Was your first anal play experience your idea or your partners?

Bignuf Bignuf
How did you, or they, bring up the topic?
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TheeGirlNextDoor , Rossie , Thong man , CE , Dr Anal , RonLee , angel142stx , jeangel246 , Quezovercoatl , Yellow Dog , Azula , ily
dv8 , Isola , *Ashley* , thebest , itismedi , inkky , SexScienceAndFood , OrchidCrush , hiscake
SaucyxGirl , The-IT-Guy-And-My-Secretary , Wicked Wahine , RonLee , Husband and Wife , KinkyCouple , LoveReImagined , Eugler
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Apr 6, 10:33 am
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SaucyxGirl SaucyxGirl
It was a mixture. I voiced a general curiosity in the act and he voiced why don't we explore it.
Apr 6, 12:01 pm
Rossie Rossie
It was my idea. I told him I was curious, so we gave it a try. It was not a fun first time because we didn't know the proper techniques back then...it was over thirty years ago!
Apr 6, 9:02 pm
dv8 dv8
When I was a freshman in college, my then-girlfriend and I spent spring break in her apartment. She claimed her pussy was sore from all the sex and offered to do anal.
Apr 7, 2:26 am
From the time I was 12 and saw my first Penthouse I wanted to have anal sex with women. Something about the soft smooth curves just drives my crazy and how can you fully enjoy a butt without using penetration?! So it's been my idea in every relationship and usually their first time.
Apr 16, 8:18 am
irishlove irishlove
Originally posted by Bignuf
How did you, or they, bring up the topic?
We casually talked about it but when it came down to it I put my foot down to purchase of an anal toy.
Apr 27, 12:35 am
The-IT-Guy-And-My-Secretary The-IT-Guy-And-My-Secretary
Originally posted by Bignuf
How did you, or they, bring up the topic?
It truthfully came up after a sushi dinner and alot of alcohol. We literally bought a toy and the way home and the rest of it is history.
Apr 27, 1:56 am
Wicked Wahine Wicked Wahine
I voted 'other' because the only anal experience I've had is with a plug I used on myself while masturbating alone, so no one else was involved, lol! It did nothing for me until I also inserted a slim dildo in my vagina and played with my clit and then I had a fabulous, drawn-out orgasm! I couldn't feel the plug at all and the only difference I felt was when climaxing; I could keep going and going and I am not normally like that at all. The only other time i did that, and much longer at the time, was experiencing oral with a particular guy who kept me climaxing for two hours, I kid you not! I don't know if they just flowed one into the other, or what, but it felt like they never stopped and it was just one long orgasm. I was a complete zombie afterwards, lol! Now I wonder about if getting a better will help even more because the one I used was too long and pointy for me (Mood Naughty in Large)
Apr 27, 10:56 am
Dr Anal Dr Anal
I had watched a bunch of anal porn and that tried it myself with a toy and loved it!
Apr 28, 1:43 am
RonLee RonLee
With my very first partner necessity, being the mother of our invention, it was a collaborative idea, due to her fear of pregnancy. With my subsequent female bodied partners my idea and my male bodied partners either theirs or again a mutual idea.
Apr 28, 6:16 am
thebest thebest
it was their idea.
May 4, 2:12 am
Husband and Wife Husband and Wife
We both wanted to do it. She had always wanted to peg a man and I was more then willing that was 5 years ago
May 12, 5:40 am
Visexual Visexual
Now we mutually explored anal, both finger and cock for her, and finger for me.

I don't remember which of us first thought of her pegging me. It was just something we hadn't tried.

I enjoyed it and I think she did too but she didn't want to make it a habit.

When I admitted to her that I'd love to know what it's like to suck cock, we did that too and it was really hot. We did it a few times but she lost interest. I sure wish she hadn't. I wish that she, like some women, had penis envy and wanted several cocks. I'd suck every one of her cocks!
May 24, 6:27 am
itismedi itismedi
Originally posted by Bignuf
How did you, or they, bring up the topic?
Part of a BDSM relationship
Jun 4, 9:13 am
LoveReImagined LoveReImagined
Originally posted by Bignuf
How did you, or they, bring up the topic?
I voted other because my SO isn't really one to suggest things like that. He tries to be a prude haha! I guess I was the one that brought it up, but it certainly was something that had been on his mind for a while
Jun 8, 5:20 pm
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