Definitely Welcome the G Ki!

Sera Sera
It sounds like a great toy! A lot of us would like to try it out, meaning me! You?
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TheCleansing TheCleansing
I'm a dude but I'd like to see my girlfriend get it on with it. Would definitely be a helpful bedside aid in sex.
Madeira Madeira
That sounds so awesome
null null
I want one so badly! Saving up now
sophie2229 sophie2229
Initially I didn't want it, but I think I'm changing my tune. Especially since it now comes in Rose
Alys Alys
I just had to put it into my wish list of the toys that I wish that I could splurge on
Lovelies Lovelies
Can't wait to get mine!
leanright69 leanright69
Received ours yesterday. Put a full charage on the battery and planned on the maiden vouage last night, but our kids had other plans. Antisapation....
Retro.old Retro.old
so want one of this....
bunniebunnie bunniebunnie
i have been loving my g-ki though i have to say that it doesn't quite reach my g-spot that well. i think i need more insertable length.
123joy 123joy
i would love this
SydneyScreams SydneyScreams
I want SO badly to love mine... It keeps falling short

I'm going to keep trying though!
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