How many times a week do you have anal penetration?

cmm cmm
And do you prefer it to vaginal penetration?
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
1-2 times
14  (74%)
3-4 times
3  (16%)
5 times or more
2  (11%)
Total votes: 19
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SecretKinksters SecretKinksters
Twice a week on average, sometimes more sometimes less. We both love anal, but both prefer vaginal.
Rossie Rossie
We rarely do anal -- my husband prefers PIV sex.
Sincerely yours, N Sincerely yours, N
I sense a missing "none" option. None of my partners ever expressed an interest in anal sex and neither do I.
OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
I guess this doesn't apply to anal plugs. We would be in the how many times per year if only applies to vaginal. At least this year. Been a little less back door action so far.
Diablotin Diablotin
It depends, but the average would be 1-2 times a week.
HappyInNJ HappyInNJ
I'm still fairly new to it so right now just 1 to 2 times. Maybe more in the future. So far I like it. But sadly it's only anal masturbation at the moment.
Bignuf Bignuf
It is part of our regular sex play, a couple times a week, at least. A few more on weekends, most of the time. Do I like it "better" then vaginal sex? I love ALL sex, but I will admit anal is more intense and can give me a more powerful orgasm. My hubby enjoys the super tightness of the orifice and so we do enjoy it a lot.
RonLee RonLee
Not often enough!
Adnerbmw Adnerbmw
We do it maybe once or twice a month. its something we both really like, but we tend to reserve it for when we are really feeling naughty
Tasha Tasha
I find it easier to have an orgasm while masturbating if I include anal penetration. So if I count masturbation Then it's definitely like 3-4 times a week.
Slutty Girl Problems Slutty Girl Problems
Originally posted by cmm
And do you prefer it to vaginal penetration?
There needs to be a "0" option :p
flyanddrive91 flyanddrive91
I usually penetrate myself 1-2 times a week. Can't say I prefer it to vaginal penetration, because I'm a guy.
deidreslut deidreslut
Originally posted by cmm
And do you prefer it to vaginal penetration?
Yes, I love anal far more than vaginal now!
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