LELO Mini Lunda Beads

Floral Floral
I know these have been discussed ad infinitum here but I'm a bit curious to see what some of you veterans think. I'm reading Annie Sprinkle's book on 'Female ejaculation and the G-Spot' and found out that I have weak but tense PC muscles. This really fits with my experience of not working those muscles for a LONG time yet having trouble fitting anything in there. For example, I first purchased the Luna beads classic but they felt huge to me, so then I purchased the mini.

I really like these and am currently only using one pink at a time. Most of the time I don't feel I have to work to keep them in but if I'm standing and having a conversation I sometimes get a very slight sensation that I need to squeeze because its slipping downwards. How embarrassing would that be to suddenly have one of those fall out of your pant leg and onto the floor during a conversation!

But... in Sprinkle's book she stresses that its really important to relax the muscles really well in between contractions, particularly if you have tense muscles. It makes sense that with the Luna beads you would naturally be relaxing and tensing but I wonder if you'd get ENOUGH relaxing in between. Particularly if your walking around and the muscles respond to the rumble with every step.

Also, I definitely don't feel I get the same workout as if I insert something long of equal girth and squeeze against it.

I'll still continue to use the beads, I really like them and am so glad Lelo made a mini but I thought I'd just give a post here to see what the veteran kegelers thought.
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edeneve edeneve
I use SinFive Emigi set heavy. you may be interested in the review I wrote.

go, go, go, Kegels! YAY! then the Emigi crowd settles down...
Sincerely yours, N Sincerely yours, N
The thing about doing any kegel exercises is that it builds conscious awareness of the muscles. I would work up on the Luna Minis until you can handle them both, in the heavier weight!

Personally, using a menstrual cup and learning how to push it out of me for removal probably taught me more than a month of kegel usage had, but I don't think that I could have figured it out if I wasn't already aware of those muscles.
Missy27 Missy27
I have the mini beads and I use one pink and one blue. I agree with Sincerely Yours, N. it takes time with the beads and gradual increase. There are times I'm not even aware that its in and others that I feel my kegel muscles at work.
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