BiMini: lower intensity pulsations?

BiMini: lower intensity pulsations?

Puss in Boots Puss in Boots
Okay, am I just being really dumb, or can you not lower the vibration intensity in the pulsation modes?

In the instructions it kind of made it sound like you could get them at lower levels:

"Once the vibration intensity reaches the highest setting, hold the plus button down for several seconds and the vibrator will begin the first interval program and slower vibration impulses. Touch the plus sign button again and the second interval program begins and the intervals become faster. Push the plus sign button again and the third program begins: the maximum vibration level. Push the minus sign button and the vibrator switches back to the previous level with less intense vibrations. Continue to hold down the minus sign button for a gradual decrease in vibration intensity until with a final tap of the minus sign button the toy turns off."

But when I press the minus button it goes right back to the steady vibration. Am I just reading this wrong? Because that's honestly disappointing.
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