Is the OhMiBod 2.0 worth my money?

FreedominBondage FreedominBondage
So I've been looking into getting an OhMiBod 2.0 and I've heard some mixed reviews. Any personal opinions on the product?
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Inquisitor Inquisitor
Is that the one that you can control with a smart phone? If it is, I love tech and thought this was a cool but gimmicky feature. I'm aware that it can be controlled from anywhere on the planet as long as I think both the phone and vibe are on wifi. I haven't tried that feature out yet, but, my partner has stated that the vibe isn't strong enough to finish the job. I've tested it out both when we are in the same room together and when we are in different rooms no farther than 30 ft away while connected by bluetooth.

It can also be used solo should you want to use it that way.

I haven't been able to convince the partner to try it out in public yet, but there is still hope.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
Nov 8, 9:23 pm
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