What type lube do you use for LONG anal sessions? Water based or Silicone?

Bignuf Bignuf
We always use water based lube. I just had an 11 hour continual anal sex-athon with hubby, but we went through a tube and a half of lube. I was thinking that, since no toys were involved, silicone might have "lasted longer". However, I always worry that silicone is not a natural body substance and could screw up my gut. Anyone care to share input on this. I would love to hear from folks who do use silicone lube. Is it really better for long anal play?
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melliegirl melliegirl
i'd probably just use alot of water based lube versus the silicone
MrWill MrWill
Mine all depends on the toy. I've got a HUGE bottle of id glide so I'll often start with maximus and then use ID glide to keep things slick.
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