Getting husband fleshlight?

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Getting husband fleshlight?

Beck Beck
He has said that he does not need one, yet I was thinking of getting him one. What do they feel like? Are they something every man should have?
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Ghost Ghost
I'm not sure what they feel like since I can't use one effectively, however, I bought my husband a masturbation sleeve (similar), and he doesn't enjoy it too much. There seems to be mixed reaction in the male sex toy world: some men love them, some men hate them.
Kayla Kayla
The boyfriend really, really loves his. He says that it isn't as good as the real thing, but if your boyfriend regular masturbates and doesn't mind a bit of clean-up, the Fleshlight would probably be a neat addition to his life. You might want to try one of the Tenga disposable cups to see if he likes the feeling of placing something over his penis first as those are much cheaper, but for Fleshlights, the boyfriend does love his.

While a regular masturbation sleeve could work, I would keep in mind that most of those sleeves are not built with the same quality/testing in mind as the Fleshlights. In vibrator-world, it'd be like comparing a $10 toy to a $120 toy. They won't really "work" the same, but the $10 is certainly a good starting point to learn if the $120 might be a good buy.

As for recommendations, here are two of our favorite Tenga products:
Egg: link
US Deep Throat: link

And our favorite Fleshlights:
Twista: link
Pure: link
Lucky21 Lucky21
I just bought the Teagan Presley Fleshlight and was really torn between that and the STU Fleshlight, but the STU was out of stock. I wasn't sold on the idea, but my fiancee actually suggested it, and I thought about it, and said what the hell.
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