Wildest Anal Sex Experience?

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Wildest Anal Sex Experience?

Bignuf Bignuf
Let's spice this up. Anyone have any really memorable anal sex experiences to share? We love new ideas or even stories to laugh over, or think about and discuss together. Thanks for sharing.

We can start with the time we used those cheap anal beads, years ago. They had cheap string between them, and yes, you guessed it. Ten beads went in, and POP...zero came out.

I tried to "push them out" but no go. We tried counting them when they finally started coming out, but wow..that was messy, and impossible. Never did find them all...but I am sure they "passed"...ha, ha. At the time, however, we were young and panicked about it. HOW do we explain THAT to a doctor???? How do we explain THAT to the parents who are going to have to pay a medical bill??????? YIKES.

So, what is YOUR story???
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