
Antipova , leatherlover
Play Things Dong
Tantus Flex
Taylor , Rarity , dhig , Lucidity , Kindred , goodeatz , AndroAngel , namelesschaos , wetone123 , GonetoLovehoney , Coralbell , Kissaki , Antipova , eeep , toxie m , dv8 , Kayla , Kitka
Sassy Swirl Giggle
New Lingerie
Taylor , - Kira - , Lummox , Rarity , Lucidity , LoveDove , Ryuson , goodeatz , Kikui , unfulfilled , Beck , TheCleansing , wetone123 , Silverdrop , wrmbreze , eeep , toxie m , Mew , Ice1 , leatherlover , sexydelphia , Kayla , Kitka , Mike Honcho , Princess-Kayla ♥ , LaSchwartz , Kitt Katt , Eucaly , Mr. E , P'Gell , potstickers
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Taylor Taylor
I am super excited about the Tantus Flex. It went out of stock before I could grab one though
- Kira - - Kira -
I really want that Sugar Scrub. It went out of stock before I could grab it. The new lingerie is killing me! My wish list for lingerie has exploded.
Rarity Rarity
Originally posted by - Kira -
I really want that Sugar Scrub. It went out of stock before I could grab it. The new lingerie is killing me! My wish list for lingerie has exploded.
I understand what you mean! EF is stocking so many nice pieces now, I'm very impressed with the selection.

Has anyone spotted any new lingerie in that lovely emerald color?
Ryuson Ryuson
I love the new makeup and beauty products!
unfulfilled unfulfilled
My wishlist is exploding too with new lingerie wishes.
namelesschaos namelesschaos
The flex seems really cool.
Beck Beck
I am ordering Lingerie like crazy and my wish lists are exploding as well.
Silverdrop Silverdrop
So sad the school girl bustier isn't available in plus sizes.
Antipova Antipova
Hooray for the Flex!

And I'm really loving the Adonis cock rings too, they're very stylish and much more masculine than the glittery jelly things.
wrmbreze wrmbreze
I like the new lingerie but I wish there were more options for the bigger sizes on some of them. Some stop at 38 bust and I am a 44.
eeep eeep
The Tantus Flex and new lingerie are both very cute. I love the dark green color of the Polka Dot Chemise.
Kikui Kikui
Originally posted by Silverdrop
So sad the school girl bustier isn't available in plus sizes.
That made me sad, too. Big girls want plaid bustiers, too.
emilia emilia
Originally posted by - Kira -
I really want that Sugar Scrub. It went out of stock before I could grab it. The new lingerie is killing me! My wish list for lingerie has exploded.
Kayla Kayla
I love the look of all of the new lingerie too!
Mike Honcho Mike Honcho
Agreed! More sexy lingerie please!
Princess-Kayla ♥ Princess-Kayla ♥
I love the lingerie, but I wish they offered more of it in the 2-3x range.

The makeup is pretty awesome too!
Kitka Kitka
I've been ogling the Tantus Flex for a while now.
Kitt Katt Kitt Katt
I love all the new lingerie!

Eden has added so much, so quickly that I'm having trouble deciding what to order next.
Eucaly Eucaly
The new makeup is of course VERY exciting, and all the related body products, but I love the lingerie too. It seems that the latest batch of lingerie has been higher-quality? I've certainly been wishlisting a lot of it.
P'Gell P'Gell
I just ordered the face pallet in Papillion. I'd love a new corset or gown, if I could get approved for one. I keep getting rejections for every one I try.
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