What is your favorite Anal Lube and why?

daniel and frances daniel and frances
I'm a currently seeking to make anal sex more pleasurable. I'd like to find the best lube for beginners.
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Jimbo Jones Jimbo Jones
I like Maximus for a water-based multi purpose lube. It is thick and works great for anal
Ride H2O is more natural but is also thick making it good for anal use:
Silicone lubes are also very good and Eros Original Bodyglide by Pjur is one of the best, but these should generally not be used with silicone toys:
Finally, I sometimes like to play with silicone toys anally in the shower, so I need a water resistant lube that is safe with anal toys, so Boy Butter is a good choice for this purpose but you might not want to use it for vaginal play:
Hope that helps.
Shellz31 Shellz31
At this stage, I use Sliquid Gel which I find works fine. But have the Sliquid Booty arriving (HOPEFULLY this week if USPS gets off their asses!).

I don't like anything other than Sliquid cause I know it's the safest for my body!
need4fun2469 need4fun2469
astroglide, it keeps its lubricating properties for a long duration.
Brianna91 Brianna91
Very recently for me it has been just plain old KYjelly. It is water based so it's easier to clean off, but it seems to stay very thick, goopy and sticky. Fun stuff!
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