How To Discover Anal Sex And Enjoy Amazing Experience

How to introduce anal sex to your partner

How to introduce anal sex to your partner

If you can overcome your personal fears, inhibitions and societal taboos imposed on anal sex, you can literally open a door to pleasure that can be as fulfilling as any other types of sex. It may be hard to make that first step, may even be harder to introduce it to your partner, so let’s discuss some concerns that often come up and how to resolve them.

Women and anal sex

Women and anal sex

Anal sex is often portrayed as an act that the woman is pressured into for the sake of keeping her partner happy. But, as any other type of sex, it shouldn’t be done for the pleasure of only one party, and should be based on mutual consent. A big plus for the ladies is that anus has lots of nerve endings and, similarly to the vagina, can bring powerful pleasure. So if a woman wants it - great, if she doesn’t, she needs to tell her partner. The decision is personal and can only be done for oneself.

Men and anal sex

Men and anal sex

Society puts a lot of pressure on men to maintain their masculinity, and it’s perceived that the desire for anal sex can somehow diminish that trait. Well it doesn’t. Wanting anal sex doesn't make a man gay; it only means that he is open to all the amazing pleasures and benefits that come with it. One benefit that stands out is stimulation to the prostate – an exquisite delight, done by a finger, a toy or even by pegging. So don’t worry about what others think, if you’re interested in some backdoor action, go for it!

Perceptions and concerns

Perceptions and concerns

Let’s talk about some concerns your partner may have:

Anal sex always hurts. - Actually it doesn’t, if both partners follow the rules and pay close attention to each other’s body language.

Anal sex is dirty. Ideas, such as “only sluts have anal sex” and “will it mean that I’m gay?”, are simply baseless and not relevant. Follow your desires and do what is right for you.

Reflex defecation - Take countermeasures, have a bowel movement before the anal play.

Anal sex and incontinence. No connection. Sphincter is a muscle like any other; it can stretch and contract back to exactly the same shape and size.

Anal sex is risky – It is actually risk free if you take things slow, use the lube and condoms, avoid the numbing lube, and don’t use the “big toys”.

Step by step plan for enjoyable anal sex


Have a drink

But don’t drink too much, alcohol acts as a numbing agent and you want to be aware of all the signals the body is sending you. One or two drinks are enough to feel relaxed and ready for pleasure.


Light conversation

Talk about something you both enjoy and try to leave the daily worries behind.



Best way to relax body and mind, a must for pleasurable anal.



Don’t skip this step! The more excited you are the more welcoming your body will be to what will come next.


Lube it up!

Apply plenty of lube to the anus area, and, please, remember to avoid the numbing kind!


Massage the anus area

It will really help to relax the muscles for more pleasurable penetration. Massage lightly just outside the orifice with your hands or apply vibrations. Try some shallow penetration with your finger or a small anal toy, lightly massaging walls, to relax the sphincter further.


Go for it

When you see that your partner's anus is relaxed and finger or a toy deliver pleasurable sensations, move on to penetrating your partner very slowly. Always pay attention to your partner’s body signals and keep the communication line open to avoid injuries and enjoy each other to the fullest.

Hooked on the idea?

Hooked on the idea?

If you’re determined to give it a go, talk to your partner. This conversation is almost never easy to start, but if you think it through, set the mood and be prepared to answer questions, the chances of your partner saying yes will go up. So if the thoughts of anal play turn you on, then go for it, get ready, take your time and play! Anal sex can be very pleasurable for both men and women, don’t discard the idea without giving it a try!