nicky51679 nicky51679
Ok, I am totally a newbie to anal sex and trying to warm up to the idea of trying it with hubby, my question is what does it feel like for the woman? I am unable to cum with penetation only vaginally, is it possible that I could cum having anal sex only?
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RonLee RonLee
Maybe, in the right position anal could put just the right pressure on your G Spot. Remember to go VERY SLOW and use LOTS of lube. If you do it right it shouldn't hurt at all. But why not stimulate your clit at the same time?
Redboxbaby Redboxbaby
Anal sex, I have tried to describe the way it feels to me several times, but there are no words other than completely filling, intoxicating and fabulous! It is possible to have an anal orgasm. I personally enjoy anal orgasm alone, but it can be blended with g-spot and clitoral at the same time, which is fantastic and mind boggling! I usually achieve this easily DPing (with a dildo in my vagina, my husband in my ass) and my Hitachi magic wand on my clit. Oh my God! I get wet just thinking about that!

Again, LOTS of lube! Clit stimulation is pretty much a must for me in this position. It helps relax the sphincter muscles. If it hurts, STOP! Apply more lube (internally) and go slowly!
CamelliaGirl CamelliaGirl
Personally, I hate vaginal and love anal. But I can't come from anal alone--or at least, haven't so far. Warm up to it like hell for weeks in advance. Put a finger in you until it feels comfortable, then try the next biggest one: pinky finger, ring finger, middle finger, thumb. Use your other hand to rub your clit or nipples. Try your husband's fingers later if they're bigger.Do combinations. Try toys you already have, put them in your ass--or get new toys. And don't do any of this unless you're really aroused and extremely well lubricated! Once you're able to enjoy being penetrated with a toy or a group of fingers about the size of your husband's dick--experiment with using his tool. Have him read link

Honestly, I'd recommend that your husband complete all these steps too. If you as the penetratee were rarin' for anal and your husband as the penetrator was sort of going along with it, maybe it doesn't matter so much. But you sound a little diffident about the anal. Your husband needs to have sympathy to your feelings when he's doing you (and might also need some yummy prostate orgasms, mmmmm) and him trying anal too is a great way to get it.
Kirill1171 Kirill1171
Nice to Eat you Nice to Eat you
Cant hurt to try, unless you rush,LOL
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